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YouTube Enhances Shorts Experience with Internal Video Links

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YouTube continues to evolve its platform to offer creators more tools and opportunities to engage their audience. In a recent update, YouTube introduced a new feature that allows creators to include links from Shorts, its short-form video format, to other videos on their channel. This enhancement aims to boost engagement, encourage viewers to explore more content, and provide creators with valuable insights into their audience’s preferences.

Enhancing Engagement with Internal Video Links

The new feature enables creators to seamlessly incorporate internal video links within their Shorts videos. By doing so, they can guide viewers to other relevant content on their channel, including long-form videos, livestreams, and more. This enhancement not only enhances the viewing experience but also encourages viewers to dive deeper into a creator’s collection and discover additional content that aligns with their interests.

Previously, YouTube removed the ability for creators to include external links in Shorts comments and descriptions to combat spam and improper use of external links. However, with the introduction of internal video links, creators now have an alternative method to provide their audience with easy access to related videos.

How to Use the New Linking Tool

To take advantage of this new feature, creators can simply edit their Shorts videos in YouTube Studio on desktop. Within the Details tab, located on the right sidebar, creators can find the “related video” section where they can insert a single link to another video on the same YouTube channel. Whether it’s an older video or a new release, creators have the flexibility to choose any video that they believe is relevant to their Shorts content.

YouTube suggests several strategic use cases for the linking tool, including connecting Shorts to long-form videos, linking multiple Shorts in a series, and promoting upcoming livestreams. This feature empowers creators to curate a personalized viewing experience for their audience, ensuring they can easily navigate between related content.

Tracking Performance with Metrics

To further support creators in understanding the impact of their internal video links, YouTube plans to introduce metrics that measure clicks on related videos in Shorts. These analytics will provide creators with valuable insights into how viewers are interacting with the links and enable them to refine their content strategy accordingly.

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By tracking the effectiveness of their internal video links, creators can make data-driven decisions when it comes to optimizing their Shorts content and guiding viewers towards the most engaging and relevant videos on their channel. This valuable information will help creators tailor their content to meet their audience’s preferences and enhance overall engagement.

YouTube’s Approach to Linking

YouTube’s decision to introduce internal video links within Shorts while limiting external links in comments and descriptions reflects its commitment to reducing spam and scams on the platform. By controlling the linking capabilities, YouTube ensures a safer and more enjoyable viewing experience for its users.

With the removal of external links in Shorts comments and descriptions, YouTube aims to mitigate spam and improper use of links, ultimately protecting creators and viewers alike. This move reinforces YouTube’s dedication to maintaining a high-quality and trustworthy environment for content consumption.


The introduction of internal video links within YouTube Shorts opens up new possibilities for creators to engage their audience and guide them towards related content on their channel. By seamlessly incorporating these links, creators can provide a personalized and immersive viewing experience, encouraging viewers to explore more of their content.

YouTube’s decision to remove external links in Shorts comments and descriptions showcases their commitment to combatting spam and protecting the platform’s integrity. This new feature, coupled with the forthcoming metrics, empowers creators to refine their content strategy based on audience preferences and behavior.

As YouTube continues to evolve its platform and provide creators with innovative tools, the possibilities for engaging and interactive content creation are endless. With internal video links, creators can further enhance their relationship with their audience and create a more cohesive viewing experience within the YouTube ecosystem.

So, if you’re a YouTube creator looking to boost engagement and guide your viewers towards more of your captivating content, take advantage of the internal video linking feature in YouTube Shorts. Start exploring the endless possibilities and see how it can elevate your content and deepen your connection with your audience.


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