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Former Apple Designers Introduce the Humane AI Pin: A Revolutionary Smartphone Alternative

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As technology continues to evolve, so does our reliance on smartphones. We spend countless hours scrolling through social media feeds, checking emails, and consuming content. But what if there was a way to break free from this screen addiction and embrace a more seamless and human-centric form of interaction? Former Apple designers Bethany Bongiorno, Imran Chaudhri, and Ken Kocienda have taken on this challenge by introducing the Humane AI Pin, a groundbreaking wearable device that aims to replace the smartphone.

The Vision Behind the Humane AI Pin

The Humane AI Pin is a small, square device that can be pinned to a person’s shirt or blouse. It is designed to be an always-ready assistant that can take photos, send texts, and provide a visual interface through its laser projector. The goal is to create a device that allows for natural and intuitive interactions, freeing us from the confines of a traditional screen-based interface.

According to Bethany Bongiorno, the CEO and founder of Humane, the team wanted to create a device that could bring the power of AI to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise. They envisioned a world where people could have conversations with an AI assistant that they wear on their clothes, eliminating the need to constantly look down at a screen.

Features and Functionality

The Humane AI Pin offers a range of features and functionality that aim to enhance the user experience. Here are some of the key highlights:

1. Control and Interaction

The device is controlled through a series of taps, hand gestures, and voice commands. A double tap with two fingers on the front touchpad can capture a photo, while a double tap and hold initiates video recording. The Pin is designed to be quick and intuitive, allowing for seamless interactions.

2. Privacy and Trust

Privacy is a top priority for Humane, and the AI Pin is designed with built-in measures to ensure user privacy. Whenever the microphone or camera is in use, a “trust light” is activated, providing a visual indicator to let others know when the device is recording. This feature aims to address concerns about privacy and create a sense of trust between the user and those around them.

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3. Laser Projection and Visual Interface

One of the most innovative features of the Humane AI Pin is its laser projector, which can display images and text onto a user’s palm. This creates a unique visual interface that eliminates the need for a traditional smartphone screen. By projecting information onto the hand, the Pin aims to provide a more immersive and natural way of interacting with technology.

4. Voice Assistant – Ai Mic

The Pin is equipped with a voice assistant called Ai Mic, which harnesses the power of large language models like ChatGPT. Users can tap and hold the Pin to activate Ai Mic and ask questions, request translations, or even order poems. The voice assistant is designed to provide a seamless and conversational experience, making it easy for users to access information and perform tasks.

5. Independence and Connectivity

Unlike smartphones that rely on external networks, the Humane AI Pin operates independently with its own cellular connection. This means that users can stay connected and access features like calling, texting, and data without the need for additional devices. The Humane subscription, priced at $24 per month, offers unlimited calling, texting, and data through T-Mobile.

6. Battery Life and Wireless Charging

To ensure uninterrupted usage throughout the day, the Humane AI Pin comes with interchangeable battery packs that can be easily swapped out. These battery packs are wirelessly charged, providing a convenient and hassle-free charging experience.

Design and Aesthetics

The design of the Humane AI Pin reflects the team’s commitment to creating a device that seamlessly integrates into everyday life. The device is pinned to a person’s shirt or blouse, and its compact and sleek form factor resembles a brooch or a small accessory. It is available in three colors: black, black with silver edges, and white with silver edges. Additionally, colorful plastic cases, known as “shields,” can be purchased separately to add a touch of personal style and provide additional protection.

The Team Behind the Humane AI Pin

The minds behind the Humane AI Pin have an impressive pedigree, with a team consisting of former Apple designers and engineers. Bethany Bongiorno, the CEO and founder, along with her husband Imran Chaudhri and Ken Kocienda, both former Apple employees, bring their expertise and experience in hardware design and software engineering to the project. The team’s vision is to create a device that enhances human connection and complements our daily lives, rather than detracting from them.

The Future of Wearable Technology

The Humane AI Pin is just the beginning of a new era in wearable technology. As more devices like this enter the market, the way we interact with technology is set to undergo a significant transformation. The Pin represents a shift towards a more seamless and human-centric approach, where technology seamlessly integrates into our lives, rather than dominating them.

While the Humane AI Pin has generated excitement and curiosity, it remains to be seen whether it will become a mainstream device or remain a niche product for gadget enthusiasts. The device’s success will depend on factors such as user adoption, affordability, and the ability to address privacy concerns.


The Humane AI Pin represents a bold step towards reimagining the way we interact with technology. With its innovative features, commitment to privacy, and sleek design, the Pin offers a glimpse into a future where smartphones may become obsolete. As we embrace wearable devices like the Pin, we have the opportunity to break free from screen addiction and rediscover the joys of human connection in a digitally-driven world. Whether the Pin becomes a game-changer or simply a stepping stone towards further advancements in wearable technology, its introduction marks an exciting chapter in the evolution of human-device interaction.

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on public sources and is subject to change as more details about the Humane AI Pin become available.


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