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Movie Review, Love Lies Bleeding: Exploring the Mind-Bending Ending and Twisted Thrills

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Love Lies Bleeding is a gripping and mind-bending film directed by Rose Glass that takes viewers on a thrilling journey through a twisted romance set in the 1980s. Starring Kristen Stewart as Lou, a lonely gym manager, and Katy O’Brian as Jackie, a bodybuilder with a dark side, the movie explores themes of hope, deception, and revenge with a darkly humorous lens. But it is the shocking ending that truly leaves audiences in awe and craving for more.

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Unveiling the Plot

Set in the summer of 1989, Love Lies Bleeding centers around Lou, who has always felt ignored by her family. Her sister, Beth, is trapped in an abusive relationship with her husband, J.J. Lou’s father, Lou Sr., has shady connections to corrupt law enforcement officers. Amidst her struggles, Lou finds solace and hope when she encounters Jackie, a bodybuilder, at the gym.

Their connection deepens as they spend more time together, and Lou convinces Jackie to take steroids to enhance her performance in an upcoming bodybuilding competition in Las Vegas. However, the use of steroids takes a toll on Jackie’s temperament, leading to a tragic turn of events when she inadvertently kills J.J., Beth’s abusive husband.

The Shocking Twist

The film takes a dark and twisted turn when Lou is forced to help Jackie hide J.J.’s body in a ravine already filled with other corpses. As the story progresses, Lou’s ex-lover, Daisy, resurfaces and discovers Lou’s involvement in J.J.’s disappearance. Daisy blackmails Lou into continuing their relationship, putting Lou in a vulnerable and dangerous position.

Meanwhile, Lou Sr., who has been disposing of bodies in the ravine, sets his sights on framing Jackie for the murders he committed. The suspense builds as Lou and Jackie’s lives hang in the balance, with Lou questioning her father’s actions and fearing the consequences they may face.

Exploring the Ending

The WTF ending of Love Lies Bleeding leaves viewers stunned and craving for more. Director Rose Glass masterfully crafts a thrilling and gory climax that challenges conventional storytelling and leaves a lasting impact. Without giving away too many spoilers, the ending reveals the true extent of Lou Sr.’s crimes and the lengths he is willing to go to protect his secrets.

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Glass’s unique storytelling style and attention to detail create a truly immersive experience for the audience. She skillfully combines elements of romance, suspense, and horror to deliver a thought-provoking and unforgettable ending that will have viewers discussing and dissecting its meaning long after the credits roll.

The Importance of Sex and Violence in Cinema

In an interview with IndieWire, Rose Glass expressed her belief that sex and violence are essential cornerstones of cinema. She recognizes that these themes can spark debates and discussions among audiences, but she also emphasizes their significance in storytelling. Glass challenges the notion that sex scenes are unnecessary or purely for shock value, showcasing their role in character development and exploring complex relationships.

The sex scenes in Love Lies Bleeding between Lou and Jackie serve as a crucial element in understanding their connection and the emotions they experience. Glass portrays these scenes with explicitness and intensity, capturing the raw passion and vulnerability between the characters. By flipping the script on lesbian movie sex scenes, Glass creates a space for honest and authentic representation on screen.

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The Impact of Love Lies Bleeding

Love Lies Bleeding has garnered critical acclaim for its compelling storytelling, powerful performances, and mind-bending ending. Rose Glass’s directorial prowess shines through as she challenges genre conventions and delivers a unique cinematic experience. The film delves into themes of love, obsession, and the dark side of human nature, leaving audiences captivated and enthralled.

Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of Lou showcases her versatility as an actress, capturing the character’s longing for connection and the complexities of navigating a dangerous romance. Katy O’Brian delivers a captivating performance as Jackie, embodying both strength and vulnerability in equal measure.


Love Lies Bleeding is an exhilarating film that pushes the boundaries of storytelling and explores the darker aspects of human nature. Rose Glass’s directorial vision, combined with powerful performances from Kristen Stewart and Katy O’Brian, creates a cinematic experience that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.

The WTF ending leaves audiences stunned and craving for more, as they grapple with the complex themes and moral implications presented throughout the film. Love Lies Bleeding is a testament to the power of storytelling and the impact that sex and violence can have in cinema when approached with nuance and purpose.

As viewers immerse themselves in the twisted world of Love Lies Bleeding, they are reminded that cinema has the ability to challenge, provoke, and leave a lasting impression. This film is not just a thrill ride but also a thought-provoking exploration of human nature and the lengths we may go to for love and redemption.

So buckle up, prepare to be shocked, and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the mind-bending world of Love Lies Bleeding.


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