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The richest YouTuber in the world, Mr. Beast Gives Away $250,000 to Lucky Followers

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In a stunning display of generosity, popular content creator Mr. Beast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, announced that he made over $250,000 from a single video posted on the social media platform X. To share his good fortune, Mr. Beast decided to give away the entire amount to 10 random people who repost and follow him. This act of kindness showcases MrBeast’s commitment to philanthropy and his desire to spread positivity in the online community.

The X Experiment

Mr. Beast’s journey on X began when the platform’s owner, Elon Musk, tried to convince him to post his videos exclusively on X. However, MrBeast initially declined, citing better ad revenue on YouTube. Curiosity got the better of him, and he eventually decided to conduct an experiment to see how much ad revenue he could earn on X. He chose one of his older videos titled “$1 vs $100,000,000 Car!” and posted it on X.

Impressive Results

The video, which had already garnered 216 million views on YouTube, quickly gained traction on X as well. Within a few days, it amassed an impressive 161 million views. MrBeast’s decision to try out the X ad revenue sharing program paid off handsomely, as he revealed that he made over $250,000 from his first X video.

A Facade?

While Mr. Beast celebrated his earnings, he acknowledged that the situation might not be the same for everyone. In a follow-up post, he explained that the high revenue per view might be due to advertisers buying ads on his video because of its popularity. This could artificially inflate his earnings, making it an exceptional case rather than the norm for X creators.

MrBeast’s Generosity

True to his philanthropic nature, Mr. Beast announced that he would be giving away the entire $250,000 to 10 lucky followers. To participate, individuals had to repost MrBeast’s announcement and follow him on X. This act of generosity exemplifies MrBeast’s commitment to making a positive impact and spreading joy to his dedicated fanbase.

The Potential of X’s Ad Revenue Sharing Program

Mr. Beast’s significant earnings from a single video highlight the potential of X’s ad revenue sharing program for content creators. Although X’s ad business is still smaller compared to its competitors, Mr. Beast’s success demonstrates that creators can earn substantial amounts through the platform. However, it is important to note that factors such as audience size and engagement can greatly influence individual earnings.

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Mixed Reactions from Other Creators

While Mr.Beast celebrated his success, other X creators had mixed feelings about the platform’s ad revenue sharing program. Some expressed disappointment, stating that their earnings were significantly lower despite having millions of impressions on their own content. There were claims that Mr. Beast’s exceptional earnings were due to advertisers allocating a larger portion of the revenue to his video.

Elon Musk’s Response

Elon Musk, the owner of X, responded to the claims of rigged results in a post on the platform. He stated that the “mainstream media” failed to acknowledge the success of MrBeast’s experiment and denied any intentional amplification of his views. Musk’s response hinted at the possibility that the attention garnered by Mr. Beast’s video naturally attracted advertisers.

X’s Creator Program and Future Prospects

X’s ad revenue sharing program is part of the platform’s efforts to revitalize its core ad business and attract more creators. By offering a share of the ad revenue to creators who subscribe to the platform’s premium service, X aims to incentivize the production of high-quality content that appeals to advertisers. This aligns X with other social media platforms like Meta, YouTube, and TikTok, which already have established systems for compensating creators.

Criticisms and Concerns

While X’s ad revenue sharing program has the potential to benefit creators, it has not been without its critics. Some argue that the program could encourage X Premium subscribers to produce more controversial or offensive content to increase engagement and, consequently, their earnings. Instances of creators receiving payouts for content praising Adolf Hitler have raised concerns about the platform’s content moderation and its impact on advertiser trust.

X’s Growth and Future Outlook

Despite the challenges and criticisms, X has made significant strides in its ad business. In 2023, the platform generated $2.5 billion in ad revenues, a notable increase from $4.5 billion in 2021. Elon Musk’s acquisition of X in 2022 for $44 billion indicates his confidence in the platform’s potential. As X continues to refine its ad revenue sharing program and attract more creators, its future outlook appears promising.


Mr. Beast’s remarkable earnings of over $250,000 from a single video on X exemplify his entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to philanthropy. By giving away the entirety of his earnings to lucky followers, he continues to inspire and uplift his audience. This success story also sheds light on the potential of X’s ad revenue sharing program for content creators, although individual earnings may vary. As X continues to evolve and refine its creator program, it will be interesting to see how it shapes the landscape of online content creation and ad monetization in the future.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on the referenced sources and does not reflect the views or opinions of the writer or MANLY Magazine. Readers are advised to conduct their own research and analysis for accurate and up-to-date information.


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