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Spy Thriller ‘Moving’ Becomes a Global Hit on Disney+ and Hulu

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In a major triumph for Korean content, the spy thriller series ‘Moving’ has taken the streaming world by storm, becoming the most-watched Korean original series on Disney+ and Hulu. This star-studded international espionage series has captured the attention of audiences worldwide with its captivating storyline and exceptional production quality. In this article, we will delve into the immense success of ‘Moving’ and explore the reasons behind its global popularity.

The Plot and Cast

‘Moving’ is a 20-episode series that tells the story of three teenagers who have inherited extraordinary physical powers from their secret agent parents. Despite appearing as ordinary high school students, each possesses the ability to transcend a different physical limitation. However, outside forces are keen to exploit their talents, compelling their parents to keep them hidden away.

The series features an impressive ensemble cast, including Ryu Seungryong, known for his role in ‘Extreme Job,’ Han Hyojoo from ‘The Beauty Inside,’ and Zo Insung, who starred in ‘Escape From Mogadishu.’ Their stellar performances, combined with the intriguing storyline, have contributed to the immense success of the series.

Unprecedented Global Reception

Since its release on August 9, ‘Moving’ has garnered an unprecedented global response, surpassing expectations and captivating audiences across continents. The series quickly became the most-watched Korean original series on Disney+ and Hulu based on hours streamed within the first seven days. Its popularity extends beyond the United States, as it also claims the title of the most-watched series on Disney+ throughout the Asia Pacific region.

Carol Choi, the Executive Vice President of Original Content Strategy at The Walt Disney Company APAC, expressed her delight at the overwhelming response to the first 11 episodes of ‘Moving.’ She cited the captivating storyline, world-class cast, and incredible post-production effects as key factors that contributed to the series’ exceptional storytelling and breakout success.

Weekly Episode Releases and Series Finale

To keep the momentum going, Disney+ has adopted a strategic release schedule for ‘Moving.’ Currently, the platform has released the first 11 episodes, with two new episodes becoming available every Wednesday. Fans eagerly await the series finale, which is scheduled to be a three-part event set to premiere on September 20.

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Expanding Korean Content on Disney+

‘Moving’ is just one example of the expanding library of Korean content available on Disney+. The streaming platform has made a concerted effort to diversify its offerings and cater to global audiences’ interests. In addition to ‘Moving,’ viewers can enjoy other Korean series such as the Blue Dragon Series Award-winning ‘Big Bet,’ starring Choi Minsik, and the music-themed romance ‘Soundtrack #1.’


The astounding success of ‘Moving’ on Disney+ and Hulu showcases the growing popularity of Korean content on a global scale. This spy thriller series has captivated audiences with its compelling plot, talented cast, and high production quality. As the streaming landscape continues to evolve, it is evident that international productions like ‘Moving’ have the power to resonate with viewers worldwide. With its breakthrough success, ‘Moving’ has established itself as a must-watch series for fans of thrilling espionage dramas.


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