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The Humanitarian Crisis at Al Shifa Hospital: A Dire Situation in Gaza

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The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip has led to a dire humanitarian crisis, with Al Shifa Hospital, the largest medical center in Gaza, at the brink of collapse. This article delves into the devastating situation unfolding at the hospital, highlighting the challenges faced by medical staff, the urgent need for resources, and the desperate plea for assistance.

3 premature babies die at Al-Shifa Hospital, doctor says

The Struggle for Survival

Overwhelmed Hospitals and Critical Shortages

The health sector in Gaza is in a state of complete collapse, with three major hospitals, including Al Shifa, rendered out of service. The lack of electricity has shut down vital equipment, putting the lives of patients, particularly premature babies, at grave risk. The neonatal department at Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis and the Al-Quds Hospital in Gaza City are also grappling with dire conditions.

Dr. Hatem Daher, who runs the neo-natal department at Nasser Hospital, described the difficulty in obtaining essential supplies such as drinking water, washing water, and fuel for generators. The situation at Al Shifa Hospital is even worse, with doctors reporting a disaster unfolding due to the absence of electricity, oxygen, and essential medications. Dozens of premature babies at Al Shifa are on the brink of death, as they require incubators, electricity, and oxygen to survive.

Pleas for International Aid

The dire circumstances at Al Shifa have prompted a desperate plea from doctors for assistance from the international community. Dr. Daher called for emergency support from organizations like WHO, UNICEF, and the Red Cross to help save the lives of these vulnerable children. The hospital staff at Al Shifa and other medical facilities in Gaza are overwhelmed and exhausted, struggling to provide even basic care to their patients.

The Impact of the Conflict

Israeli Siege and Evacuation Orders

As the conflict escalates, Israel has called for the evacuation of the northern part of Gaza, raising concerns about a potential humanitarian disaster. The cutoff of electricity and other essential supplies in preparation for a ground offensive has created an alarming situation for the civilian population. Humanitarian groups have urged Israel to reconsider the evacuation and agree to a cease-fire, emphasizing the need to protect innocent lives.

Hamas and Hospital Misuse Allegations

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have accused Hamas of using Al Shifa Hospital as a base, claiming that terrorist infrastructure is deliberately located within civilian structures, including schools, universities, mosques, and residential areas. The IDF alleges that Hamas stores weapons, explosives, and operational plans within these civilian structures. However, Hamas denies these allegations, asserting that the hospital is solely a medical facility.

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Under international law, hospitals are protected during times of conflict, unless they are actively used for military purposes. The use of hospitals for military operations is a violation of international humanitarian law and can endanger the lives of both medical staff and patients.

The Urgent Need for Assistance

Evacuation Challenges and Medical Aid Obstacles

Efforts to evacuate patients and medical staff from Al-Quds Hospital have been hindered by heavy bombardment and explosions in the vicinity. The dangerous conditions in the area have prevented the safe evacuation of individuals, leaving them trapped inside the hospital without access to food, water, or electricity.

The nonprofit organization Medical Aid for Palestinians, which has been supporting the neonatal unit at Al Shifa, disputes Israel’s claim that it is possible to safely transfer babies in need of intensive care to another hospital. The lack of ambulances and hospitals with sufficient capacity poses significant challenges to any evacuation efforts.

International Calls for Ceasefire

World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has described the situation in Gaza as dire and perilous, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire. The constant gunfire and bombings have exacerbated an already critical humanitarian crisis, leading to an increase in patient fatalities. Dr. Ghebreyesus called on the international community to take action and prevent further devastation.

The Toll on Gaza’s Medical Professionals

Overburdened and Under-resourced

Doctors and medical staff in Gaza are working tirelessly under extreme conditions to provide care to the wounded and sick. The lack of resources, including electricity, medical supplies, and personnel, has stretched their capabilities to the limit. The dire circumstances have taken a toll on their mental and physical well-being, with many expressing a sense of helplessness and despair.

Dr. Nidal Abuhadrous, the director of the Surgical Hospital at Al Shifa, has highlighted the immense challenges they face in caring for patients without incubators and essential medical equipment. He has called on the international community, including the Red Cross, to facilitate the safe evacuation of the hospital and provide much-needed support.

The International Response

The Role of Humanitarian Organizations

Humanitarian organizations, such as the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), have been working tirelessly to provide assistance to those affected by the conflict. UNRWA has recorded significant damage to its facilities, including schools that have been serving as shelters for displaced people. The organization has stressed the importance of protecting civilian infrastructure, including hospitals, and called for an end to the disregard for their safety.

The Urgency of a Ceasefire

Calls for a ceasefire have intensified as the humanitarian crisis worsens. The European Union and various international actors have emphasized the need for meaningful pauses in the fighting to enable humanitarian organizations to provide essential aid and support. The urgency of the situation demands immediate action to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the suffering of the civilian population.


The dire situation at Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza reflects the devastating impact of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. The lack of electricity, medical supplies, and essential resources has put the lives of patients, particularly premature babies, at grave risk. The international community must respond urgently to the calls for assistance and work towards a lasting ceasefire to prevent further loss of life and alleviate the suffering of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of this devastating conflict.


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