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The New iPhone 15 Pro: Say Goodbye to Gold and Purple

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Apple enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone 15 Pro, and as the launch date draws nearer, more details are emerging about the upcoming device. One significant change that has been confirmed is the elimination of the gold finish option, a staple of previous iPhone models. Additionally, the popular deep purple color will also be retired, making way for new and exciting options. In this article, we will delve into the latest information regarding the colors of the iPhone 15 Pro, as well as explore the reasons behind Apple’s decision to introduce these changes.

The Departure of Gold and Purple

Since the release of the iPhone XS in 2018, Apple has offered a gold-colored stainless steel option, captivating users with its luxurious appeal. However, with the introduction of the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple is bidding farewell to the gold finish. This decision may come as a disappointment to fans who have come to associate the gold color with the prestige and elegance of Apple’s flagship devices.

Similarly, the deep purple color, which made its debut with the iPhone 14 Pro, will also be discontinued. While it did not receive the same level of hype as the gold option, the deep purple color found its admirers, who appreciated its uniqueness and stylish aesthetic. Unfortunately, those hoping to purchase an iPhone 15 Pro in gold or purple will need to explore alternative options.

Embracing Titanium and New Colorways

The absence of gold and purple does not mean that the iPhone 15 Pro will lack exciting color choices. In fact, Apple is set to introduce two new colorways to captivate consumers. The first is a new gray option, which will embrace the natural color of titanium. This move aligns with Apple’s plan to switch from stainless steel to titanium for the housing of the iPhone 15 Pro. Not only will this change offer a visually distinctive look, but it will also reduce the weight of the device compared to its stainless steel predecessors, providing a more comfortable user experience.

In addition to the new gray color, Apple will also unveil a special edition dark blue option for the iPhone 15 Pro. This color will replace the deep purple variant, offering users a fresh and captivating choice. The dark blue hue is expected to be the “color of the year” for the iPhone 15 Pro lineup, adding a touch of sophistication and style to the device.

The Color Palette for the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

While the iPhone 15 Pro undergoes these color transformations, the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models will continue to provide a wide range of color options. These models are expected to be available in five different colors: black, green, blue, yellow, and pink. Apple has a tradition of adding a new color to the lineup each year, and it is likely that the company will introduce another shade in the spring, expanding the choices available to consumers.

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The availability of multiple color options for the non-Pro models allows users to express their personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer the sleek and timeless black, the vibrant and energetic green, the calming and cool blue, the cheerful and sunny yellow, or the bold and expressive pink, there is a color to suit every individual.

The Rationale Behind the Changes

The decision to retire gold and purple in favor of titanium and new color options is not arbitrary. Apple has carefully considered the benefits and implications of these changes, aiming to enhance the overall user experience and aesthetics of its devices.

One of the primary reasons for the departure from gold is Apple’s plan to switch from stainless steel to titanium as the material for the iPhone 15 Pro’s housing. Titanium offers several advantages over stainless steel, including its strength and durability. Additionally, titanium is significantly lighter than stainless steel, reducing the weight of the device and making it more comfortable to hold and use.

To showcase the unique properties of titanium, Apple has chosen a new gray color that embraces the natural color of the material. This decision aligns with Apple’s previous approach when it released the Apple Watch Ultra in a natural titanium finish. By offering a color option that complements the titanium material, Apple aims to create a cohesive and visually appealing experience for users who own both an iPhone and an Apple Watch.

Furthermore, the introduction of a dark blue color for the iPhone 15 Pro serves as a replacement for the deep purple option. While purple enthusiasts may be disappointed, the dark blue shade offers a sophisticated and elegant alternative. This change allows Apple to refresh its color palette and cater to users who prefer a more understated yet stylish look.

The Anticipated Event

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the official unveiling of the iPhone 15 family, which is expected to take place in September. While the exact date is yet to be confirmed, industry insiders speculate that the event will occur between Tuesday, August 29, and Tuesday, September 5. At this event, Apple is likely to announce not only the new iPhone models but also updates to the Apple Watch and AirPods, providing an exciting glimpse into the future of Apple’s ecosystem.


As the release date of the iPhone 15 Pro approaches, it is clear that Apple is making significant changes to its color offerings. The retirement of gold and purple paves the way for a new era of titanium and fresh colorways. The introduction of a new gray option that embraces the natural color of titanium, along with a special edition dark blue variant, promises to captivate users and provide them with a unique and visually appealing experience. Meanwhile, the standard iPhone 15 and 15 Plus models will continue to offer a diverse range of color options, allowing users to express their individual style. With the anticipated event just around the corner, Apple enthusiasts eagerly await the moment when the new iPhone models will be officially unveiled, offering a glimpse into the future of Apple’s iconic devices.


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