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Pamela Anderson Shines at Pandora’s Lab-Created Diamonds Event in NYC

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Pamela Anderson, the ageless beauty and former Baywatch star, recently graced the red carpet at the Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds event in New York City. The 56-year-old actress looked effortlessly stylish as she attended the event with her two sons, Brandon and Dylan. As one of the new faces of the jewelry brand, Anderson added a boost of glamour to her ensemble with a stunning display of diamonds.

Embracing Natural Beauty

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pamela Anderson revealed her preference for a more muted makeup look or even going makeup-free. She expressed her desire to embrace a new chapter in her life and move away from the heavy makeup looks of the past. Anderson stated, “The ’90s was the ’90s, and now it’s 2023. I like to do things that are different, and this is a new chapter of my life.”

A Sustainable Choice

One of the reasons Pamela Anderson is proud to be associated with the Pandora brand is their commitment to sustainability. The jewelry company uses lab-grown diamonds and recycles silver and gold in their crafting process. Anderson stated, “I like the fact that these are lab-grown diamonds, and knowing the jewelry is crafted from recycled silver and gold makes me feel good about wearing it. It is actually the more radical, kind-of-glamorous move.”

Diamonds for All

The Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds campaign, titled “Diamonds for All,” aims to make the beauty and power of lab-grown diamonds accessible to everyone. The campaign features a diverse cast, including Pamela Anderson, American Sign Language performer Justina Miles, former model and Vogue Creative Director-at-Large Grace Coddington, actress Amita Suman, model Sherry Shi, and musical artist and dancer Vinson Fraley.

Expanding the Collection

Pandora’s lab-grown diamond collection, initially consisting of 36 designs, has now expanded into a collection known as Pandora Infinity. An additional 57 items will be added to the collection, offering a wide range of classic and unexpected diamond settings. The campaign was shot in New York City by photographer Mario Sorrenti and director Gordon von Steiner.

Reimagining Diamond Traditions

Francesco Terzo, Pandora’s Creative Director, expressed the brand’s vision for the campaign, stating, “We want more people to experience the power and beauty of lab-grown diamonds for every day, in classic diamond settings and some that are unexpected.” The campaign aims to challenge traditional notions of diamonds and encourage individuals to create their own personal meaning with these stunning stones.

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Unique Collections

Alongside the Pandora Infinity collection, two other collections will be introduced. The Pandora Nova collection will feature the jeweler’s proprietary four-prong setting and focus on brilliant-cut and princess-cut diamonds. The Pandora Talisman collection will offer an elevated take on beloved Pandora charms, with 10 unique designs.

A Pioneer and Trendsetter

Pamela Anderson has always been known for her unique style and individuality. In her role as an ambassador for Pandora Lab-Grown Diamonds, she continues to embrace her role as a trendsetter. Anderson stated, “I think being a pioneer and being yourself is difficult to do in a world that’s telling you to be something else. So I’m always trying to be a unique thinker.”

Creating Personal Meaning

Mary Carmen Gasco-Buisson, Chief Marketing Officer of Pandora, emphasized the personal meaning behind the lab-grown diamonds. She stated, “Our diamonds are not for the few, for a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, or only for giving. They represent personal meaning that each of us can create.” The campaign seeks to redefine the significance of diamonds and make them accessible for everyday wear.

A More Sustainable Future

Pandora’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond their use of lab-grown diamonds. The brand’s focus on recycled silver and gold showcases their dedication to a more sustainable future. Pamela Anderson expressed her excitement to be a part of this movement, stating, “I think I’m not a trend follower. I would prefer to be a trendsetter… I’m always trying to be a unique thinker.”

The Power of Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds offer a more sustainable and ethical alternative to traditionally mined diamonds. By choosing lab-grown diamonds, individuals can enjoy the beauty and luxury of these stones while minimizing their environmental impact. Pandora’s commitment to lab-grown diamonds and recycled materials exemplifies their dedication to a more responsible and conscious approach to jewelry.

In conclusion, Pamela Anderson’s participation in Pandora’s Lab-Grown Diamonds event in New York City highlights the brand’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. Anderson’s admiration for lab-grown diamonds and her role as a trendsetter aligns perfectly with Pandora’s vision. The “Diamonds for All” campaign aims to redefine the significance of diamonds and make them accessible to everyone, encouraging individuals to create their own personal meaning with these stunning stones. With the expansion of the Pandora Infinity collection, individuals have a wide range of choices to express their unique style and embrace the power and beauty of lab-grown diamonds.


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