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Nobel Prize Foundation Reverses Decision to Invite Russia and Belarus Ambassadors

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The Nobel Foundation, known for its prestigious awards in various fields, has recently faced controversy regarding its decision to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to the Nobel Prize award ceremony. However, due to widespread criticism, the foundation has now reversed its decision. This article will delve into the details of the controversy, the reasons behind the initial decision, and the subsequent reversal.

The Initial Decision and Backlash

The controversy began when the Nobel Foundation initially announced its intention to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to the Nobel Prize award ceremony, even though these countries were excluded from the ceremony the previous year. This decision was met with outrage and condemnation from various quarters.

Ukraine’s Condemnation

Ukraine, which had been affected by the war with Russia, strongly condemned the decision to invite the Russian and Belarusian ambassadors. Last year, these ambassadors were excluded from the award ceremony due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The Ukrainian government saw the invitation as inappropriate, given the continued tension and aggression between the countries.

Reactions in Sweden and Europe

In Sweden, where the Nobel Foundation is headquartered, the decision to invite the ambassadors also sparked significant backlash. Swedish lawmakers, including the Prime Minister, expressed their disapproval and even vowed to boycott the ceremony. They argued that sharing the same space with representatives of Russia, given the ongoing war in Ukraine, was unacceptable.

The Foundation’s Rationale for the Decision

The Nobel Foundation, in its initial press release, justified the decision to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran by expressing a desire to promote dialogue and inclusivity. They believed that reaching out to countries with differing views was crucial in a world increasingly divided by geopolitical tensions.

The Importance of Spreading Nobel Prize Values

The foundation emphasized the significance of spreading the values and messages that the Nobel Prize stands for. They cited the previous year’s award of the peace prize to human rights fighters from Russia and Belarus, as well as Ukrainians documenting Russian war crimes, as an example of the foundation’s commitment to promoting these values.

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The Reversal and its Implications

Following the strong backlash and criticism, the Nobel Foundation made a U-turn on its decision to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to the award ceremony. In a new statement, the foundation acknowledged the overwhelming negative reactions and decided to repeat the exception made the previous year by excluding the ambassadors from the ceremony.

Welcomed by Swedish and Ukrainian Officials

The reversal of the decision was met with relief and approval from Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson and Ukrainian officials. Prime Minister Kristersson welcomed the foundation’s new decision, while Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs, referred to it as a “restoration of justice.”

The Nobel Banquet and Exclusion of Russians and Belarusians

The Nobel Banquet, an annual event held in Stockholm, awards five out of six Nobel Prizes. However, the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo, Norway. Russians and Belarusians have faced exclusion from various international events since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which was supported by Belarus. Athletes, diplomats, and officials from these countries have been regularly barred from participating in numerous events and summits.

Russia’s Attempt to Silence Nobel Peace Prize Winner

In an unrelated development, Nobel committee chair Berit Reiss-Andersen accused Russia of attempting to silence Nobel Peace Prize-winning journalist Dmitry Muratov. Russia added Muratov to its register of “foreign agents,” a label often used to curb dissent and suppress freedom of speech. Reiss-Andersen expressed sadness that Russian authorities were targeting a Nobel laureate and deemed the accusations against Muratov politically motivated.


The Nobel Foundation’s decision to invite the ambassadors of Russia, Belarus, and Iran to the Nobel Prize award ceremony sparked widespread criticism and led to a reversal of the decision. The foundation initially aimed to promote dialogue and inclusivity but faced significant backlash from Ukraine, Sweden, and other European voices. The exclusion of Russians and Belarusians from international events due to the conflict with Ukraine further fueled the controversy. The move to exclude the ambassadors from the ceremony was welcomed by Swedish and Ukrainian officials. Additionally, the designation of Nobel laureate Dmitry Muratov as a “foreign agent” by Russian authorities raised concerns about freedom of speech and dissent in the country. The episode highlights the complex dynamics and geopolitical tensions surrounding the Nobel Prize and its mission to promote peace and understanding.


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