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Jung Kook and Jack Harlow Unveil Their Multidimensional Collaboration on “3D”

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Jung Kook, a member of the global sensation BTS, and American rapper Jack Harlow have joined forces to release their highly anticipated collaboration titled “3D.” This dynamic duo has brought together their unique talents to create a multidimensional track that showcases their artistic growth and musical prowess. Released with an accompanying music video, “3D” has already captured the attention of fans worldwide.

YouTube video
정국 (Jung Kook) ‘3D (feat. Jack Harlow)’ Official MV

A Fusion of Pop and R&B

“3D” is a Pop R&B track that beautifully captures the essence of Jung Kook and Jack Harlow’s individual styles. The song combines clever expressions of emotions with an infectious melody, making it an instant hit with listeners. The collaboration between these two artists brings a fresh and exciting sound to the music scene, showcasing their versatility and ability to push boundaries.

Exploring Unattainable Love

The lyrics of “3D” revolve around the theme of unattainable love. Jung Kook’s smooth vocals and Jack Harlow’s slick rap verses paint a vivid picture of longing and desire. The song’s hook, where Jung Kook sings, “I wanna see it in motion, in 3D,” encapsulates the yearning to experience love in its fullest and most vibrant form. This emotional depth resonates with listeners and adds an extra layer of relatability to the track.

The Promise of a Mature Sound

Big Hit Music, Jung Kook’s label, has promised that “3D” will showcase an even more mature side of the artist. This release marks a significant milestone in his solo career, allowing him to further explore his artistic identity beyond his work with BTS. The collaboration with Jack Harlow adds an exciting dynamic to the song, with the rapper injecting his own unique flavor and energy into the track.

Addressing Plagiarism Allegations

Shortly after the release of “3D,” there were allegations of plagiarism regarding the song’s similarities to Fin.K.L’s “Time of Mask.” However, Big Hit Music promptly refuted these claims, stating that “Seven” was a collaboration with five overseas composers and was entirely unrelated to the Korean song released decades ago. The label emphasized that the allegations were baseless and lacked any substantial evidence.

The Success of Jung Kook’s Solo Ventures

“3D” follows Jung Kook’s successful solo debut with the release of “Seven,” which featured Latto. The album achieved great success, reaching the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This achievement solidified Jung Kook’s position as a formidable solo artist outside of his work with BTS. His captivating performances at the Global Citizen Festival further showcased his talent and stage presence.

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The Music Video: A Visual Feast

Accompanying the release of “3D” is a visually stunning music video that takes viewers on a captivating journey. Jung Kook and Jack Harlow are showcased in various dimensions, bringing the song’s concept to life. The video’s captivating visuals and intricate choreography add another layer of depth to the overall experience, further immersing viewers in the multidimensional world created by the artists.

The Future of Jung Kook and Jack Harlow

The collaboration between Jung Kook and Jack Harlow on “3D” has left fans eager to see what the future holds for these talented artists. Both have proven their ability to captivate audiences with their unique styles and charismatic stage presence. As they continue to evolve as musicians, it’s clear that they have much more to offer, and fans are eagerly anticipating their future projects.


“3D” is a testament to the incredible talent and creativity of Jung Kook and Jack Harlow. This collaboration showcases their ability to push boundaries and explore new musical territories. With its infectious melody, emotional lyrics, and stunning visuals, “3D” is a must-listen for fans of both artists. As Jung Kook and Jack Harlow continue to carve their own paths in the music industry, their collaboration serves as a reminder of the power of artistic expression and the magic that can happen when two talented individuals come together. Stay tuned for more exciting chapters in their musical journeys.


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