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Max Holloway vs. The Korean Zombie: A Clash of Featherweight Titans

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Max Holloway, one of the most revered fighters in the UFC, is set to face off against Chan Sung Jung, also known as The Korean Zombie, in a highly anticipated featherweight showdown. Despite being a heavy favorite, Holloway remains cautious and acknowledges the skills and danger that Jung possesses. This fight is expected to be a legacy bout for both fighters, adding to their already impressive resumes. In this article, we will delve into the mindset of Max Holloway, his thoughts on the upcoming fight, and why he believes The Korean Zombie should not be underestimated.

Holloway’s Perspective

Max Holloway understands that the odds may heavily favor him in this matchup, but he refuses to let that affect his mindset. He acknowledges that The Korean Zombie is still an elite fighter, despite his recent loss to Alexander Volkanovski. Holloway believes that if this fight had taken place after his own loss to Volkanovski, people would view it as a more evenly matched contest. He recognizes the danger that Jung poses and expects him to show up as a formidable opponent on fight night.

Legacy Fight

For Holloway, this bout against The Korean Zombie is more than just another fight. He sees it as a legacy fight, an opportunity to add another notable name to his impressive list of victories. Holloway has been in the UFC for over a decade, and it’s surprising that he and Jung have never crossed paths before. Both fighters embrace the significance of this matchup and the chance to test their skills against each other. Holloway hopes that their performance will be worthy of a bonus, adding to the excitement surrounding the fight.

The Importance of Focus

In the lead-up to the fight, Holloway is fully focused on the task at hand. He knows that looking beyond his current opponent could be a mistake, and he doesn’t want to underestimate The Korean Zombie. Holloway has been dealing with the stress of the Maui wildfires, which has added an emotional weight to his preparations. He always carries the pride of Hawaii with him into the Octagon, but the current situation makes it even more significant. Holloway’s determination to represent his homeland fuels his motivation to perform at his best.

“I always go in there with Hawaii on my back. It’s a little bit heavier now.”

– Max Holloway

Analyzing the Fight

When it comes to analyzing the matchup, Holloway acknowledges that The Korean Zombie has had over a year to heal, recover, and improve as an athlete. He expects to face the best version of Jung on fight night. Holloway emphasizes the importance of movement and speed in his own game plan. He plans to utilize his superior footwork and in-and-out movement to land strikes while evading Jung’s counters. Holloway also recognizes that he has the advantage in terms of reach and plans to take advantage of that as well.

The Grappling Game

While both fighters are known for their striking abilities, the grappling aspect of the fight cannot be ignored. The Korean Zombie has showcased his proficiency in jiu-jitsu, displaying a wide variety of submission offense and good control in previous fights. However, Holloway has also shown improvement in his wrestling skills, particularly in his trips and guillotine choke. With a high takedown defense percentage and the threat of his own submissions, Holloway believes he can avoid being drawn into a grappling exchange with Jung.

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Looking Ahead

Max Holloway is solely focused on his upcoming fight against The Korean Zombie. However, he understands that as the number one contender in the featherweight division, there will be future challenges awaiting him. While there has been some talk about Ilia Topuria as a potential opponent, Holloway remains open to whoever the UFC decides to put in front of him. He is confident in his abilities and is ready to face any contender.


Max Holloway’s fight against The Korean Zombie is not just another bout for him. It is a legacy fight that he approaches with respect and caution. Despite being the heavy favorite, Holloway understands the danger that Jung poses and expects him to show up as a formidable opponent on fight night. Holloway’s focus and determination, combined with his superior striking and movement, give him confidence heading into the matchup. As he looks ahead to potential future challenges, Holloway remains open and ready to face whatever comes his way in the featherweight division.


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