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Oops! Google Search Exposes Users’ Conversations with Bard AI

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In the world of artificial intelligence, Google’s conversational AI product, Bard, has been making waves. However, a recent incident has raised concerns about the privacy and security of users’ conversations. It has come to light that Google Search has been publicly indexing shared Bard conversational links, potentially exposing private information meant to be kept confidential. This article will delve into the details of this incident, the implications it has for users, and the steps Google is taking to address the issue.

The Discovery of Google’s Indexing of Bard Conversations

The issue was first brought to light by SEO consultant Gagan Ghotra, who observed that Google Search was indexing shared Bard conversation links. This means that if a person used Bard to ask a question and shared the link with a designated third-party, such as a spouse, friend, or business partner, the conversation accessible through that link could be scraped by Google’s crawler and become publicly visible in search results.

Ghotra shared a screenshot on X (formerly Twitter) showcasing evidence of multiple Bard conversations being indexed by Google Search. This discovery raised concerns about the privacy and security of users’ conversations, especially if they contained personal or sensitive information.

Haha ? Google started to index share conversation URLs of Bard ? don’t share any personal info with Bard in conversation, it will get indexed and may be someone will arrive on that conversation from search and see your info ?

Gagan Ghotra (@gaganghotra)

Google’s Response and Explanation

Google Brain research scientist Peter J. Liu responded to Ghotra’s discovery by clarifying that Google Search only indexed conversations that users had explicitly chosen to share. In other words, not all Bard conversations were automatically indexed. However, this explanation did little to alleviate the concerns raised by Ghotra and others.

Ghotra pointed out that most users were not aware that sharing a conversation would result in it being indexed by Google Search. Many assumed that shared conversations would only be visible to those with access to the conversation URL. The lack of transparency regarding the indexing of shared conversations raised questions about user consent and the potential exposure of private information.

Google’s Efforts to Address the Issue

In response to the public outcry, Google’s Search Liaison account on X acknowledged the problem and stated that they did not intend for shared Bard conversations to be indexed by Google Search. They assured users that they are actively working on blocking the indexing of shared conversations to prevent further privacy breaches.

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While Google has acknowledged its mistake and has pledged to rectify the issue, the incident has raised concerns about the overall security and privacy of Google’s AI products. With increasing competition in the field of AI chatbots, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, incidents like this can erode users’ trust and confidence in Google’s consumer AI offerings.

The Implications for Bard and Google’s Consumer AI Ambitions

The incident of Google Search publicly indexing Bard conversations has shed light on the potential risks and vulnerabilities associated with AI-powered conversational platforms. As consumers increasingly rely on AI assistants for various tasks and interactions, the need for robust privacy and security measures becomes paramount.

The exposure of private conversations raises concerns about the confidentiality of personal information shared with AI assistants. Users may hesitate to engage in open and candid conversations if they fear that their words could be publicly accessible. This incident also highlights the need for clearer communication from AI providers about the implications of sharing conversations and the measures taken to protect user privacy.

In the face of intense competition from rival AI chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT, incidents like this can tarnish Google’s reputation and hinder its consumer AI ambitions. Users may turn to alternative platforms that prioritize privacy and security, impacting Google’s market share in the AI assistant space.

Looking Ahead: Google’s New AI, Gemini

To regain users’ trust and offer a more private experience, Google is developing a new AI called Gemini. With Gemini, Google aims to address the privacy concerns raised by incidents like the indexing of Bard conversations. While details about Gemini are still limited, it is expected to provide enhanced privacy features and robust security measures to protect users’ sensitive information.

Gemini has the potential to be a game-changer for Google’s consumer AI offerings. It will be crucial for Google to prioritize user privacy and security as they develop and roll out Gemini to regain user confidence and maintain their position in the competitive AI market.


The incident involving Google Search publicly indexing users’ conversations with Bard AI has shed light on the importance of privacy and security in AI-powered conversational platforms. Google’s acknowledgement of the issue and their commitment to resolving it is a step in the right direction. However, incidents like this underscore the need for greater transparency, user consent, and robust privacy measures in the development and deployment of AI assistants.

As users continue to rely on AI assistants for various tasks, it is imperative for companies like Google to prioritize user privacy and security. By doing so, they can maintain the trust and confidence of their users while navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of AI technology.


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