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Edible Food Coating Revolutionizes Snacking: A Sustainable and Nutrient-Rich Alternative to Plastic Packaging

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In our fast-paced, on-the-go lifestyle, convenient and portable foods have become an integral part of our daily routine. However, this convenience has come at a cost – decreased nutritional value, declining health outcomes, and increased plastic waste. Plastic packaging, especially single-use containers, contributes significantly to environmental pollution and poses health risks. But what if there was a revolutionary solution that could address these concerns? Enter Foodberry, a Boston-based food tech startup that is changing the snacking game with its innovative edible food coating.

The Inspiration from Nature

Foodberry draws inspiration from the natural packaging found in fruits and vegetables. The peels and skins of these produce items are not only protective but also highly nutritious. By leveraging the natural chemistry of fruit skins and peels, Foodberry has developed a proprietary biomimicry technology that creates sustainable, non-permeable, and nutrient-rich coatings for various food products.

Diverse Coatings for Endless Variety

Foodberry’s edible coatings, known as “Foodberries,” are a library of materials inspired by the diversity of coatings and structures found in natural fruits. These coatings offer protective and encapsulating functions, preserving the nutritional value and flavor of the enclosed foods. The versatility of Foodberries allows them to be applied to a wide range of traditionally hard-to-transport foods, including ice cream, yogurt, hummus, cheese, and peanut butter.

A Nutrient-Rich Alternative to Plastic Packaging

Unlike plastic-based packaging, Foodberries provide a sustainable and eco-friendly solution. Made from plant-based fibers, phytonutrients, and minerals, these coatings not only protect the food but also offer additional health benefits. By utilizing the natural goodness of fruits and vegetables, Foodberry ensures that snacking becomes a nutritious and guilt-free experience.

The Journey of Foodberry

Foodberry’s inception can be traced back to the labs of Harvard and MIT, where the initial research and development took place. With a deep understanding of the negative impact of plastic packaging on the environment and our health, the team at Foodberry set out to create a game-changing solution.

From Dorm Room Experiments to Commercial Success

The journey of Foodberry began with Ryan Teo, a passionate individual concerned about the lack of healthy and sustainable snack options in typical grocery stores. Inspired by his own experiences with nutrition and performance, Ryan embarked on a mission to reinvent snacking. While studying Engineering Entrepreneurship at the Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Ryan launched Minimal Snacks, which later evolved into Foodberry.

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Reinventing Beef Jerky with a Sustainable Twist

The first product that Foodberry tackled was beef jerky. Ryan started experimenting with different ingredients and techniques in his dorm room, including using an imported dehydrator and sourcing beef and mushroom suppliers from the Evanston Farmers’ Market. However, the production process proved to be costly and time-consuming. It was then that Ryan realized he needed a team to scale up production and bring Foodberry to the masses.

The Power of Collaboration: Teaming Up with Co-Founders

At startup matchmaking fairs hosted by The Garage, Ryan pitched his vision and connected with like-minded individuals who shared his passion for reinventing snacking. Ansh Prasad and Liliana Sydorenko, both students at Northwestern University, joined forces with Ryan to co-found Foodberry. Together, they brought diverse skill sets and expertise to the table, making Foodberry a well-rounded team.

Scaling Up Production with a Strategic Partnership

To overcome the challenges of production scalability, Foodberry formed a strategic partnership with Stormberg Foods, a producer of air-dried beef. Unlike traditional beef jerky, which is dehydrated in an oven, Foodberry’s jerky is air-dried for two weeks, allowing it to retain the flavors of each ingredient. This innovative approach results in a snack made solely from beef, shiitake mushrooms, red wine vinegar, and salt.

Kickstarter Success: Turning Vision into Reality

In January 2022, Foodberry launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for production and market expansion. The response was overwhelming, with the funding goal being achieved in less than two hours. By the end of the campaign, Foodberry had raised over $22,000, demonstrating the demand for sustainable and nutritious snack alternatives.

From Online to In-Store: Foodberry’s Market Presence

With the successful Kickstarter campaign, Foodberry made its products available online and partnered with local retailers to expand its market presence. D&D Finer Foods in Evanston and Ándale Market in Chicago are among the first locations to carry Foodberry’s air-dried beef. The positive response from customers has encouraged Foodberry to explore further partnerships and expand its product line.

Expanding Possibilities: Exploring Superfoods and New Snack Categories

Foodberry’s mission doesn’t stop at reinventing beef jerky. The team aims to explore the potential of incorporating other superfoods into their product line. Acai berries, reishi mushrooms, and black garlic are just a few examples of ingredients that Foodberry intends to experiment with. By combining unexpected flavors and ingredients, Foodberry seeks to redefine snack categories and offer unique and nutritious options to consumers.

A Sustainable Future: Reducing Plastic Waste and Promoting Healthy Snacking

Foodberry’s innovative approach to snacking not only addresses the environmental concerns associated with plastic packaging but also promotes healthier eating habits. By providing convenient, portable, and nutrient-rich snacks, Foodberry aims to make a positive impact on people’s lives and the planet. With their continued efforts and dedication, Foodberry is set to revolutionize the way we snack and contribute to a sustainable future.


Foodberry’s edible food coating is a game-changer for the snacking industry. By drawing inspiration from nature and utilizing sustainable materials, Foodberry offers a nutrient-rich alternative to plastic packaging. With their innovative approach and commitment to promoting healthy and sustainable snacking, Foodberry is paving the way for a future where convenience and nutrition go hand in hand. As consumers become more conscious of their choices, Foodberry is poised to lead the way in transforming the snacking landscape.


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