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US Investment in Adani’s Sri Lanka Port to Counter China’s Influence

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The United States International Development Finance Corporation (DFC) has recently announced a massive investment of $553 million in a port terminal project in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. This project, which is partly owned by India’s Adani Group, marks the first entry of an Indian company into the Sri Lankan port sector. The investment is seen as a strategic move by the US to counter China’s growing influence in South Asia.

US invests $553 million in Gautam Adani’s Sri Lanka port to curb China’s influence

A Boost for Sri Lanka’s Economy

Sri Lanka, faced with its worst financial crisis in over seven decades, welcomes this significant investment as it seeks to recover from a dire economic situation. The country’s foreign exchange reserves hit record lows last year, leading to a contraction of its economy by 7.8% in 2022. The US investment in the Colombo port terminal project is expected to provide a much-needed boost to Sri Lanka’s shipping capacity and overall prosperity without adding to its sovereign debt.

The Role of Adani Group and China Merchants Port Holdings

The West Container Terminal (WCT) of the Colombo port, in which Adani Group holds a 51% stake, will be the primary focus of the investment. This terminal will complement the existing terminal run by China Merchants Port Holdings, further intensifying the competition between India and China for influence in Sri Lanka. The DFC’s financing of the WCT underscores the US’s intention to increase its involvement in development initiatives throughout the Indo-Pacific region.

US-India Collaboration

The collaboration between the US and India in this investment demonstrates their shared interest in countering China’s influence in the region. As part of the effort to limit Beijing’s sway, India extended approximately $4 billion in swaps and credit lines to Sri Lanka last year, providing critical support for essential imports. With both countries vying for influence in the strategically located island nation, this investment is a significant step toward rebalancing the power dynamics in South Asia.

Sri Lanka’s Efforts to Address Debt Issues

Sri Lanka’s previous heavy borrowing from China for port and highway projects, including the Hambantota port, has put the country in a precarious financial situation. The inability to generate sufficient revenue to repay the loans prompted Sri Lanka to lease the Hambantota port to China. The US investment comes at a time when Sri Lanka is actively seeking ways to address its debt issues and reduce its dependency on China.

Impact on Sri Lanka’s Shipping Industry

The Colombo port, located near busy shipping routes in the Indian Ocean, is one of the busiest ports in the region. It serves as a vital gateway for international trade, with over half of container ships passing through its waters. Despite operating at over 90% utilization for the past two years, the port requires additional capacity to meet the growing demand. The investment in the WCT will help expand the port’s shipping capacity, positioning it as a world-class logistics hub at the intersection of major shipping routes and emerging markets.

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The Belt and Road Initiative and Debt Concerns

China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has been a source of controversy, with critics raising concerns about debt-trap diplomacy. Sri Lanka’s experience with the Hambantota port project has been cited as an example of the challenges associated with Chinese investments. The US investment in the Colombo port terminal project aims to provide an alternative financing option that prioritizes sustainability and local appropriateness. The DFC emphasizes its commitment to funding projects that are likely to succeed and contribute to the long-term economic development of Sri Lanka.

US-China Competition in Global Infrastructure Finance

China has been a dominant player in global infrastructure finance for the past two decades, with its fast-paced and large-scale projects. However, the US has been catching up, with the DFC’s increased lending in recent years. While China has recalibrated its BRI initiative to be greener and more sustainable, the US aims to offer a balance between safety and speed. The US investment in the Colombo port terminal project reflects its determination to compete with China and provide a viable alternative for countries seeking development finance.


The US investment of $553 million in Adani’s Sri Lanka port marks a significant step in countering China’s influence in the region. This move not only provides a much-needed boost to Sri Lanka’s economy but also demonstrates the US’s commitment to the Indo-Pacific region. By partnering with India and investing in critical infrastructure, the US aims to strengthen the position of its allies and promote sustainable development. As the competition between the US and China in global infrastructure finance continues, the Colombo port terminal project serves as a symbolic battleground for influence in South Asia.


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