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Amazon Style Stores Closing: The Future of Amazon’s Retail Strategy

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In a significant shift in its retail strategy, Amazon has announced the closure of its two Amazon Style clothing stores by November 9th, 2023. This decision comes after a series of store closures, including all its bookstores, specialty retail stores, and even some convenience stores. While Amazon continues to dominate the online fashion market, it seems that the company is refocusing its efforts on its thriving grocery stores business, such as Amazon Fresh, Whole Foods Market, Amazon Go, and third-party partnerships.

Amazon Style at Easton Town Center closing

The Rise and Fall of Amazon Style Stores

Amazon’s foray into physical retail began with the launch of its Amazon Style stores in May 2022. The first location opened in Los Angeles, California, followed by a second store in Columbus, Ohio, in October 2022. The concept behind these stores was to provide customers with a personalized and convenient shopping experience, leveraging innovative technology to meet the needs of every customer.

However, after careful consideration, Amazon has decided to close down these two physical retail stores and shift its focus back to its online fashion shopping experience. According to Amazon spokesperson Kristen Kish, the company is “offering new, exciting selection at great value” on its online platform, which has enjoyed considerable success.

The Importance of Online Fashion

While the closure of the Amazon Style stores may come as a surprise to some, it highlights the growing dominance of online fashion in the retail industry. With the convenience of browsing and purchasing from the comfort of their own homes, customers are increasingly turning to online platforms for their fashion needs. Amazon, with its vast product selection and competitive pricing, has successfully captured a significant share of the online fashion market.

Moreover, Amazon has been investing in technology to enhance the online fashion shopping experience. This includes virtual try-on services and fit recommendations, allowing customers to make more informed purchasing decisions. Additionally, Amazon’s “Try Before You Buy” feature enables customers to try items at home for seven days and only pay for what they decide to keep.

The Challenges of Brick-and-Mortar Fashion Retail

While Amazon has experienced tremendous success in the online fashion sector, its venture into brick-and-mortar fashion retail has not been as fruitful. The closure of the Amazon Style stores reflects the challenges faced by specialty apparel stores, which require a distinct point of view to attract loyal customers. Despite well-designed interiors and a selection of popular brands, the Style stores lacked a clear identity, according to industry experts.

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Neil Saunders, the Managing Director of GlobalData, described the tech used in the Amazon Style stores as “an over-engineered solution in search of a problem.” He further noted that these stores suffered from a lack of a unique selling proposition, a crucial aspect of attracting and retaining customers in the fashion retail industry.

The Symbolic Significance

While the closure of the Amazon Style stores may not have a significant impact on the company’s overall operations, it represents another step in Amazon’s retreat from non-food physical retail. Last year, the company closed all its stand-alone bookstores and other non-grocery stores, signaling a shift in focus towards its grocery expansion.

Saunders acknowledges the symbolic significance of these closures, stating that they represent Amazon’s increasing emphasis on its online presence and its commitment to growing its grocery stores business. With its vast resources and the success of its online fashion platform, Amazon is strategically reallocating its resources to further penetrate the highly competitive grocery market.

The Future of Amazon’s Retail Strategy

The closure of the Amazon Style stores does not diminish Amazon’s retail footprint. The company still maintains a significant presence in the retail industry through its Amazon Fresh grocery stores and the more than 500 Whole Foods Market locations across the United States. These endeavors have allowed Amazon to make significant progress in the grocery sector and compete with established mainstream grocers.

As Amazon continues to invest in its grocery business, it aims to improve its offerings and better serve its customers. This includes expanding its fashion and beauty assortment, collaborating with well-known brands like Coach and Victoria’s Secret, and introducing innovative technology to enhance the shopping experience.


The closure of Amazon’s two Amazon Style clothing stores marks another strategic move in the company’s retail strategy. As it focuses on its online fashion platform and expands its grocery stores business, Amazon is aligning its resources with the evolving needs and preferences of consumers. While the closure of the Style stores may be seen as a retreat from non-food physical retail, it reinforces Amazon’s commitment to delivering convenience, value, and innovation to its customers in the ever-changing retail landscape.

By closing the Style stores, Amazon can concentrate on refining its online fashion offerings, leveraging technology to provide a personalized shopping experience. Additionally, the company can continue to invest in its grocery stores business, solidifying its position in the highly competitive grocery market.

In conclusion, while the closure of the Amazon Style stores may signify a shift in Amazon’s retail strategy, it is a testament to the company’s adaptability and commitment to meeting the changing needs of its customers. As Amazon continues to innovate and evolve, it will undoubtedly shape the future of retail, both online and offline.


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