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Windows 11 23H2 Unleashes New Magic: Discover the Top Three Features

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Windows 11, the highly anticipated operating system from Microsoft, is set to receive its next major update, version 23H2. With this update, users can expect a range of exciting new features and improvements that will enhance their Windows 11 experience. In this article, we will explore the top three new features coming to Windows 11 23H2. So, let’s dive in and discover what’s in store!

1. Windows AI Copilot

One of the most significant additions to Windows 11 23H2 is the introduction of a new AI assistant called Windows Copilot. This advanced AI assistant is designed to make users more productive by providing assistance with complex queries, commands, and contextual understanding. Windows Copilot will replace Cortana and offer a wide range of functionalities, including changing settings, launching playlists, summarizing documents, and initiating Windows functions.

Windows Copilot can be accessed through a dedicated button on the Taskbar, which opens a sidebar with a chat box and conversation history. It acts as a personal assistant, offering support for various tasks and seamlessly connecting across different apps. With Windows Copilot, users can not only copy and paste but also ask for content rewriting, summarization, and explanations.

This exciting feature is already available in limited preview in the latest Windows 11 Insider preview builds, with third-party plugin support expected to launch alongside the 23H2 release.

2. New File Explorer

Windows 11 23H2 brings a major update to the File Explorer app, enhancing its modern interfaces and introducing a redesigned “header UI” inspired by web browsers. The top of the app now features tabs, along with forward, back, and home buttons beside the address bar and search box.

Microsoft has also updated the folder view, home page, and details pane to align with the modern design of Windows 11, creating a more consistent user experience. Additionally, a new Gallery feature is in the works, providing a rich viewing experience for all photos on the device, in OneDrive, and synced with Phone Link. The Gallery includes a timeline for easy scrolling and options to jump straight into photo editing using the Photos app.

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These improvements aim to make file management and photo viewing more intuitive and visually appealing for Windows 11 users.

3. Windows Backup

Another notable addition to Windows 11 23H2 is the introduction of a cloud backup tool, offering a convenient way to backup settings, files, and apps to OneDrive storage. This feature simplifies the process of setting up a new PC by allowing users to restore their preferences and applications with just a few clicks.

During the login process with a Microsoft account, users will be prompted to restore from a previous PC, bringing over their settings and apps seamlessly. The app restoration process is powered by the Microsoft Store, ensuring that only apps hosted in the store are backed up and restored. Settings and files, on the other hand, continue to be backed up and restored using Microsoft account OneDrive storage.

With this new backup tool, Windows 11 users can easily transition to a new device without the hassle of manually reconfiguring settings and reinstalling apps.


Windows 11 23H2 is set to deliver a range of exciting new features that will enhance the overall user experience. From the introduction of Windows AI Copilot, a powerful AI assistant, to the revamped File Explorer and the convenient cloud backup tool, Microsoft is focused on providing users with increased productivity and ease of use.

As we eagerly await the release of Windows 11 23H2, these top three features give us a glimpse into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. So, get ready to explore the future of Windows with these new enhancements and make the most of your Windows 11 experience!

Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is based on available resources and may be subject to change as Windows 11 23H2 is further developed and released.

Additional Information:

  • Windows 11 version: 23H2
  • Release: September/October
  • Preview Channels: Dev, Beta
  • Official Release Date: Yet to be announced
  • Free update for existing Windows 11 users
  • Windows 11 license available for purchase online


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