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Kim Jong Un and His Daughter Celebrate North Korea’s 75th Anniversary

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North Korea recently celebrated the 75th anniversary of its founding with a grand paramilitary parade, attended by leader Kim Jong Un and his daughter, Kim Ju Ae. The parade, held in Pyongyang, showcased the country’s military might and received congratulatory letters from Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This article explores the significance of the parade, the diplomatic ties between North Korea, China, and Russia, and the implications for regional stability.

A Display of Strength and Unity

The paramilitary parade, held at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, marked a significant milestone in North Korea’s history. The Korean Central News Agency reported that paramilitary forces and industrial workers marched down the square, displaying their loyalty and dedication to the country. The parade showcased a range of military equipment, including rocket launchers pulled by trucks and tractors, providing a glimpse into North Korea’s military capabilities.

International Guests and Congratulatory Letters

The parade was not only a domestic affair but also witnessed the presence of foreign dignitaries. A Chinese delegation, led by Vice Premier Liu Guozhong, and members of the Russian Army Academic Ensemble Alexandrov were in attendance. Furthermore, diplomatic envoys stationed in Pyongyang were also invited to witness the grand celebration.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin sent congratulatory letters to Kim Jong Un. In Putin’s letter, he emphasized the principle of friendship, good neighborliness, and mutual respect that has guided the relationship between Russia and North Korea. Putin expressed his belief in expanding bilateral ties and contributing to security and stability in the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia. Xi Jinping, in his letter, expressed China’s readiness to strengthen strategic communication, deepen working-level cooperation, and promote the China-DPRK relations.

Symbolism and Significance

Kim Jong Un’s attendance at the parade with his daughter, Kim Ju Ae, holds symbolic importance. The North Korean leader has been consistently showcasing his daughter at major public events, highlighting his commitment to safeguarding the country’s nuclear weapons and missiles. By involving his daughter in these events, Kim aims to send a strong message to the world about his determination to protect North Korea’s interests and maintain the continuity of his family’s dynastic rule.

Deepening Ties with China and Russia

The presence of Chinese and Russian delegates at the parade highlights the growing cooperation between North Korea, China, and Russia. Amid tensions with the United States and its allies, Kim Jong Un seeks to strengthen his partnerships with Moscow and Beijing to counteract diplomatic isolation and create a united front against the U.S.

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China’s decision to send a delegation led by Vice Premier Liu Guozhong demonstrates the close ties between the two countries. The Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, emphasized the importance of strengthening their relationship with North Korea to contribute to regional peace and stability.

Russia’s involvement in the parade, through the participation of the Russian Army Academic Ensemble Alexandrov, signifies the close relationship between Moscow and Pyongyang. Russian President Vladimir Putin’s letter to Kim Jong Un highlighted the deepening friendship and mutual respect between the two countries.

Speculations about Kim’s Visit to Russia

There have been speculations about an upcoming meeting between Kim Jong Un and Russian President Vladimir Putin. The absence of Russian government officials at the anniversary celebrations in Pyongyang could be connected to preparations for a potential summit between the two leaders. The United States expects the summit to take place within the month, possibly as early as next week.

Vladivostok, the location of Putin’s upcoming international forum, is considered a potential venue for the summit. South Korea’s spy agency has suggested that North Korea and Russia might be arranging an unexpected route for Kim’s visit to maintain secrecy and avoid media scrutiny.

Implications for Regional Stability

The deepening cooperation between North Korea, China, and Russia raises concerns about regional stability. The United States, South Korea, and Japan have been conducting joint military exercises, while North Korea has been conducting missile tests. Kim Jong Un’s efforts to strengthen ties with Moscow and Beijing are seen as a response to this regional dynamic.

While the cooperation between China, Russia, and North Korea may create a perceived fissure in Asia’s geopolitical landscape, it also raises concerns for China. China’s association with a state facing international sanctions could have negative repercussions for its struggling economy.


The paramilitary parade commemorating North Korea’s 75th anniversary showcased the country’s military strength and unity. Kim Jong Un’s attendance with his daughter emphasized his commitment to protecting North Korea’s interests. The presence of Chinese and Russian delegates highlighted the deepening ties between North Korea, China, and Russia. Speculations about a potential summit between Kim and Putin further underscore the evolving regional dynamics. The cooperation between these countries has implications for regional stability and the broader geopolitical landscape in Asia. As North Korea continues to assert its presence on the global stage, the international community closely monitors the developments and their potential impact on peace and security in the region.


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