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Tourist Shocked by £500 Bill for Chilli Crab in Singapore: What Really Happened

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Singapore is renowned for its vibrant culinary scene and iconic dishes, such as the famous chilli crab. However, a recent incident involving a group of tourists and an exorbitant bill for this beloved dish has caused quite a stir. Junko Shinba, a tourist from Japan, and her companions were left in disbelief when they were charged a staggering SG$938 (approximately £556) for their meal at Seafood Paradise. The incident made headlines and even led to the involvement of the police. In this article, we will delve into the details of this incident, exploring what really happened and shedding light on the different perspectives involved.

The Shocking Bill

Junko Shinba and her three companions were excited to try the renowned chilli crab at Seafood Paradise, a popular restaurant in Singapore. However, their excitement quickly turned into shock when they received the bill. The total amount charged for their meal amounted to SG$1,322.37 (£785.61), with the chilli crab alone costing SG$938. The group was left speechless by the exorbitant price they were expected to pay for a single dish.

The Recommendations and Miscommunication

According to Ms. Shinba, the waiter at Seafood Paradise recommended the Alaskan king crab dish, which was priced at SG$26.80 (£16) per 100g. However, the menu on the restaurant’s website clearly stated that the price for this particular crab dish was “seasonal.” While other dishes on the menu were priced based on weight, Ms. Shinba claimed that the waiter failed to explain this to her group. As a result, they were unaware of the pricing structure and were blindsided by the hefty bill.

Calling the Police

Feeling deceived and overwhelmed by the unexpected cost, Ms. Shinba decided to take matters into her own hands and called the police. The authorities arrived at the restaurant to address the complaint and mediate the situation. The involvement of the police in a seemingly trivial matter generated significant attention and raised questions about the appropriate course of action for such disputes.

Seafood Paradise’s Response

Seafood Paradise, operated by the Paradise Group, issued a statement in response to the incident. The restaurant expressed disappointment over the “inaccurate claims” made by Ms. Shinba and her group, which they believed were aimed at tarnishing their reputation. The Paradise Group maintained that their staff had clearly communicated the pricing of the Alaskan king crab dish to the customers and even brought the live crab to the table before preparation. To support their claims, the restaurant shared still images from CCTV footage showing the group interacting with the live crab.

The Discount Offer

Despite their initial stance, Seafood Paradise eventually offered a discount of SG$107.40 (£63.80) “out of goodwill.” While the discount was a gesture to resolve the situation, Ms. Shinba remains dissatisfied and has reached out to the Singapore Tourism Board to address her concerns. The incident highlights the importance of clear communication between customers and restaurant staff in ensuring a positive dining experience.

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Previous Incidents of Overcharging

While the case of Junko Shinba and Seafood Paradise gained significant attention, it is not the first time tourists have found themselves shocked by restaurant bills. In another incident, a group of tourists in Greece were presented with a bill of €700 for just four drinks and a medium portion of seafood. Similarly, a British tourist in Italy was surprised to find a €2 charge added to his bill for having his sandwich cut in half. These incidents serve as reminders for travelers to be cautious and aware of potential overcharging practices.

The Impact on Singapore’s Culinary Reputation

As a popular tourist destination, Singapore takes pride in its diverse and vibrant food culture. The incident involving Junko Shinba and Seafood Paradise has raised concerns about the impact such incidents can have on the city-state’s culinary reputation. It highlights the importance of maintaining transparency and fair pricing practices in order to ensure a positive experience for visitors and locals alike.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The incident serves as a valuable lesson for both tourists and restaurant establishments. For tourists, it emphasizes the importance of being aware of pricing structures, asking questions, and clarifying any doubts before placing an order. It also highlights the significance of reviewing menus and understanding the terms and conditions of dining establishments. Additionally, it is crucial for restaurants to prioritize clear communication, ensuring that customers are fully informed about the pricing and any additional charges.


The incident involving Junko Shinba and Seafood Paradise serves as a cautionary tale for both tourists and restaurants. It underscores the importance of clear communication, transparency in pricing, and the need for mutual understanding between customers and establishments. Ultimately, incidents like these can be avoided through effective communication and a shared commitment to providing a positive dining experience. Singapore’s culinary scene, known for its delicious offerings, should continue to thrive by upholding these principles of transparency and fairness.


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