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Why Warren Buffett Cut Off His Granddaughter: The Untold Story

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Warren Buffett, known as the Oracle of Omaha, is a legendary figure in the world of finance and investing. With his astute investment strategies and frugal lifestyle, he has amassed a fortune that few can rival. However, behind the scenes, there is a lesser-known chapter in the Buffett family saga – the story of his granddaughter, Nicole Buffett. Nicole, the adopted daughter of Warren’s son Peter, recently made headlines when she revealed that her famous grandfather had cut her off from the family fortune. In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this estrangement and shed light on the untold story of why Warren Buffett made this difficult decision.

The Early Years

Nicole Buffett, an accomplished artist specializing in abstract landscapes, has not been a beneficiary of the family’s vast wealth, despite sharing the Buffett name associated with financial success. The divide between Nicole and her grandfather became apparent when she participated in Jamie Johnson’s documentary “The One Percent” in 2006, which explored the lives of America’s wealthiest individuals and their families. Warren Buffett was displeased with Nicole’s involvement in the documentary and expressed his disapproval through a letter, stating that he had not emotionally or legally adopted her as a grandchild, nor had the rest of the family adopted her as a niece or cousin.

Nicole Buffett, Warren Buffett Granddaughter

This separation was particularly upsetting for Nicole, as she had fond memories of spending almost every Christmas with Warren Buffett from the ages of 4 to 11 and frequently visiting his home in Omaha during spring break. These cherished childhood experiences painted a different picture of their relationship than the stern letter Nicole received.

The Influence of Susan Buffett

Nicole’s close relationship with Warren’s first wife, Susan, added another layer of complexity to the situation. Despite their separation in 1977, Susan remained involved in philanthropy and was known for her compassion. In her will, she named Nicole as one of her “beloved grandchildren” and left her an estate of $100,000. The will also stated that Nicole should have the same status and benefits as if she were the child of Peter A. Buffett, Warren’s son. This generous gesture from Susan further highlighted the contrasting treatment Nicole received from her grandfather.

Nicole’s Artistic Journey

Despite being cut off from the family fortune, Nicole remained committed to her passion for art. During the early days of the pandemic, she began exploring the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which allowed her to expand her artistic horizons in the digital realm. Nicole found that translating her work into the digital sphere opened up new possibilities and allowed her to reach a wider audience. However, she also stayed true to her roots in traditional mediums, recognizing the value of physical artwork and its ability to connect with people on a deeper level.

Warren Buffett’s Stance on Digital Assets

Warren Buffett has been vocal about his skepticism towards digital currencies, including cryptocurrencies and NFTs. He has described them as “risky and worthless,” arguing that they lack intrinsic value and do not produce anything. Buffett’s stance on digital assets is well-known and has influenced many investors and financial experts. Despite this, Nicole’s exploration of NFTs has created a unique opportunity for reconnection between her and her grandfather.

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A Reconnection through NFTs

In a surprising turn of events, Warren Buffett reached out to Nicole via email to express his support for her digital art projects. This communication marked their first contact in years and indicated a possible rekindling of their relationship. Nicole felt a renewed sense of connection with her grandfather when he expressed enthusiasm for her NFT-based art exhibition in Omaha, Nebraska. This event provided artists with a platform to showcase their work, earn a living, and express themselves creatively. While their views on digital assets may differ, the common ground found through NFTs has allowed Nicole and Warren to bridge the gap that had separated them.

Warren Buffett’s Philosophy on Success and Inheritance

Warren Buffett has always emphasized the importance of self-reliance and personal development. He believes that individuals should forge their own paths and not rely on inheritance to achieve success. Buffett has made it clear that his wealth will be primarily donated to charitable organizations, with 99% of his billions earmarked for philanthropy through the Gates Foundation. This philosophy has shaped his relationship with his children and grandchildren, as he wants them to understand the value of hard work and the importance of making their own way in the world.


The story of Warren Buffett cutting off his granddaughter, Nicole, sheds light on the complex dynamics within one of the world’s wealthiest families. While Warren Buffett’s decision to disinherit Nicole may seem harsh, it is essential to consider the context and the principles that guide his philosophy on success and inheritance. Nicole’s exploration of NFTs has provided an unexpected opportunity for reconnection, showcasing the potential for shared interests to bridge gaps and mend relationships. As the Buffett family continues to navigate their unique dynamics, the world watches with intrigue, eager to see how their stories unfold.


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