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Kim Jong-un and Putin Plan to Meet in Russia to Discuss Weapons

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In a significant development that has raised eyebrows worldwide, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin later this month. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss potential weapons deals that could bolster Russia’s fighting force in Ukraine. This exclusive report by MANLY Magazine takes a closer look at the details surrounding this high-stakes meeting and its potential implications.


The relationship between Russia and North Korea has been a subject of increasing concern for the international community. Both countries are currently under heavy international sanctions, and their growing closeness has raised questions about their intentions. North Korea, in particular, has been seeking ways to strengthen its foreign exchange and earnings. Last year, it delivered infantry rockets and missiles to Russia for use by Wagner Group mercenaries, indicating a willingness to support Russia’s military operations against Ukraine.

The Planned Meeting

According to reliable sources, Kim Jong-un plans to visit Russia later this month to meet with President Vladimir Putin. While the exact location of the meeting is yet to be confirmed, it is highly likely to take place in the Russian port city of Vladivostok. This meeting holds great significance as it is expected to revolve around potential weapons deals that could significantly impact the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Arms Negotiations and Diplomatic Engagement

Arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea are actively advancing, according to a statement by Adrienne Watson, a National Security Council spokeswoman. The United States has obtained intelligence suggesting that these discussions will continue at a leader-level diplomatic engagement in Russia. The U.S. administration has expressed deep concerns about the potential weapons sales and has urged North Korea to cease these negotiations and abide by its public commitments to not provide or sell arms to Russia.

The Role of Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu

The recent visit of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to Pyongyang has played a crucial role in the intensification of discussions between Russia and North Korea. During his visit, Shoigu pledged to boost ties between the two nations and attempted to persuade Pyongyang to sell artillery munitions to Moscow. This visit marked the first time a Russian defense minister had visited North Korea since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

U.S. Response and Warning

The United States has been closely monitoring the situation and has taken steps to expose these secret talks between Russia and North Korea. U.S. officials have warned North Korea not to proceed with the meeting and have emphasized that any weapons agreement between Moscow and Pyongyang would violate numerous United Nations Security Council resolutions. The U.S. has vowed to take direct action, including imposing sanctions, against individuals and entities involved in facilitating the supply of weapons between Russia and North Korea.

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Potential Implications

If these potential deals between Russia and North Korea materialize, it could have significant consequences for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Russia, faced with ammunition shortages, is looking to replenish its stocks, and North Korea has the potential to provide significant quantities and multiple types of munitions. This could directly impact the balance of power in the region and violate international norms and resolutions.

International Concerns and Sanctions

The international community continues to express concerns over the deepening relationship between Russia and North Korea. The United States, along with Japan and South Korea, has imposed new sanctions targeting both countries. These measures aim to disrupt any connections between Russian firms and North Korea’s weapons programs. The U.S. administration remains committed to identifying, exposing, and countering any attempts by Russia or any other state to acquire military equipment from North Korea that could support its war in Ukraine.


The upcoming meeting between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin in Russia has sparked intense interest and concern globally. The potential weapons deals being discussed could have far-reaching implications for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The United States, along with its allies, is closely monitoring the situation and has issued warnings against proceeding with these negotiations. The international community will be closely watching the outcomes of this meeting and its potential impact on regional stability.

As developments unfold, MANLY Magazine will continue to provide updates and analysis on this critical issue. Stay tuned for further coverage of this high-stakes meeting and its implications for global security.


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