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Japan Boosts Military Spending to Counter China: A Comprehensive Analysis

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In response to the growing influence of China in the region, Japan has embarked on a significant military buildup, bolstering its defense capabilities and fortifying its position in the face of potential threats. The Japanese government has allocated a record-breaking budget for defense spending, signaling its commitment to ensuring national security and protecting its interests. This article delves into the details of Japan’s military spending plans, including the purchase of advanced weaponry such as Tomahawk missiles, and provides an extensive analysis of the country’s new national security strategy.

Japan’s Defense Budget Soars

Japan’s lower house of Parliament recently approved a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, setting aside a staggering 6.8 trillion yen ($50 billion) for defense spending. This represents a 20% increase from the previous year and underscores Japan’s determination to strengthen its military capabilities. With China’s growing influence and regional tensions on the rise, Japan is taking proactive measures to safeguard its national security.

Acquisition of Tomahawk Missiles

One of the notable highlights of Japan’s defense budget is the allocation of 211.3 billion yen ($1.55 billion) for the deployment of U.S.-made long-range Tomahawk cruise missiles. These highly advanced missiles have a range of up to 1,600 kilometers (1,000 miles) and can be launched from warships, enabling Japan to strike targets with precision. The planned purchase of the Tomahawks, however, has faced criticism over its cost, with some arguing that the funds could be better utilized for addressing other pressing issues.

Japan’s National Security Strategy

The significant increase in defense spending is part of Japan’s new National Security Strategy, announced in December. This comprehensive strategy aims to enhance Japan’s defensive capabilities and counter potential threats from China, North Korea, and Russia. It includes the development of a “counterstrike capability,” which marks a departure from Japan’s post-World War II commitment to maintaining solely defensive capabilities.

Ensuring Japan’s Defense Preparedness

With its rapidly aging and shrinking population, Japan faces numerous challenges in maintaining its defense preparedness. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida acknowledges the importance of addressing these challenges while also prioritizing defense spending. He emphasizes that both defense and issues such as childcare are crucial for the well-being of the Japanese people.

Defense Budget Allocation and Future Plans

The defense budget allocation for the upcoming fiscal year includes not only the procurement of Tomahawk missiles but also provisions for equipment, software, and training necessary for their deployment. Japan is set to purchase 400 units of Tomahawks, further bolstering its offensive capabilities. Additionally, the budget encompasses a range of other defense expenditures, including the development of cyber warfare capabilities, interceptor missiles for ballistic missile defense, and the acquisition of Lockheed Martin F-35 stealth fighters.

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Japan’s Defense Industry and International Collaboration

The increased defense spending presents significant opportunities for Japan’s defense industry. Domestic companies such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) are expected to play a key role in the development of advanced weaponry. The joint project between Japan, Britain, and Italy to build Japan’s next-generation jet fighter, alongside BAE Systems PLC and Leonardo SPA, demonstrates international collaboration in strengthening Japan’s defense capabilities.

Addressing Japan’s Shrinking Population

While defense spending takes center stage, Japan’s shrinking population remains a pressing concern. Prime Minister Kishida has pledged to tackle this issue by implementing comprehensive measures in the coming months. The establishment of the Children and Families Agency aims to coordinate government policies on various social issues, including child poverty and child abuse. However, experts argue that more funding and broader social changes are necessary to address the burdens of childcare and education and encourage younger Japanese to start families.

Emphasizing Environmental Initiatives

The 2023 budget reflects Japan’s commitment to environmental sustainability, allocating over 850 billion yen ($6.25 billion) to the Economy and Industry Ministry to phase out the use of fossil fuels. Furthermore, a significant portion of the budget, 53 billion yen ($388 million), is dedicated to promoting digitalization and increasing domestic manufacturing of computer chips. These initiatives align with Japan’s vision for a greener future and enhancing its technological competitiveness.


Japan’s decision to boost its military spending and fortify its defense capabilities in response to China’s increasing influence underscores the country’s commitment to safeguarding its national security. Through the acquisition of advanced weaponry, such as Tomahawk missiles, and the implementation of a comprehensive national security strategy, Japan is positioning itself as a key player in the region. The challenge lies in balancing defense spending with addressing other pressing issues, such as Japan’s shrinking population. As Japan continues to navigate these challenges, its defense industry and international collaborations will play a crucial role in shaping its future defense readiness.


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