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A Cinematic Celebration of Childhood Wonder: 2024 Kineko Film Festival Calls for Entries

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For over three decades, the Kineko International Film Festival has been igniting the creative sparks in young minds across Asia. As the region’s largest cinematic gathering dedicated to children and teenagers, this iconic event beckons filmmakers worldwide to submit their masterpieces for the 31st edition, slated for late 2024.

Rooted in a mission to nurture aesthetic sensibilities and broaden cultural horizons, Kineko has carved a niche as a vibrant platform where extraordinary tales from around the globe converge. With a diverse array of films, animations, and workshops, this festival promises an immersive experience that transcends age and borders.

A Tapestry of Cinematic Marvels

As submissions open on March 1st, 2024, Kineko extends an open invitation to storytellers from every corner of the world. The festival’s two primary sections, “Films for Children” and “Films for Teens,” welcome entries that resonate with their respective age groups, offering a canvas for narratives that entertain, educate, and inspire.

Films for Children: Unlocking Imagination

The “Films for Children” category embraces live-action and animated gems tailored for viewers aged 1 to 12. These captivating tales not only delight young audiences but also resonate with parents and guardians, fostering shared experiences that strengthen family bonds.

One of Kineko’s crowning glories is the “Live Cinema” experience, where professional voice actors lend their talents to international films, breathing life into the stories through live Japanese dubbing. This innovative approach ensures that even the youngest cinephiles can fully immerse themselves in the magic of cinema, transcending language barriers.

Films for Teens: Amplifying Youthful Voices

The “Films for Teens” section caters to the burgeoning perspectives and aspirations of viewers aged 13 to 18. Here, filmmakers have the opportunity to explore themes that resonate with the complexities and aspirations of adolescence, offering a platform for narratives that empower and inspire the leaders of tomorrow.

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Screenings in this category often extend beyond traditional venues, taking place in local pubs and cafés, fostering lively post-screening discussions that encourage critical thinking and intellectual discourse among young audiences.

A Vibrant Tapestry of Experiences

Kineko’s allure extends far beyond its meticulously curated film programs. The festival grounds transform into a vibrant hub of activities, workshops, and interactive experiences, creating a holistic celebration of creativity and community.

The Marché: A Bustling Bazaar of Possibilities

At the heart of Kineko lies the Marché, a bustling marketplace where partner companies and organizations showcase their wares and initiatives. From educational resources to sustainable products, this lively space offers a treasure trove of discoveries for families and visitors alike.

Workshops and Performances: Igniting Creativity

Throughout the festival, a plethora of workshops and performances captivate attendees of all ages. From hands-on art and craft sessions to mesmerizing stage productions, these interactive experiences foster a sense of wonder and ignite the creative spark within each participant.

Embracing Sustainability and Disaster Preparedness

Kineko’s commitment to nurturing responsible global citizens is evident in its camp activities focused on sustainability and disaster preparedness. Through engaging workshops and simulations, young visitors gain invaluable insights into environmental stewardship and emergency preparedness, equipping them with the knowledge and skills to navigate an ever-changing world.

Open-Air Cinema: Starry Nights, Cinematic Delights

As the sun sets, Kineko’s open-air cinema beckons moviegoers to bask in the enchantment of the silver screen beneath the twinkling stars. This al fresco experience creates an unforgettable ambiance, blending the magic of cinema with the beauty of nature, leaving indelible memories for families and film enthusiasts alike

Recognizing Cinematic Excellence

Kineko’s commitment to celebrating exceptional storytelling is reflected in its prestigious award categories, which honor the finest films across various genres and age groups.

Children’s Jury Awards

The “Best Feature Film for Children” and “Best Short Film for Children” awards are bestowed by Kineko’s esteemed Children’s Jury, comprising discerning young critics aged 10 to 12. Their discerning eyes and fresh perspectives ensure that the films recognized truly resonate with theirintended audience.

Teen Jury Awards

Similarly, the “Best Feature Film for Teens” and “Best Short Film for Teens” accolades are determined by Kineko’s Teen Jury, a panel of astute judges aged 13 to 18. These awards celebrate narratives that capture the essence of adolescence, resonating with the unique perspectives and experiences of the youth.

Setagaya City Award and PTA Award

Kineko’s partnership with Setagaya City, the festival’s co-host and location, culminates in the Setagaya City Award, presented by the city’s mayor. Additionally, the PTA Award recognizes films that convey powerful messages, contributing to the holistic education and personal growth of young viewers.

Japanese Film Award

Celebrating the rich tapestry of domestic cinema, the Japanese Film Award honors the best Japanese film in the competition, as determined by an esteemed international jury comprising festival directors, educators, and filmmakers.

Submission Guidelines and Deadlines

As Kineko opens its doors to submissions, filmmakers are encouraged to carefully review the festival’s guidelines and deadlines to ensure a seamless application process.

Eligibility Criteria

– Production Year: Films completed after January 2022 are eligible for
– Language: Non-English films must be accompanied by English subtitles.
– Genre: All genres, including feature films, animations, and computergenerated works, are welcome.
– Target Audience: Entries should be suitable for children aged 1 to 12
(Children’s Section) or teens aged 13 to 18 (Teen Section).

Submission Deadlines

– Early Bird Deadline: April 14, 2024 (Waiver requests accepted until this
– Regular Deadline: June 14, 2024
– Late Deadline: July 14, 2024

Notification and Screening Dates

– Selection Notification: September 15, 2024
– Festival Dates: October 31 – November 5, 2024

A Celebration of Childhood and Storytelling

As Kineko International Film Festival gears up for its 31st edition, the call for submissions resonates as a clarion call to storytellers worldwide. With its unwavering commitment to fostering artistic expression, cultural exchange, and lifelong learning, this iconic event stands as a beacon of hope, igniting the imaginations of generations to come. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker or an aspiring visionary, Kineko invites you to embark on a journey of cinematic wonder, where your stories have the power to shape young minds and inspire a brighter, more inclusive future.

For further information and submission: https://filmfreeway.com/KINEKOInternationalChildrensFilmFestival


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