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Rising from the Depths: The Birth of a New Island in Japan

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In a remarkable display of nature’s power, an undersea volcano off the coast of Japan has erupted, giving rise to a new island. This awe-inspiring event has captivated scientists and onlookers alike, providing a rare opportunity to witness the birth of land. In this article, we will delve into the details of this extraordinary phenomenon, exploring the eruption, the formation of the island, and the implications for the surrounding area. Join us on this journey of discovery as we unravel the mysteries of this geological spectacle.

The Eruption Begins

On October 21st, a previously dormant undersea volcano located about 1 kilometer off the southern coast of Iwo Jima, known as Ioto in Japan, sprung to life once again. The volcanic activity commenced with a series of phreatomagmatic eruptions, characterized by the interaction between magma and seawater. As the molten rock and water collided, a powerful vertical jet of solidified magma shot high above the waves, signaling the start of a remarkable transformation.

A Growing Presence

As the eruptions continued, the volcano unleashed a relentless barrage of bursts, sustaining the formation of a new island. The debris from the volcanic activity, consisting of lava and pumice, fell back into the ocean, gradually accumulating and building a mound of rock. Over time, this accumulation grew in size, gradually emerging from the depths as a new landmass.

The Birth of an Island

Japan discovers 7,000 new unknown islands

By the end of October, the island had begun to take shape, visibly rising from the ocean’s surface. Aerial photographs taken on October 30th revealed the presence of a rocky island with a diameter of approximately 100 meters. Steam billowed from the surrounding waters, a testament to the ongoing volcanic activity beneath the surface. The island, situated near Iwoto Island, stood as a testament to the immense power and creative force of the Earth.

The Island’s Features

As the island continued to grow, its unique characteristics became more apparent. The young landmass, still in its nascent stages, sat just over a kilometer off the coast of Iwo Jima. At its highest point, the island reached a height of 20 meters above the sea, providing a vantage point to observe the surrounding waters. However, due to its crumbly formation, the island was vulnerable to erosion, causing it to shrink in size.

A Neighbor’s View

The emergence of the new island did not go unnoticed by the inhabitants of Iwo Jima. Located within view of the island, the residents of this once-battle-scarred territory now bear witness to the birth of a new geological wonder. Positioned just over a kilometer away, the island serves as a reminder of the ever-changing nature of our planet and the enduring power of volcanic activity.

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Volcanic Eruptions and Uncertain Futures

While the island continues to grow, the future of this newfound landmass remains uncertain. Volcanologist Setsuya Nakada from the University of Tokyo warns that the island’s crumbly formation makes it susceptible to erosion, raising questions about its long-term stability. Additionally, submarine volcanic eruptions in this region typically last for about a month, leaving the duration of the island’s existence in doubt.

The Legacy of Submarine Volcanoes

The emergence of islands from volcanic eruptions provides scientists with valuable insights into the formation and evolution of landmasses. Submarine volcanoes, often hidden from view, hold the potential for significant geological transformations. While much is known about land-based volcanoes, our understanding of the vents and fissures that lie beneath the ocean’s surface remains limited. The birth of a new island offers a unique opportunity to study these elusive phenomena and expand our knowledge of Earth’s dynamic processes.

A Living Experiment

The formation of a new island is a rare occurrence, offering a glimpse into the past when many of the Pacific’s islands, including the Hawaiian Islands, were born. In 2015, another new island emerged in the South Pacific, serving as a captivating living experiment for scientists across various fields. Geologists, volcanologists, biologists, and ecologists seized the opportunity to study the island and gain insights into its geological, ecological, and biological development.

The Transience of Island Life

While the emergence of a new island is a captivating sight, the transient nature of these landmasses must be acknowledged. In 2022, the previously formed island in the South Pacific disappeared, destroyed by another eruption. This serves as a reminder that these islands, born of volcanic activity, are subject to the forces that created them. The fate of the new island off the coast of Japan remains uncertain, and only time will reveal its ultimate destiny.


The birth of a new island off the coast of Japan is a testament to the extraordinary forces that shape our planet. From the eruption of an undersea volcano to the gradual formation of a rocky landmass, this spectacle of nature captivates and inspires. As scientists continue to study and monitor this newfound island, we eagerly await further insights into its evolution and ultimate fate. The transient nature of these volcanic islands reminds us of the impermanence of our world and the ever-changing nature of our environment.


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