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Donald Trump’s Preference for Immigrants from ‘Nice’ Countries

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In recent years, former US President Donald Trump has been known for his controversial remarks and policies regarding immigration. One recurring theme in his rhetoric is his preference for immigrants from so-called “nice” countries like Denmark, Switzerland, and Norway. This article will explore Trump’s stance on immigration from these countries, the controversy surrounding his comments, and the implications of his views.

The Controversial Remarks

During his presidency, Donald Trump made headlines when he referred to certain countries, including Haiti and some nations in Africa, as “s—hole countries.” This derogatory remark sparked outrage and cemented the perception that Trump’s views on immigration were closely tied to his views on race. However, he later attempted to backtrack on his comments.

At a fundraising event in Palm Beach, Florida, Trump revisited the topic of immigration and expressed his frustration at the lack of immigrants from “nice” countries like Denmark and Switzerland. He questioned why the United States couldn’t allow more people from these countries to immigrate and highlighted the positive aspects of countries like Norway.

Trump’s Perspective on Immigration

There are two possible explanations for Trump’s preference for immigrants from “nice” countries. The first is that he lacks a comprehensive understanding of the complexities of immigration. Trump’s focus on countries like Denmark and Switzerland ignores the fact that immigrants from Central American countries, like El Salvador and Guatemala, make up a significant portion of those seeking entry into the United States. The proximity of these countries and the economic conditions they face contribute to the higher number of immigrants from these regions.

The second explanation is that Trump’s rhetoric is driven by a desire to appeal to his base and stoke racial fears. By emphasizing the idea of “nice” countries, Trump taps into his supporters’ anxieties about immigration and plays on stereotypes about non-White nations. This aligns with his track record of promoting White grievance politics and his recent focus on dismantling systems aimed at addressing racial inequality.

Economic Factors and Immigration

One aspect often overlooked in the immigration debate is the economic pull that the United States has on individuals from struggling nations. Many immigrants are drawn to the United States because of the economic opportunities it offers. While Trump often portrays immigrants as a threat to national security, the reality is that they contribute to the country’s economy in various ways, from filling labor market gaps to starting businesses.

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Countries like Haiti and Yemen, which Trump singled out, face significant economic and political challenges. The high rates of poverty and instability in these countries drive individuals to seek better prospects elsewhere. Trump’s suggestion that immigrants should come from stable and wealthy countries ignores the root causes of immigration and oversimplifies the complexities of global migration patterns.

The Impact of Trump’s Rhetoric

Trump’s preference for immigrants from “nice” countries and his divisive rhetoric have far-reaching implications. By perpetuating stereotypes and promoting a narrow view of immigration, he further divides communities and fuels xenophobia. This kind of rhetoric not only undermines the principles of inclusivity and diversity but also hampers efforts to create comprehensive immigration policies that address the needs of both the United States and individuals seeking a better life.

Moreover, Trump’s focus on immigration from certain countries detracts from the broader conversation about immigration reform. Instead of working towards comprehensive solutions that consider the economic, social, and humanitarian aspects of immigration, his rhetoric perpetuates a cycle of division and animosity.

The Role of Immigration in American History

It’s important to recognize that immigration has been a fundamental part of American history and has contributed to the nation’s growth and cultural diversity. Throughout history, immigrants from all corners of the world have brought their talents, aspirations, and contributions to the United States. This rich tapestry of cultures and experiences has shaped the country’s identity and propelled its progress.

Restricting immigration based on arbitrary criteria like country of origin undermines the principles upon which the United States was founded. The country has always thrived when it has been open and welcoming to those seeking a better life, regardless of their nationality.

Moving Forward: A Balanced Approach to Immigration

As the United States grapples with the complexities of immigration, it is crucial to adopt a balanced approach that considers both national security concerns and the economic and humanitarian aspects of migration. Comprehensive immigration reform should aim to create a system that is fair, efficient, and compassionate.

This includes providing pathways to legal status for undocumented immigrants who have established roots in the United States, implementing measures to secure the border without compromising humanitarian values, and addressing the root causes of migration by supporting economic development and stability in countries facing challenges.


Donald Trump’s preference for immigrants from “nice” countries reflects a narrow and divisive view of immigration. By focusing on specific countries and disregarding the economic and humanitarian factors that drive migration, Trump perpetuated stereotypes and fueled xenophobia.

As the United States moves forward, it is essential to embrace a more inclusive and comprehensive approach to immigration. Recognizing the contributions and potential of immigrants from all backgrounds will not only foster a stronger and more vibrant society but also uphold the principles upon which the country was built.

By adopting fair and compassionate immigration policies, the United States can continue to be a beacon of hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life, regardless of their country of origin. It is through such an approach that the nation can truly live up to its ideals of freedom, diversity, and equality.


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