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Kevin Costner’s Child Support Battle: A Closer Look

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Divorce proceedings can be emotionally charged and complex, especially when it involves high-profile individuals like actor Kevin Costner and his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner. The couple, who had been married for 18 years, has recently been embroiled in a heated child support battle that has garnered significant media attention. In this article, we will delve into the details of the court proceedings, exploring the key arguments and rulings, and shedding light on the implications for both parties involved.

The Initial Child Support Requests

Baumgartner initially requested a monthly child support payment of $248,000, citing the need to maintain a “comparable lifestyle” for their three children. However, Costner countered with an offer of $51,900 per month, asserting that this amount met the reasonable needs of the children. The disparity between the two figures set the stage for a contentious legal battle.

Court Rulings and Adjustments

After careful consideration, the judge issued a tentative ruling that Costner should pay Baumgartner $129,000 per month in child support. While this amount was significantly lower than Baumgartner’s initial request, it still represented a substantial financial commitment from Costner. However, in a subsequent ruling, the judge further reduced the monthly payment to $63,209, taking into account various factors such as the children’s needs and Costner’s income.

Costner’s Financial Situation

During the court proceedings, Costner provided insights into his financial situation. He revealed that he earns $26,000 per year from Tig Productions and $200,000 per year from Territory Productions, his own production companies. He emphasized that he leads a fiscally conservative lifestyle and expressed concerns about the long-term sustainability of his income, as he primarily takes on projects that he is passionate about rather than pursuing commercial success.

Baumgartner’s Arguments

Baumgartner argued that their children deserved a lifestyle similar to the one they enjoyed during the marriage. She contended that Costner’s proposed child support payments were inadequate and requested that the court include his income from the hit TV show “Yellowstone,” where he reportedly earns over $1 million per episode. However, Costner’s legal team argued that the income from “Yellowstone” was an anomaly and not indicative of his future earnings.

The Judge’s Decision

After carefully considering the arguments presented by both parties, the judge ruled in favor of Costner, ordering him to pay $63,209 per month in child support. The judge reasoned that this amount adequately met the reasonable needs of the children while taking into account Costner’s income and the overall circumstances of the case. This ruling marked a significant victory for Costner, who had sought a more modest child support payment.

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Implications and Future Considerations

The court’s decision has immediate financial implications for both Costner and Baumgartner. It sets a precedent for the ongoing financial support of their children and establishes a framework for the division of expenses related to health care, extracurricular activities, and sports. Additionally, it highlights the challenges faced by high-profile individuals in navigating the complexities of divorce and child support.


The child support battle between Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner has come to a resolution with the court ruling in favor of Costner, ordering him to pay $63,209 per month for the support of their three children. The case sheds light on the intricate considerations involved in determining child support payments and the importance of balancing the financial needs of the children with the financial capabilities of the parents. As Costner and Baumgartner move forward, the court’s decision will shape the ongoing dynamics of their co-parenting relationship and the financial support provided for their children’s well-being.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on public court documents and media reports. It is important to note that legal proceedings can be fluid, and the details may evolve over time. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please refer to official court records and statements from the involved parties.


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