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The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Reshaping the Modern CEO Job

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Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a topic of discussion in various industries, with many jobs being threatened by automation. However, one job that has seemingly remained safe from AI’s rise is that of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Despite CEOs threatening to replace their employees with AI, the role of the modern CEO is broken and could easily be done by the technology we have now. The only question is whether the role will be replaced entirely or evolve to work alongside AI.

The Broken Role of the CEO

CEOs are often regarded as invincible and irreplaceable figures within a company. They project an image of indispensability, claiming that without them, the company would fall apart. However, the reality is that the role of the CEO has become disconnected from the actual work that drives a company’s success.

A study conducted by Harvard on 27 CEOs found that their tasks were vague and often involved spending most of their time in meetings and making big calls. They struggled to clearly define the value they provided to the company. In contrast, employees are expected to clearly articulate their contributions and responsibilities to their managers. The role of the CEO should be no different.

Moreover, CEOs are often paid exorbitant salaries compared to the average worker, despite their primary duty being to make optimization decisions based on inputs from spreadsheets. This “superstar CEO” movement has led to a generation of executives who operate mainly as figureheads with little actual responsibility or accountability.

Holding CEOs Accountable

To fix the broken role of the CEO, they must be held accountable in the same way as other employees. A chief executive should meaningfully contribute to the company in a measurable way that delivers clear value. If they fail to do so, the role should be replaced by AI.

An AI model could potentially perform the role of a CEO more efficiently, providing quicker answers, continuous self-improvement, instant feedback, and operational efficiency. This would save companies millions of dollars spent on CEO salaries and ensure that decisions are based on data-driven insights rather than vague interpretations.

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AI as the Future of CEO Decision-Making

While CEOs may resist the idea of being replaced by AI, the potential for an internal AI system to function as the “brain” of an organization is undeniable. The role of a CEO involves setting the direction of the business and making crucial decisions. AI has the potential to assist and streamline these processes, helping identify patterns and areas that require attention.

The use of AI in decision-making is already being explored. ChatGPT, an AI model, has been used to assist companies in making strategic decisions. For example, a company used ChatGPT to determine whether using TikTok as a marketing platform would be cost-effective. By using AI during the initial research stage, the company was able to make informed decisions more quickly.

AI could also serve as a valuable knowledge retention tool within companies. As experienced employees leave, an AI system can retain institutional knowledge and provide insights to guide future decision-making.

The Challenges of AI in CEO Roles

While the potential of AI in CEO roles is promising, several challenges need to be addressed. First, AI would need to be capable of performing the entire scope of a CEO’s job, rather than just complementing their work. Currently, AI models like ChatGPT have limitations and cannot fully replace a CEO’s responsibilities, such as negotiating contracts and evaluating employees.

Second, AI would need to satisfy regulators, especially in heavily regulated industries like finance and healthcare. Regulators would need to trust AI to make decisions and comply with regulations, which may require additional scrutiny and oversight.

Lastly, AI would need to satisfy society, including customers, employees, shareholders, and communities. The human qualities that top leaders possess, such as empathy, persuasion, and motivation, cannot be easily replicated by AI. Society may still value the human element in decision-making, even if AI can make better decisions.

The Future of AI in CEO Roles

While the complete replacement of CEOs by AI may not be imminent, the role of AI in augmenting and supporting CEOs is likely to grow. AI technology continues to advance rapidly, with capabilities doubling every few months. However, the development of artificial general intelligence (AGI), which surpasses human intelligence, may still be years away.

In the coming years, AI is expected to play a more significant role in strategic decision-making, helping CEOs identify trends, analyze data, and streamline processes. AI-powered personal assistants, like Inflection.ai, will aid CEOs in navigating tough decisions and generating creative ideas.

To fully realize the potential of AI in CEO roles, private versions of AI models like ChatGPT need to be developed, ensuring data security and customization for specific organizations. This will enable AI to have a more comprehensive understanding of a company’s specific needs and inform decision-making accordingly.

As AI continues to evolve, business leaders should embrace its capabilities and understand how it can enhance decision-making processes. The integration of AI into every meeting, similar to leaving a chair open for the customer, will become the norm. AI has the potential to revolutionize the role of CEOs and lead to a new era of efficient and data-driven decision-making.


The role of the CEO is undergoing a transformation in the age of AI. While CEOs have traditionally been regarded as indispensable figures, the broken nature of their role and the potential of AI to perform their tasks more efficiently raise questions about their future. AI has the capability to streamline decision-making processes, provide valuable insights, and enhance operational efficiency.

However, complete replacement of CEOs by AI is not imminent. AI technology still has limitations and challenges to overcome, including the need to perform the entire scope of a CEO’s job, satisfy regulators, and meet the expectations of society. CEOs will continue to play a crucial role in organizations, but they must adapt and embrace AI as a tool to enhance their decision-making processes.

As AI technology advances and private versions of AI models become available, CEOs and AI will likely work hand in hand to drive business innovation and success. The future of AI in CEO roles is promising, and business leaders should embrace its potential while ensuring accountability, ethics, and the human element in decision-making processes.


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