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Four Million Children in Pakistan Still Without Safe Water: A Year After Devastating Floods

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One year after the catastrophic floods that ravaged Pakistan, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake, the situation remains dire for millions of children in the country. According to a recent statement by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), approximately four million children in Pakistan still lack access to safe water. The aftermath of the floods has exacerbated existing vulnerabilities, with infrastructure damage, malnutrition, and limited access to education compounding the challenges faced by these young individuals. In this article, we delve into the current state of affairs and the ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to the affected children and their families.

We cannot forget the children of Pakistan. The flood waters have gone, but their troubles remain, in this climate-volatile region.

Abdullah Fadil, UNICEF Representative in Pakistan.

The Impact of the Floods

The 2022 floods in Pakistan were unprecedented, submerging one-third of the country and affecting an estimated 33 million people, half of whom were children. The force of the floodwaters washed away homes, leaving tens of thousands stranded without food or clean water. These catastrophic events claimed the lives of nearly 1,600 people, with over a third of the fatalities being children.

The infrastructure damage caused by the floods was extensive. Approximately 30,000 schools, 2,000 health facilities, and 4,300 water systems were either damaged or destroyed. This compounded pre-existing challenges faced by children in the affected areas, where malnutrition levels were already reaching emergency levels and access to safe drinking water and sanitation was worryingly low.

The Ongoing Crisis

Despite the passage of a year, the children of Pakistan continue to suffer the consequences of the devastating floods. UNICEF estimates that there are still eight million people, half of whom are children, residing in flood-affected areas without access to clean water. Abdullah Fadil, the UNICEF Representative in Pakistan, highlights the plight of these vulnerable children, who have endured unimaginable hardships in the past year. Many have lost loved ones, homes, and schools, and now face the looming threat of another climate disaster as the monsoon rains return.

The lack of safe water poses a severe risk to the health and well-being of these children. Contaminated water sources, such as ponds and wells, are often their only option, leading to waterborne diseases and further compromising their already weakened immune systems. Moreover, the disruption of education and healthcare services exacerbates the challenges faced by these children, limiting their opportunities for growth and recovery.

UNICEF’s Response and Continued Support

Since the onset of the emergency response, UNICEF has been on the ground, working tirelessly with partners to provide critical support to the affected children and their families. Their efforts have focused on multiple fronts, including healthcare services, access to safe water, mental health and psychosocial support, and education.

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Primary healthcare services have reached approximately 3.6 million people since August 2022, ensuring that essential medical assistance is available to those in need. Additionally, UNICEF has enabled access to safe water for 1.7 million people in areas where water networks were damaged or destroyed, mitigating the risk of waterborne diseases and dehydration.

Recognizing the psychological impact of the floods on children, UNICEF has provided mental health and psychosocial support to over 545,000 children and caregivers. These services aim to address the trauma experienced by children and provide them with the necessary support to regain a sense of normalcy.

Education remains a priority for UNICEF, with efforts focused on ensuring that affected children have access to learning opportunities. Over 258,000 children have benefited from educational support, enabling them to continue their education despite the challenges posed by the floods.

The Need for Continued Assistance

While UNICEF and its partners have made significant strides in providing assistance to the affected children and their families, the needs remain vast, and resources continue to be stretched thin. The ongoing crisis requires sustained investment in basic social services to ensure the well-being and future prospects of these vulnerable children.

UNICEF emphasizes the importance of increased and sustained support from the government of Pakistan and its partners to address the long-term consequences of the floods. By prioritizing the provision of safe water, healthcare, and education, we can help these children rebuild their lives and create a brighter future.


The devastating floods in Pakistan have had a lasting impact on the lives of millions, particularly its children. As we reflect on the one-year anniversary of the catastrophic events, it is crucial to remember that the journey to recovery is far from over. The lack of safe water and the disruption of essential services continue to pose significant challenges for the affected children and their families.

UNICEF’s ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian assistance and support to these vulnerable individuals are commendable. However, the scale of the crisis necessitates sustained investment and support from all stakeholders. By prioritizing the needs of these children and ensuring access to safe water, healthcare, and education, we can help them reclaim their childhoods and build a brighter future for themselves and their communities.


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