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9 Best AI Tools for E-Commerce Sites: Boost Sales Effortlessly

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In today’s highly competitive e-commerce landscape, offering a personalized customer experience is crucial to boost sales and stay ahead of the competition. As an e-commerce business owner, you need to go beyond a seamless customer experience and leverage the power of AI to deliver personalized interactions. AI tools can help you curate a tailored shopping experience for your customers, from smart product recommendations to targeted email campaigns. In this article, we will explore the top 10 AI tools for e-commerce sites that can effortlessly drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction.

1. Jasper.ai: Enhance Product Descriptions and Content

One of the top AI tools in the market, Jasper.ai focuses on improving the overall customer experience by enhancing product descriptions and other content. With its AI-powered product description generator, Jasper.ai is an excellent sidekick for small and mid-sized businesses looking to save time and overcome writer’s block. It supports 29 languages, allowing you to create compelling and engaging product descriptions tailored to your brand’s voice.

But Jasper.ai doesn’t stop at product descriptions. It offers various other writing tools, such as a sentence rewriter, slogan generator, and paraphrasing tool, to help you create effective marketing content. Additionally, it integrates with Surfer, a leading SEO tool, ensuring that the generated content is optimized for search engines.

Key features of Jasper.ai:

  • AI-powered product description generator
  • Blog post creation
  • Project folders for streamlined management
  • Plagiarism checker access

Pricing: After a free five-day trial, Jasper.ai offers pricing starting at $59 per month.

2. Clerk.io: Personalize Customer Experiences with Behavioral Targeting

Clerk.io is a proprietary personalization technology designed specifically for e-commerce stores. It leverages AI algorithms to provide real-time indexing, directional synonyms, automatic product analysis, and multilingual support. Clerk.io’s natural language processing capabilities allow it to identify search intent accurately, even in the case of typos or synonyms, ensuring relevant search results.

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One of Clerk.io’s standout features is its smart product recommendation engine. By analyzing customer behavior and preferences, Clerk.io automatically displays products that customers are most likely to add to their carts. These personalized recommendations can significantly boost sales and improve the overall customer experience.

Key features of Clerk.io:

  • Real-time search and product analytics
  • Email triggers for personalized communication
  • Segmentation for targeted marketing campaigns

Pricing: For more information about Clerk.io’s pricing, you can reach out to them directly.

3. Syte: Enhance Product Discovery with Visual AI

If you’re looking to improve product discovery on your e-commerce site, Syte is a powerful AI tool worth considering. Syte utilizes visual AI to help customers find products faster, leading to increased conversions, average order value, and customer lifetime value. It specializes in industries such as jewelry, home decor, and fashion.

With Syte, you can implement a sophisticated personalized recommendation engine that takes into account customers’ session data and visual AI analysis. Whether it’s showcasing similar products to those out of stock or suggesting accessories that complement a room, Syte’s hyper-personalization capabilities can significantly enhance the shopping experience on your e-commerce site.

Key features of Syte:

  • Sophisticated personalized recommendations
  • Image search for visual product discovery
  • Automated product tagging and thematic tags
  • Deep tag analytics for insights

Pricing: For more information about Syte’s pricing, you can reach out to them directly.

4. Phrasee: Optimize Email Marketing with AI-generated Content

Phrasee is an AI platform that specializes in optimizing email marketing campaigns. With its AI-powered content generation capabilities, Phrasee helps brands and marketing teams create on-brand messages for various channels, including email and SMS.

If you’re running paid media campaigns, Phrasee can generate AI-powered content for your social media ads, resulting in better engagement and improved results. What sets Phrasee apart is its ability to optimize language across different stages of the customer journey, ensuring that your email content resonates with your target audience.

Phrasee boasts an impressive client list, including eBay and Sephora. By partnering with Phrasee, eBay achieved consistent ROI across all campaigns, generating significant incremental opens and clicks per campaign.

Key features of Phrasee:

  • Dynamic optimization of email content
  • Integration with leading email service providers
  • A/B testing for campaign optimization

Pricing: For more information about Phrasee’s pricing, you can reach out to them directly.

5. Granify: Convert Potential Customers with Dynamic Personalization

Granify aims to change how people shop online by leveraging AI and real-time big data to optimize conversions. It automatically identifies potential customers who are unlikely to make a purchase and employs dynamic personalization strategies to persuade them to complete their transaction.

Granify analyzes customer behavior and identifies optimization opportunities that can increase the chances of conversion. By implementing dynamic personalized product spotlights, Granify can significantly enhance the customer experience and drive more sales for your e-commerce business.

What makes Granify unique is its pricing model. Instead of fixed fees, Granify is compensated based on the incremental revenue it generates for your business.

Key features of Granify:

  • Dynamically personalized product spotlights
  • Real-time analytics and insights

Pricing: Granify does not charge for setup or have recurring fixed fees. Reach out to them directly to learn more about their compensation model.

6. LivePerson: Deliver Conversational Commerce Experiences

LivePerson is a conversational AI company trusted by thousands of brands, including Burberry and Chipotle. Their Conversational Cloud powers nearly a billion conversational interactions each month, enabling brands to create human-like digital experiences.

By leveraging LivePerson’s AI capabilities, you can provide your customers with personalized and real-time product recommendations and support. Whether it’s accurate shipping updates or streamlined returns and exchanges, LivePerson empowers your brand to connect with customers at the best time, enhancing engagement and results.

Key features of LivePerson:

  • Intent-based automations for personalized interactions
  • Integration with leading email service providers
  • Out-of-the-box integrations for insights into past purchases

Pricing: For more information about LivePerson’s pricing, you can reach out to them directly.

7. ViSenze: Enhance Product Discovery with Enhanced Visual Search

ViSenze is an AI search and discovery software solution trusted by retailers and brands like Rakuten and H&M. Powered by automated AI, ViSenze helps retailers create exceptional customer experiences by improving product discovery.

With ViSenze, you can implement enhanced visual search capabilities on your e-commerce site, allowing customers to find products based on images. It also offers smart product recommendations and merchandising analytics, helping you optimize your product offerings and boost sales.

Key features of ViSenze:

  • Enhanced visual search for image-based product discovery
  • Automated product tagging
  • Smart product recommendations
  • Merchandising analytics for insights

Pricing: For more information about ViSenze’s pricing, you can reach out to them directly.

8. Blueshift: Optimize Customer Engagement Across Channels

Blueshift is an AI tool that focuses on optimizing customer engagement across various channels. Powered by patented AI technology, Blueshift enables marketers to create personalized experiences in real-time throughout the buyer’s journey.

Whether it’s email outreach, personalized push notifications, tailored SMS messages, or A/B testing, Blueshift offers a comprehensive suite of features to enhance customer engagement and drive sales. It excels in paid marketing optimization, leveraging first-party, behavioral, and predictive data to help you make the most of your ad budgets.

Key features of Blueshift:

  • Automated email outreach for personalized communication
  • Personalized push notifications
  • Tailored SMS messages for targeted engagement
  • A/B testing for campaign optimization

Pricing: Blueshift offers tailored pricing packages, including enterprise pricing. Contact their sales team for more information.

9. Seventh Sense: Optimize Email Delivery Timing with AI

Seventh Sense specializes in optimizing email marketing campaigns by leveraging AI to determine the best delivery timing. By analyzing engagement data from email, HubSpot, and Marketo, Seventh Sense helps you identify patterns and connect with your customers at the most opportune moments.

Seventh Sense’s AI software tracks customer interactions and historical engagement data to optimize timing and frequency of email sends. With its email throttling feature, you can ensure that your emails won’t trigger spam filters. Additionally, you can easily pause and resume email campaigns to address any issues that may arise.

Key features of Seventh Sense:

  • Send time optimization for improved engagement
  • Email frequency optimization
  • Historical engagement data analysis
  • Lookalike audience scheduling

Pricing: Pricing for HubSpot users starts at $80 per month for 5,000 marketing contacts. Pricing for Marketo users starts at $450 per month for 50,000 leads.


Incorporating AI tools into your e-commerce site is crucial to deliver personalized customer experiences and boost sales. The top 10 AI tools discussed in this article, such as Jasper.ai, Clerk.io, and Syte, offer a range of features to enhance product descriptions, personalize customer interactions, and optimize marketing campaigns.

By leveraging the power of AI, you can create a seamless and tailored shopping experience for your customers, increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales effortlessly. Explore these AI tools and choose the ones that best align with your e-commerce business goals and objectives. Start leveraging AI today to stay ahead of the competition and provide exceptional experiences for your customers.


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