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30 Years of Magical Moments: Celebrating the 2023 KINEKO International Children Film Festival

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The Kineko International Film Festival is Japan’s largest film festival for children and youth, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary in 2023. Starting with the opening ceremony on November 1st, the festival will be held in Tokyo until November 6th, presenting films for children and young people from all over the world. The festival is held every November in Futakotamagawa, which is surrounded by rivers and greenery and is the center of Tokyo’s wide-area lifestyle and culture, where many families live. Film screenings and a wide variety of events are held every November, attracting more than 100,000 people. Proud. The purpose of selecting works is to not only have fun, but also to provide children and adults with an opportunity to learn about and learn about social issues and the culture and life of other countries through carefully selected works that allow them to encounter a variety of emotions.

Kineko Judge


In addition to overseas judges, Kineko also employs “Kineco judges” every year.
The “Kineko Grand Prix” and “Kineko Short Film Grand Prix” for children’s films were awarded to 4th to 6th grade elementary school students; The decision will be made by junior high and high school students.
As a movie event aimed at children, you can see that they value children’s perspectives and values.

Kineko Movie Theater

One of the highlights of Kineko is the “Live Cinema.” In Live Cinema, the voice acting team KLA’s (KINEKO Live Actors) dubs works from around the world live into Japanese, making it possible for even young children who cannot read subtitles to enjoy overseas works. At venues where children’s films are shown, cushions and rugs create a comfortable space for small children to relax and watch movies. In addition, at “LOVE THEATER,” a bistro and bar in Futakotamagawa that transforms into a movie theater, you can enjoy art while enjoying local gourmet food and drinks.

Teen Movies

Kineko not only screens movies for children, but also “Teens Movies” aimed at middle and high school students. We have selected works that depict emotions and experiences during an emotional period, and deliver a program that supports young people who are sensitive to their uncertain feelings and believes thatit’s okay to be who you are. This collection is not limited to movies aimed at teens, but is also worth watching for adults. It provides parents and teachers, who are responsible for child rearing and education, a perspective and an opportunity to look at the growth of children.

‘Mizbering’ Theater

In addition to screenings at movie theaters, halls, and restaurants, Kineko also holds outdoor screenings called the “Mizbering” Theater.” The outdoor screening on the vast riverbed is sure to be a great memory. In addition to screenings, the river area will be used extensively for a number of exciting workshops and outdoor events. We provide time for the whole family to enjoy, such as learning about traffic safety and recyclable fuels and experiencing camping. This year, you can also enjoy thesoapbox experience where you use a non-powered car to descend a slope using only gravity.

Czech Festival

As part of celebrating the 30th anniversary, the first collaboration with “Czech Festival” has been decided! The Czech Republic is a central European country with a thriving culture of traditional arts, crafts, and puppet animation. By co-hosting the Czech Festival, Japan’s largest event that introduces the charms of the Czech Republic, Kineco will create an opportunity for children and adults to experience the customs and culture of other countries, as well as a place for international exchange. Starting with the opening event, a jazz concert, the Czech Festival will feature a program full of highlights, from music and dance performances to food and merchandise sales.

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Other Events

Kineko is a festival that works together with the town of Futakotamagawa, involving the area and enlivening it. At the Central Plaza that connects the screening venues and the Galleria that runs from the station to the main venue, there are street performances and stage performances, car exhibitions, workshops and sales in various fields, and “Futakotamagawa Park” where parents and children can participate. , a variety of events that you can enjoy throughout the day, including a fun and educational disaster prevention outdoor event and various workshops.

International Children Film Festival
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