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Are Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson Brothers? The DNA Test Controversy

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The rumor mill has been buzzing with speculation about the potential brotherhood between two Hollywood stars, Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. The two actors, both born in Texas and known for their laid-back personas, have been the subject of rumors suggesting they may be long-lost brothers. Recently, former talk show host Maury Povich offered to conduct a DNA test to settle the debate once and for all. In this article, we’ll delve into the details surrounding this DNA test controversy, exploring the origins of the rumors, the actors’ responses, and the potential implications of a positive test result.

The Origins of the Rumors

The rumors that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson might be brothers originated from a conversation between Harrelson and McConaughey’s mother, Kay, during a trip to Greece. Harrelson recalled that Kay made cryptic remarks about knowing his father, leading to speculation about a potential familial connection. The comments made by Kay, affectionately known as “MawMac,” left both actors intrigued and sparked a wave of public curiosity.

Maury Povich’s Offer

Maury Povich, famous for his tabloid show “Maury,” became aware of the rumors and expressed his willingness to come out of retirement to conduct a DNA test for the actors. In a video message, Povich addressed McConaughey and Harrelson, stating his readiness to return to television for a primetime DNA test special. He even joked about restoring his signature colorful hair for the occasion. While McConaughey seemed open to the idea, he did not confirm whether the test would take place on Povich’s show.

The Actors’ Reactions

Both McConaughey and Harrelson have addressed the rumors and the possibility of a DNA test. Harrelson, in an interview with Stephen Colbert, mentioned the conversation he had with McConaughey’s mother in Greece and the innuendos she made about knowing his father. McConaughey, on the other hand, revealed that his mother initiated the speculation during a conversation in Greece. He also hinted at the possibility of a DNA test, suggesting that they are on the verge of discovering the truth.

The Friendship and Collaborations

While the DNA test controversy continues to captivate the public, it is worth noting that McConaughey and Harrelson share a close friendship and have collaborated on several projects. Most notably, they starred together in the critically acclaimed first season of HBO’s “True Detective” and the film “EDtv,” where they played brothers. Their on-screen chemistry and the success of their collaborations have only fueled the speculation about their potential familial connection.

The Brother From Another Mother Show

Adding another layer to the rumors, McConaughey and Harrelson are set to co-star in an Apple TV+ comedy series called “Brother From Another Mother.” The show features the actors playing fictional versions of themselves in a story loosely based on their real lives. The synopsis revolves around Harrelson’s character and his family moving in with McConaughey’s character on his Texas ranch. The show’s premise only adds to the intrigue surrounding the potential brotherhood between the two actors.

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The Implications of a Positive Test Result

If the DNA test were to confirm that Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are indeed brothers, it would undoubtedly generate significant public interest and media attention. The revelation would not only validate the long-standing rumors but also shed light on the actors’ shared genetic heritage. Moreover, it could potentially strengthen their bond as friends and collaborators, providing a deeper understanding of the connection they have cultivated over the years.


The question of whether Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson are brothers continues to captivate fans and the media alike. While the rumors originated from cryptic comments made by McConaughey’s mother, the possibility of a DNA test conducted by Maury Povich has added fuel to the fire. As the actors navigate the speculation and continue to collaborate on various projects, the potential revelation of a positive test result could forever solidify their bond and reshape our understanding of their friendship. Until then, the mystery of their relationship remains unresolved, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the truth.


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