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An Arabic translation of Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” was discovered in a Gaza child’s room.

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Israeli police said that they had discovered an Arabic translation of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto, “Mein Kampf,” in a child’s bedroom inside a Hamas terror base in the Gaza Strip.

“Annotations and highlights” were included in the copy of the Nazi leader’s 1925 autobiography that described his tragic descent into antisemitism and the extermination of millions of Jews and other ethnic minorities during the Holocaust, Israel Defense Forces stated in a post on X on Sunday.

The IDF stated in the web post that “the book was discovered among the personal belongings of one of the terrorists.”

“Hamas adopts the ideologies of Hitler, the man who exterminated the Jewish people.”

This alarming discovery was made when Israeli armed forces were engaged in combat with hardline Hamas terrorists within the Gaza Strip in the wake of the October 7th surprise strike that claimed 1,400 Israeli lives.

As Israeli military troops search for Hamas bases and strongholds, millions of Palestinians have been rendered homeless and thousands more have lost their lives as a result of Israel’s retaliatory offensive.

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Intense fighting has been going on in Gaza in recent days as Israeli ground forces move forward against the terrorists responsible for the horrific Oct. 7 attack, which nearly entirely targeted civilians. In the attack, Hamas took over 220 hostages, many of whom were subsequently confirmed to have died.

Pro-Palestinian and pro-Israeli protestors have clashed over the conflict, especially at US college campuses and popular spots in New York City.

As part of the chaotic “Flood Manhattan for Gaza” demonstration last week, a violent crowd of pro-Palestinian demonstrators flooded Grand Central Terminal and splattered blood on the New York Times building.

Rich board members and donors are leaving Ivy League schools like Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, and Yale due to antisemitism. One such donor is Jewish billionaire Henry Swieca, who announced this week that he would be leaving the Columbia board.

During one demonstration in Midtown Manhattan last month, a protester flashed a swastika.

The Nazi emblem is widely recognized as the representation of violent antisemitism worn by the German army during the Holocaust, which took place in the late 1930s and early 1940s and resulted in the systematic murder of millions of ethnic Europeans and six million Jews.

Hitler wrote “Mein Kampf,” or “My Struggle,” following his wounds in World War I. It served as both the foundation for the holocaust and an introduction to the horrors committed by the Nazis during the conflict.


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