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Russia’s Gratitude towards North Korea’s Role in the Ukraine Conflict

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The diplomatic relations between Russia and North Korea have taken a significant step forward with a recent two-day summit held in Pyongyang. The meeting, attended by Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and his North Korean counterpart Choe Son Hui, aimed to solidify the security cooperation between the two nations. This high-profile event follows accusations made by the United States, claiming that North Korea violated international embargos by providing Russia with fresh munitions to support its war efforts in Ukraine.

A New Strategic Level of Relations

According to Lavrov, the summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un at the Vostochny Cosmodrome in September marked a milestone in the bilateral relationship. Lavrov stated that the relations between the two countries have reached a qualitatively new strategic level. The North Korean Foreign Ministry echoed this sentiment, describing the ties between Pyongyang and Moscow as an “unbreakable comradely relationship” based on the strategic decisions and leadership of Kim and Putin.

Implementing Agreements from the Summit

One of the key objectives of Foreign Minister Lavrov’s visit to Pyongyang was to discuss the implementation of the agreements reached between Putin and Kim during their September summit. While the specific details of these agreements were not immediately released, it is believed that they cover a range of areas, including military cooperation and technology transfer.

North Korea’s Support for Russia’s War on Ukraine

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, left, and North Korean Foreign Minister Choe Son Hui shake hands

During the summit, Lavrov expressed gratitude for North Korea’s strong support for Russia’s war efforts in Ukraine. Lavrov acknowledged that while many countries around the world share similar viewpoints and assessments, only a select few, such as North Korea, explicitly declare their solidarity with Russia and express it openly. The North Korean government has been unwavering in its support for Russia’s war on Ukraine, recognizing the independence of Russian-backed separatist regions in eastern Ukraine.

Speculation of Military Transfers and Technological Exchange

Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia in September sparked speculation about potential military transfers and technological exchanges between the two nations. During his visit, Kim had the opportunity to tour the Vostochny Cosmodrome, Russia’s primary space launch center, as well as inspect other key Russian weapons-making sites. This visit raised questions about whether Kim was seeking advanced Russian technologies to modernize North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and ballistic capabilities. In return, it was speculated that Russia may be interested in obtaining conventional arms to replenish their weapons inventory.

Alleged Transfers of Military Equipment and Munitions

The White House has recently accused North Korea of delivering over 1,000 containers of military equipment and munitions to Russia, in violation of international embargos. Images released by the White House allegedly show the containers being loaded onto a Russian-flagged ship and subsequently transported by train to southwestern Russia. These shipments reportedly took place between September 7 and October 1, originating from Najin, North Korea, and destined for Dunay, Russia.

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The Timing of Putin’s Promised Visit to Pyongyang

As part of the discussions during the summit, the timing of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to Pyongyang was negotiated. This visit would be a reciprocal gesture following Kim Jong Un’s visit to Russia last month. The specifics of Putin’s visit, including the agenda and potential outcomes, have not been disclosed at this time.


The recent summit between Russian and North Korean officials in Pyongyang signals a significant strengthening of their military ties and overall bilateral relationship. The discussions held during the two-day meeting aimed to solidify security cooperation and implement the agreements reached between Putin and Kim at their September summit. While the specific details remain undisclosed, the summit has sparked speculation about potential military transfers and technological exchanges. Additionally, allegations of North Korea delivering military equipment and munitions to Russia have further raised concerns about international embargos. As the diplomatic relations between Russia and North Korea continue to evolve, the international community closely watches the developments and their potential implications.


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