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Sam Altman’s Journey: From Firing to Rehiring as OpenAI CEO

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Sam Altman, the co-founder of OpenAI, recently experienced a rollercoaster of emotions when he was fired and then rehired as the CEO of the AI startup. This unexpected turn of events left many people wondering about the reasons behind his dismissal and subsequent return. In this article, we will explore Sam Altman’s journey, his initial reaction to the board’s decision, and his ultimate decision to return to OpenAI.

Sam Altman Rehiring OpenAI CEO

The Firing: Hurt and Anger

When OpenAI’s board of directors fired Sam Altman, he admitted to feeling a mix of emotions, including hurt and anger. In an interview with The Verge, Altman expressed his initial defiance towards the board’s proposal to discuss his dismissal. He said, “It took me a few minutes to snap out of it and get over the ego and emotions to then be like, ‘Yeah, of course I want to do that.'”

Altman had dedicated years of his life to OpenAI, pouring his passion and energy into the company’s mission of safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence (AGI). Despite the hurt and anger, Altman recognized the progress the company had made and his deep commitment to the mission, which ultimately led him to reconsider the board’s offer.

A Silver Lining and Reflection

Altman acknowledged that his firing had a “silver lining” for OpenAI. He believed that the upheaval ultimately resulted in a stronger, more unified, and focused team. Altman expressed his conviction in the company’s mission, stating, “I thought we had great conviction and focus before, and now, I think we have way, way, way more. So that’s my silver lining to all of this.”

During this turbulent time, Altman also extended his appreciation to Ilya Sutskever, OpenAI co-founder and former board member. Despite Sutskever’s role in Altman’s firing, Altman conveyed “zero ill will” towards him. Altman described Sutskever as a “guiding light” and a “gem of a human being,” indicating a desire to continue collaborating with him in some capacity.

The Investigation and Lack of Clarity

While the reasons behind Altman’s firing remain undisclosed, OpenAI’s board initiated an independent investigation to uncover the truth. Altman welcomed this review process, emphasizing its importance in understanding the breakdown of communication that led to his dismissal. When questioned about the specifics of his departure, Altman refrained from providing details, stating, “I’m not ready to go talk about that yet.”

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Altman’s X post, which mentioned “real misunderstandings” with board members, further raised questions about the nature of the conflict. However, Altman maintained that it was crucial to allow the review process to unfold before discussing the specifics.

The Decision to Return

Despite the hurt and initial resistance, Altman ultimately made the decision to return to OpenAI. He attributed this choice to his love for the company, his dedication to the mission, and the progress made thus far. Altman’s commitment to the team and partners played a significant role in his change of heart. He recognized the impact OpenAI was making and the potential for future advancements in safe and beneficial AGI.

Altman recalled the moment when the board approached him to discuss his return, stating, “Saturday morning, some of the board called me and asked if I’d be up for talking about it. And my immediate reaction was sort of one of defiance. It was like, Man, I’m hurt and angry, and I think this sucks.” However, upon reflection and setting aside his ego and emotions, Altman embraced the opportunity to continue leading OpenAI.

Microsoft’s Involvement and Governance Changes

As OpenAI’s major investor, Microsoft played a significant role in the events surrounding Altman’s firing and rehiring. Previously, Microsoft had limited control over OpenAI’s affairs due to the startup’s unique governance structure. However, Altman revealed that Microsoft would now secure a non-voting observer position on OpenAI’s new board, marking a shift towards more direct involvement in the company’s strategic decisions.

This change in governance aligns with the ongoing collaboration between Microsoft and OpenAI, as both organizations work towards advancing AI technologies. Altman’s return as CEO, coupled with Microsoft’s increased participation, sets the stage for further collaboration and progress in the field of artificial general intelligence.

Timeline of Events

To better understand the sequence of events leading to Altman’s departure and subsequent return, let’s take a closer look at the timeline:

November 16Ilya Sutskever schedules a call with Sam Altman
November 17Altman is fired, publicly announced via an OpenAI blog post
All-hands meeting held, where Sutskever defends Altman’s ousting
Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella, releases a statement about Altman’s firing
Greg Brockman resigns from OpenAI, followed by three senior researchers
November 18Investors push for Altman’s return, exerting pressure on the board
Board agrees in principle to reverse the decision but misses a deadline
Altman plans for a new venture, investors express fury over the situation
OpenAI COO confirms the decision wasn’t due to malfeasance
Altman expresses his love for the team and considers the outpouring of support
November 19Altman is expected to meet at OpenAI’s headquarters to discuss reinstatement
Board negotiations continue, some directors resist Altman’s reinstatement
November 20Altman joins Microsoft to lead a new AI research team
OpenAI employees threaten to resign if Altman isn’t reappointed
Sutskever expresses regret and vows to reunite the company
OpenAI board considers a potential merger, approaches rival company’s CEO for CEO role
November 21Altman and OpenAI reach an agreement in principle for his return as CEO
OpenAI announces a new initial board lineup, including Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo
November 22OpenAI collaborates with Altman to finalize the details of his return
November 29Microsoft gains representation on OpenAI’s initial board of directors as a non-voting observer


Sam Altman’s journey from being fired to rehired as OpenAI CEO showcases the complexities and challenges that can arise within an organization. While the reasons behind his firing remain undisclosed, Altman’s decision to return was driven by his love for the company, dedication to the mission, and the progress made thus far. The ongoing independent investigation will shed light on the breakdown of communication that led to this tumultuous episode. With Altman back at the helm and Microsoft’s increased involvement, OpenAI is poised to continue its mission of advancing safe and beneficial artificial general intelligence.


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