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China Faces Mounting Pressure as G7 Urges Immediate Repeal of Bans on Japanese Food

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The Group of Seven (G7) industrial powers have called for the “immediate repeal” of import curbs on Japanese food products, with a specific reference to China’s restrictions following Japan’s release of waste water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant. The G7 trade ministers, in a statement after a weekend meeting in Osaka, expressed their concern over China’s rising economic coercion through trade and emphasized the need to build free, fair, and mutually beneficial economic and trade relationships.

Background: Fukushima Water Release and Import Curbs

Japan’s Fukushima nuclear power plant started releasing treated radioactive waste water into the Pacific Ocean, leading to China imposing a blanket suspension on Japanese fish imports. The United States and Japan have criticized these import curbs as unfair, while Russia also announced a similar restriction recently. This issue has become a scientific, emotive, and diplomatic concern, with fishing groups and neighboring countries, including South Korea, strongly opposing the waste water discharges.

G7’s Call for Repeal and Denouncement of Economic Coercion

The G7 trade ministers, representing the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Canada, have called for the immediate repeal of import curbs on Japanese food products. Although the statement did not explicitly mention China, it condemned actions to weaponize economic dependencies and emphasized the need to build strong, resilient, and reliable supply chains for critical minerals, semiconductors, and batteries.

Concerns over Control Measures on Critical Minerals

In addition to urging the repeal of import curbs, the G7 trade ministers expressed their concerns over recent control measures on the export of critical minerals. China, the world’s top graphite producer, implemented export curbs on this key material, which is used in electric vehicle batteries. These export curbs are part of China’s strategy to control critical mineral supply and maintain its dominance in global manufacturing.

Building Resilient and Reliable Supply Chains

Yasutoshi Nishimura, the trade minister of Japan, highlighted the shared need to reduce dependence on a particular country for the supply of critical resources. The G7 ministers emphasized the importance of building resilient and reliable supply chains for critical minerals, semiconductors, and batteries. This focus on diversifying supply sources aims to mitigate the risks associated with overreliance on a single country.

Non-Market Policies and Forced Technology Transfer

The G7 trade ministers also raised concerns about a wide range of non-market policies, including pervasive, opaque, and trade-distortive industrial subsidies. They denounced forced technology transfer, which occurs when a country pressures or requires foreign companies to share their technology in exchange for market access. These practices undermine fair competition and hinder innovation in the global market.

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Eyeing China, G7 calls for ‘immediate repeal’ of bans on Japanese food

Russia’s Actions and Destruction of Ukrainian Grain Export Infrastructure

The G7 officials condemned Russia’s destruction of Ukrainian grain export infrastructure during its invasion of the country. They also criticized Moscow’s decision to unilaterally leave talks on an agreement that allowed Ukraine to export wheat and other products through the Black Sea. These actions have significant consequences for Ukraine’s agricultural sector and its ability to participate in international trade.

Humanitarian Goods and International Borders

Unlike the G7 finance ministers’ meeting, which specifically addressed the Middle East crisis, the trade ministers did not mention the ongoing conflict in their statement. Instead, they sought to raise awareness about the challenges of moving humanitarian goods across international borders during natural disasters and other emergencies. This emphasis on facilitating the flow of aid reflects the G7’s commitment to addressing global humanitarian needs.

Conclusion: Promoting Free, Fair, and Mutually Beneficial Trade

The G7 trade ministers’ statement reflects their commitment to promoting free, fair, and mutually beneficial economic and trade relationships. By urging the immediate repeal of import curbs on Japanese food products and denouncing economic coercion through trade, the G7 aims to protect the interests of its member countries and ensure a level playing field in the global market. The focus on building resilient supply chains and addressing non-market policies reinforces the G7’s commitment to fair competition and innovation.

Additional Information: The G7 is an intergovernmental organization consisting of the world’s seven largest advanced economies: the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Canada.


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