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Brain Circuit Balances Speech and Breath: The Surprising Connection

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In recent groundbreaking research, scientists have discovered a fascinating brain circuit that plays a crucial role in balancing speech and breath. This unexpected connection challenges previous assumptions about the functions of specific brain regions and sheds new light on the intricacies of our neural circuitry. Understanding this circuit could have profound implications for treating speech-related disorders and improving our understanding of how the brain coordinates complex behaviors.

The Central Amygdala: More Than Fear

Traditionally, the central amygdala, a region deep within the brain, has been associated with fear and responses to unpleasant events. However, a team of neuroscientists at MIT has discovered that this brain region is also involved in pleasure-inducing behavior. While studying mice, the researchers activated a specific circuit within the central amygdala and observed that the animals sought out the stimuli associated with this circuit. This finding challenges the prevailing belief that the central amygdala is solely responsible for fear-related responses.

“It’s surprising that positive-behavior-promoting subsets are so abundant, which is contrary to what many people in the field have been thinking,” says Susumu Tonegawa, the Picower Professor of Biology and Neuroscience. These findings suggest that the central amygdala plays a more complex role in regulating behavior than previously thought.

Unraveling the Neural Circuitry

To unravel the neural circuitry underlying this surprising connection, the researchers analyzed the genetic profiles of neurons in the central amygdala and divided them into seven distinct groups based on their genetic markers and anatomical location. Using optogenetics, a technique that allows for the control of neuron activity with light, the scientists investigated the functions of each population of neurons.

They discovered that five of these neuron populations were involved in reward-related behavior. When the mice were exposed to light, these neurons stimulated a reward circuit, leading the animals to seek out more exposure to the stimuli associated with these neurons. These populations of neurons received input from positive emotion cells in another part of the amygdala, known as the basolateral amygdala.

Another population of neurons in the central amygdala was found to underlie fear-related innate and memory behaviors. Interestingly, the researchers also identified a population of neurons that did not contribute to either fear- or reward-related behavior. These findings challenge the prevailing notion that the central amygdala is primarily involved in fear-related responses.

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The Complex Balance of Behavior

The discovery of this brain circuit that balances speech and breath raises intriguing questions about the underlying mechanisms and the interplay between different brain regions. While the specific outputs of the fear-related neurons in the central amygdala are still unknown, it is clear that they do not directly send messages to the brain region traditionally associated with fear responses, the periaqueductal gray (PAG). Further research is needed to determine the precise pathways and destinations of these neurons.

This delicate balance between speech and breath is crucial for our ability to communicate effectively. The coordination of these two processes is essential for producing clear and intelligible speech. Any disruption in this balance can lead to difficulties in communication and may contribute to speech-related disorders.

Implications for Speech Disorders

Understanding the intricate neural circuitry involved in speech and breath coordination could have significant implications for the treatment of speech disorders. Disorders such as stuttering, apraxia, and dysarthria often involve difficulties in coordinating speech and breath, resulting in disrupted fluency and intelligibility. By gaining a deeper understanding of the brain circuitry responsible for this coordination, researchers and clinicians can develop more targeted interventions and therapies to improve speech outcomes for individuals with these disorders.

Speech therapy traditionally focuses on improving speech production and fluency through various techniques and exercises. However, the findings from this research suggest that targeting the specific brain circuit involved in speech and breath coordination could enhance the effectiveness of speech therapy interventions. By directly modulating this circuit, it may be possible to improve the coordination between speech and breath, leading to more fluent and natural speech production.

Future Directions and Potential Applications

The identification of this brain circuit opens up exciting possibilities for further research and potential applications. Understanding the complex interplay between different brain regions involved in speech and breath coordination could provide insights into other aspects of human behavior and cognition.

Moreover, this research may have implications beyond speech-related disorders. The central amygdala is involved in a wide range of cognitive and emotional processes, including anxiety, fear, and reward. By unraveling the neural circuitry within the central amygdala, researchers can gain a deeper understanding of these processes and potentially develop new treatments for mental health conditions such as anxiety disorders and addiction.


The discovery of a brain circuit that balances speech and breath challenges our previous understanding of the functions of specific brain regions. The central amygdala, traditionally associated with fear responses, is now recognized as playing a crucial role in pleasure-inducing behavior. This unexpected connection highlights the complexity of our neural circuitry and underscores the need for further research to unravel the intricacies of brain function.

Understanding the neural circuitry involved in speech and breath coordination has significant implications for the treatment of speech disorders. By targeting this circuit, clinicians and researchers can develop more effective interventions to improve speech outcomes for individuals with speech-related disorders.

As our understanding of the brain’s complex workings continues to evolve, we are moving closer to unlocking the mysteries of human behavior and cognition. The discovery of this brain circuit is a significant step forward in unraveling the intricate connections that underlie our ability to communicate and interact with the world around us.


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