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Kim Kardashian diamond choker

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Kim Kardashian is no stranger to making headlines with her fashion choices and luxurious accessories. Recently, she turned heads once again with a dazzling diamond choker that left everyone in awe. Designed by Jay Feder Jewelers, this custom-made necklace reportedly boasts an impressive 100 carats of diamonds, making it a true showstopper. In this article, we will delve into the details of Kim Kardashian’s stunning diamond choker, its estimated value, and the unique process she goes through before accessorizing.

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Kim Kardashian with her sister Khloe on their way to Beyoncé’s concert in Los Angeles

The Sparkling Beauty

Kim Kardashian took to Instagram to showcase her latest acquisition, a breathtaking diamond necklace. The intricate design and exquisite craftsmanship of the piece instantly captivated her followers. The necklace, encrusted with approximately 100 carats of diamonds, is a true testament to luxury and opulence. Crafted by Jay Feder Jewelers, a renowned name in the industry, this custom-made creation is a sight to behold.

A Price Tag Fit for Royalty

While we may only dream of owning such a magnificent piece of jewelry, Kim Kardashian’s diamond choker reportedly comes with a hefty price tag. Speculations suggest that it could be worth as much as $150,000, truly reflecting the value of the precious gemstones adorning it. The substantial investment required to acquire such a necklace further adds to its allure and exclusivity.

Kim Kardashian’s Quirky Pre-Accessorizing Ritual

Despite her affinity for luxurious jewelry, Kim Kardashian has a rather unusual pre-accessorizing ritual. She has revealed that she experiences extreme sensitivity to cold temperatures, causing her to shake. To combat this, she blows dry her jewelry before putting it on. The warmth from the blow dryer helps to soothe her skin and prevents any discomfort caused by the coldness of the accessories. This quirky practice ensures that Kim can enjoy her stunning pieces without any interruptions.

“If anything cold touches my body, I shake, so I try to blow dry jewelry before putting it on! When I get the chills, I have them all day, but when things are warm, they warm me up too.”

– Kim Kardashian

Practicality Meets Style

While Kim Kardashian’s new diamond choker is undeniably breathtaking, it may not be the most practical accessory for everyday wear. However, when it comes to her go-to choice for daily adornment, Kim opts for a classic and versatile option – hoop earrings. She believes that every girl should have a pair of hoops in her collection. Their ability to effortlessly transition from casual to formal occasions makes them a staple in Kim’s jewelry repertoire. She confesses to being obsessed with hoop earrings and finds them to be the perfect accessory to complement any outfit.

“I think every girl needs to have a hoop. I love hoop earrings. You can dress them up or dress them down. I’m obsessed with them! I think I’m pretty over the top, so a hoop would be my jewelry staple.”

– Kim Kardashian

A Reminder of Past Events

Kim Kardashian’s choice to flaunt her diamond choker is significant, considering her tumultuous history with jewelry. In 2016, she experienced a traumatic incident during Paris Fashion Week when she was robbed of over $10 million worth of jewelry, including a $4.5 million Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring. The robbery occurred when she was alone in a short-term luxury apartment rental, and the thieves made off with her precious possessions. The incident served as a wake-up call for Kim and prompted her to reevaluate her approach to security and privacy.

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Lessons Learned and a New Perspective

Following the traumatic robbery, legal documents revealed that the alleged heist mastermind, Aomar Ait Khedache, considered Kim Kardashian an “easy target” due to her revealing details about her jewelry and personal life on social media. This incident forced Kim to reassess her actions and adopt a more cautious approach when it comes to sharing sensitive information online. The harrowing experience served as a turning point in her life, leading her to prioritize her safety and security.

A Symbol of Resilience

By proudly donning her diamond choker, Kim Kardashian sends a powerful message of resilience and triumph over adversity. The necklace represents her ability to reclaim her love for luxury and jewelry after a traumatic event. It serves as a symbol of her strength and determination to move forward, not allowing past experiences to dictate her choices. Kim’s decision to embrace the beauty and elegance of her diamond choker showcases her unwavering spirit and refusal to let fear define her.


Kim Kardashian’s stunning diamond choker is a testament to her impeccable taste and love for all things extravagant. With its estimated value, the necklace undoubtedly adds a touch of glamour to any ensemble. Kim’s unique approach to pre-accessorizing rituals and her passion for hoop earrings further highlight her individuality and style. Beyond the materialistic value, the necklace holds deeper significance, representing Kim’s resilience and determination to rise above adversity. It serves as a reminder that even in the face of challenges, true strength and beauty can shine through.


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