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How Google’s Legal Action Against AI Scammers and Copyright Fraud is Shaping a Safer Internet

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In an effort to protect its users and maintain a safer internet environment, Google has recently taken legal action against scammers who have been exploiting the company’s services and users. This article will delve into the two primary lawsuits filed by Google, targeting scammers who weaponize generative AI and abuse the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to harm competitors. These legal actions serve to establish important precedents and deter future instances of fraud and abuse.

Scammers Exploiting Generative AI

As the excitement surrounding generative AI continues to grow, scammers have been capitalizing on unsuspecting users. Google’s first lawsuit focuses on bad actors who have misled individuals by creating fake ads for Google’s AI chatbot, Bard. These scammers have taken advantage of public enthusiasm by posting ads on social media platforms, particularly Facebook, enticing users to “download” Bard. However, Bard is a web-based chatbot that does not require downloading. Instead of gaining access to the chatbot, victims unknowingly download malware that compromises their social media accounts.

According to Google’s General Counsel, Halimah DeLaine Prado, scammers have been operating primarily from Vietnam and India. To combat this fraudulent activity, Google has filed approximately 300 takedowns related to this group of scammers since April. The company has now filed a lawsuit in California seeking an order to prevent these scammers from setting up domains associated with spreading malware. If successful, this legal action will serve as a deterrent and establish a clear mechanism to prevent similar scams in the future.

Google’s second lawsuit addresses the abuse of the DMCA by “bad actors” who have submitted thousands of bogus copyright claims against their competitors. The DMCA was initially created to protect internet users and copyright holders while promoting innovation. However, scammers have found a way to exploit this process by using multiple Google accounts to submit fraudulent copyright claims. As a result, over 100,000 businesses’ websites have been removed, leading to significant financial losses and countless hours of lost employee time.

DeLaine Prado emphasizes the devastating impact this copyright fraud has had on small businesses, with some companies being completely destroyed and jobs being lost. Digital rights groups have highlighted the growing threat of DMCA abuse, warranting the need for action. Google’s lawsuit seeks to hold these bad actors accountable and raise awareness of the harm caused by fraudulent takedowns on small businesses across the country.

Google’s Commitment to User Protection

Google’s legal actions against AI scammers and copyright fraudsters are part of the company’s ongoing strategy to protect consumers and small businesses. By establishing legal precedents in emerging fields of innovation, Google aims to create clear rules against fraud, scams, and harassment. The company understands the importance of safeguarding the people who use the internet from abuse, regardless of the novelty of the setting.

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Google’s commitment to user protection is evident in its daily efforts to combat phishing attempts and malware. The company blocks over 100 million phishing attempts and scans billions of apps for potential threats. However, legal action serves as an effective tool to establish a legal precedent, disrupt scammers’ tools, and increase the consequences for bad actors. Google’s proactive approach to litigation demonstrates its determination to counter scammers who exploit vulnerabilities, deceive small businesses, and attempt to extort users.

Promoting a Safer Internet

Google’s actions not only protect its users but also contribute to a safer internet environment for everyone. By taking legal action and collaborating with government officials, scammers are put squarely in the crosshairs of justice. This approach aims to deter future instances of fraud and abuse, promoting a safer online experience.

It is crucial to recognize the significant role that appropriate legal action plays in protecting and preserving the culture of innovation in the United States. AI fraudsters and copyright scammers often hope to fly under the radar, but Google’s commitment to legal measures ensures that scammers face the consequences of their actions. These efforts contribute to a safer internet that fosters innovation and protects the rights and interests of users and businesses alike.


Google’s legal actions against AI scammers and copyright fraudsters demonstrate the company’s commitment to protecting its users and promoting a safer internet environment. By addressing the exploitation of generative AI and the abuse of the DMCA, Google aims to establish legal precedents, deter future instances of fraud and abuse, and raise awareness of the harm caused to small businesses. Through collaboration with government officials and a proactive approach to litigation, scammers are held accountable, ensuring a safer online experience for all.


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