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Pope Francis: The Backwardness of Some Catholics in the U.S. Church

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The Catholic Church has long been known for its conservative stance on various social issues. However, Pope Francis has recently criticized what he calls the “backwardness” of some Catholics in the United States, accusing them of replacing faith with political ideology. In a private meeting with members of the Jesuit order during his visit to Lisbon, the Pope expressed his concern about the reactionary attitude within the U.S. Church and emphasized the importance of a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine that allows for progress and evolution over time.

The Divisions in the U.S. Catholic Church

The U.S. Catholic Church has been divided for many years between conservatives and progressives, with conservatives finding support in the papacies of St. John Paul II and Benedict XVI. These conservative Catholics have traditionally held firm positions on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage. However, Pope Francis’ emphasis on social justice, the environment, and inclusivity has drawn criticism from some conservative quarters within the Church.

Ideology vs. Faith

During the meeting, Pope Francis acknowledged the existence of a “very strong, organized, reactionary attitude” within the U.S. Catholic Church, which he described as “backward.” He warned that this attitude leads to a climate of closure and replaces faith with ideologies. According to the Pope, when Catholics turn to ideologies for support, they lose the true tradition and disconnect from the roots of the Church. He emphasized the need for a correct evolution in the understanding of matters of faith and morals, highlighting that being backward-looking is useless.

The Evolution of Catholic Doctrine

Pope Francis illustrated the evolution of Catholic doctrine by referring to the church’s past tolerance of slavery. He pointed out that while some pontiffs may have been tolerant of slavery centuries ago, the Church has since evolved, recognizing the inherent injustice of the practice. The Pope’s remarks suggest that Catholic doctrine is not a monolith and that it should progress and consolidate over time in response to changing social and moral circumstances.

Criticism Directed at Pope Francis

Pope Francis has faced criticism from conservative Catholics in the United States throughout his papacy. Some have accused him of prioritizing social justice issues over traditional Catholic teachings. Additionally, his calls for the Church to be more welcoming and less judgmental towards marginalized groups, including the LGBTQ+ community, have been met with resistance. The Pope has acknowledged this criticism, noting that he often receives nasty comments from priests and that he cannot engage in meaningful dialogue with those who make judgments without understanding.

The Pope’s Plea for Understanding

In his meeting with the Portuguese Jesuits, Pope Francis urged those who hold a backward attitude to understand that progress and evolution are essential in matters of faith and morals. He emphasized that backwardness is useless and that a correct understanding of Catholic doctrine allows for the consolidation and growth of the Church. By rejecting a closed-off approach and embracing a more inclusive and progressive mindset, Catholics can strengthen their connection to the roots of the Church and prevent devastating effects on morale.

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Pope Francis’ criticism of the backwardness of some Catholics in the U.S. Church highlights the ongoing divisions within the Catholic community. While conservative Catholics have found support in previous papacies, Pope Francis has focused on social justice issues and inclusivity. He urges Catholics to embrace a correct understanding of doctrine that allows for progress and evolution over time. By doing so, the Church can maintain its relevance and address the changing needs of society while staying rooted in its traditions. It is essential for Catholics to engage in open dialogue and seek a deeper understanding of their faith, rather than relying on political ideologies that may hinder the growth of the Church.


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