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US Approves $1 Billion in New Military Training for Saudi Arabia

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In a significant move, the US State Department has given its approval for a new military training program for Saudi Arabia, worth a staggering $1 billion. This decision marks a renewal of the partnership between the two countries, with a focus on enhancing the capabilities of the Royal Saudi Air Force and other military branches. While the program excludes the sale of offensive weapons, it includes flight and technical training, professional military education, and the provision of necessary equipment.

US Approves $1 Billion in Military Training for Saudi Arabia

Strengthening Ties and Enhancing Capabilities

The approved military training program aims to strengthen the long-standing relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Through flight and technical training, the Royal Saudi Air Force and other military branches will gain essential skills and knowledge to meet current and future threats effectively. This comprehensive training program will equip Saudi Arabia with the necessary capabilities to enhance its defense strategies.

Program Inclusions

The $1 billion military training program covers various aspects essential for the development of Saudi Arabia’s military forces. The program includes flight training, technical training, professional military education, specialized training, Mobile Training Teams (MTTs), Technical Assistance Field Team (TAFT), Extended Training Service Specialists (ETSS), and English language training. The training will be facilitated by the US Air Force or Department of Defense Agencies (DOD) and will cover a wide range of subjects.

Comprehensive Training Curriculum

The training curriculum under this program focuses on providing Saudi Arabian military personnel with a diverse set of skills and knowledge. It encompasses subjects such as civilian casualty avoidance, laws of armed conflicts, human rights, command and control, and targeting. The training may be delivered through Mobile Training Teams (MTTs) or broader Programs of Instruction (POIs), ensuring a comprehensive understanding of critical military aspects.

Holistic Training Experience

To ensure a holistic training experience, the approved military training program includes various components. Program management, trainers, simulators, travel, billeting, and medical support have been factored in as part of the estimated cost. This approach ensures that Saudi Arabian military personnel receive comprehensive support and resources throughout their training, enhancing their overall learning experience.

Significance of the Approved FMS

The approval of the Foreign Military Sale (FMS) to Saudi Arabia holds immense significance for both countries. It demonstrates the commitment of the United States to strengthen the defense capabilities of its allies. Moreover, the approved training program showcases the mutual trust and collaboration between the two nations, further solidifying their strategic partnership.

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Impact on Saudi Arabian Defense

The implementation of this military training program will have a profound impact on Saudi Arabia’s defense capabilities. By providing comprehensive training in various aspects of military operations, the program equips Saudi Arabian forces to tackle current and future threats effectively. The enhanced capabilities resulting from this training will contribute to the overall security and stability of the region.

Continued Partnership

The approval of this military training program marks a continuation of the strong partnership between the United States and Saudi Arabia. Both nations have a shared interest in maintaining regional stability and security. The program serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of the two countries to collaborate on matters of defense and military cooperation.


The US approval of a $1 billion military training program for Saudi Arabia signifies the continued strengthening of ties between the two nations. This comprehensive program, focusing on flight and technical training, professional military education, and equipment provision, aims to enhance the capabilities of the Royal Saudi Air Force and other military branches. The training curriculum covers a range of critical subjects, ensuring that Saudi Arabian military personnel are well-prepared to face current and future threats. With this approval, the United States reaffirms its commitment to supporting its allies and maintaining regional security and stability.


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