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When Will China Invade Taiwan? Unveiling the West African Connection

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In recent times, the question of when China will invade Taiwan has been a topic of concern and speculation. While the answer remains uncertain, there are key factors that shed light on this complex issue. One such factor is the immense military and naval buildup underway in China, which has raised eyebrows globally. However, the decision to invade Taiwan is not solely dependent on military might. Economic considerations, particularly China’s reliance on iron ore imports, play a crucial role in determining the feasibility of such an invasion.

The Need for Iron Ore: China’s Development Dilemma

China’s ambitious plans for development require vast quantities of iron and steel. While Western societies often rely on recycling and reprocessing steel, China’s journey towards modernization necessitates a different approach. As a result, China heavily relies on iron ore imports to meet its growing demands. Currently, the majority of these imports come from Australia, making it a vital source for China’s iron ore supply.

However, in the event of a war over Taiwan, China’s access to Australian iron ores would likely be cut off. This would have significant ramifications for China’s development plans, as it heavily depends on these imports. Therefore, China would need to secure an alternative iron ore supply before feeling confident enough to initiate hostilities.

The Challenge of Iron Ore Mining

Iron ore mining is not a simple process. Different types of iron ore exist, each requiring varying levels of processing. The most desired type is hematite, also known as direct shipping ore (DSO), which requires minimal processing before use. Unfortunately, the global supply of hematite is limited, making it a precious resource for countries like China.

While magnetite and taconite are more abundant, they require extensive processing and are not sufficient to meet China’s requirements. China does mine significant amounts of magnetite domestically, but it falls short of meeting the nation’s needs. Therefore, China needs to explore alternative sources of hematite, such as the vast deposit in Guinea, West Africa.

Guinea’s Simandou Project: A Potential Solution

The Simandou project in Guinea has garnered significant attention as a potential iron ore source for China. This project, divided into four sections, holds the key to China’s iron ore future. Sections 1 and 2 are under the control of a consortium consisting of a Singapore logistics company, a Chinese miner, and the government of Guinea. Sections 3 and 4, on the other hand, are managed by Rio Tinto, a Chinese company, and the government of Guinea.

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The Importance of Infrastructure

The successful exploitation of the Simandou deposit hinges on the development of infrastructure. Mining hematite in Guinea is not the primary challenge; instead, it is the transportation of the ore to the coast and the establishment of port facilities for shipping to China. A staggering 600 kilometers of railroad line need to be constructed, along with a functional port capable of handling the volume of ore required by China.

However, progress on the Simandou project has faced numerous obstacles. Accusations of corruption and changes in government have plagued the project, causing significant delays. The most recent setback came in the form of a military coup in 2021, which halted all progress for a year. Despite the new government’s declaration of a strict timeline, experts remain skeptical of the ambitious targets set for the project.

The Uncertain Timeline

While the new government of Guinea aims to have the Simandou project producing iron ore by March 2025, industry insiders express doubts about the feasibility of such a timeline. The complexities involved in constructing the required infrastructure suggest that a more realistic date for reliable production could be as late as 2028. Fast, cheap, and good are rarely achievable simultaneously in engineering projects, and rushing the Simandou project could compromise its long-term viability.

The Implications for Taiwan and the World

The availability of iron ore from the Simandou project could have far-reaching implications for Taiwan and the international community. Taiwan’s safety and security would be significantly compromised once Simandou ore starts shipping. As a democratic nation and a major global player in microchip production, Taiwan holds strategic importance to many countries. Therefore, it is crucial for nations with vested interests in Taiwan’s well-being to monitor the progress of the Simandou project closely.

The Role of Taiwan’s Military Preparedness

In light of the potential threats posed by China’s intentions, Taiwan must prioritize its military readiness. As a defense strategy, investing in advanced weaponry and equipment becomes paramount. However, it is essential to strike a delicate balance, ensuring that defense spending aligns with Taiwan’s economic capabilities. While the situation in West Africa may seem uncertain, Taiwan must remain prepared for any eventuality.


The question of when China will invade Taiwan remains a topic of intense speculation and concern. While the answer is not definitive, understanding the economic factors at play provides valuable insights. China’s reliance on iron ore imports and the potential disruption of its supply chain in the event of hostilities over Taiwan are crucial considerations. The Simandou project in Guinea holds promise as an alternative source of iron ore for China, but the timeline for its successful development remains uncertain. As the world watches these developments unfold, Taiwan’s safety and the stability of the region hang in the balance.


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