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Amazon to Sell Hyundai Vehicles Online: A Game-Changing Partnership

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The world of e-commerce continues to evolve, and Amazon is at the forefront of this revolution. After starting as an online bookstore, the tech giant has expanded its reach into various industries. Now, it’s set to disrupt the automotive sector by teaming up with Hyundai to sell vehicles on its platform. This game-changing partnership aims to revolutionize the car buying experience, bringing convenience and choice to customers in the United States.

Entering the Digital Showroom

In 2018, Hyundai set up its first digital showroom on Amazon, allowing customers to configure vehicles, calculate prices, and find local dealers to complete their purchases. This initial collaboration laid the foundation for the current venture, which promises an even more seamless car buying experience. Starting next year, customers will not only be able to browse and equip their dream Hyundai vehicle on Amazon.com but also complete the entire purchase process directly on the platform.

A Shift in the Automotive Landscape

The agreement between Amazon and Hyundai represents a significant shift in the traditional automotive landscape. Historically, car buying involved visiting physical dealerships, negotiating with salespeople, and navigating complex financing options. However, this partnership aims to simplify the process, bringing the showroom to the customer’s fingertips. With just a few clicks, customers can shop for their preferred Hyundai model, customize it to their liking, and choose their preferred payment and financing options.

Enhancing Convenience and Choice

One of the key advantages of purchasing a Hyundai vehicle on Amazon is the convenience it offers. Customers can now buy their dream car without leaving the comfort of their homes. They have the option to pick up the vehicle at a local Hyundai dealership or have it delivered directly to their doorstep. This flexibility caters to the diverse needs and preferences of customers, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience.

In addition to convenience, the partnership between Amazon and Hyundai aims to provide customers with an expanded range of choices. The online platform allows users to compare different Hyundai models, trims, colors, and features. With a wide selection at their disposal, customers can make an informed decision based on their unique preferences and requirements.

A Win-Win Collaboration

The collaboration between Amazon and Hyundai is a win-win situation for both parties involved. For Hyundai, partnering with one of the world’s most customer-centric organizations opens up incredible opportunities. It allows them to expand their portfolio, grow their sales network, and embrace the future of smart mobility. Jay Chang, CEO of Hyundai Motor, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Partnering with one of the world’s most customer-centric organizations unlocks incredible opportunities as we continue to expand our portfolio, grow our sales network, transition to electrification, and realize the future of smart mobility.”

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On the other hand, Amazon gains another avenue to serve its millions of daily customers. By offering vehicles on their platform, Amazon enhances its reach and marketing power, providing customers with a seamless car buying experience. This partnership is in line with Amazon’s mission to deliver convenience and choice to its customers, solidifying its position as a leader in the e-commerce industry.

The Role of Dealerships

While Amazon’s involvement in the automotive industry raises concerns about the role of dealerships, this partnership ensures that dealers remain an integral part of the process. When a customer purchases a Hyundai vehicle on Amazon, the local Hyundai dealership acts as the seller of record. This structure not only maintains the existing business model but also rewards dealerships for their expertise and services. Amazon serves as a middleman, connecting customers with dealerships and streamlining the entire car buying journey.

Hyundai’s Digital Transformation

Hyundai has been at the forefront of embracing digital transformation in the automotive industry. Their first digital showroom on Amazon in 2018 was a testament to their commitment to innovation. Now, with the expanded partnership, Hyundai is taking their digital transformation to the next level. In addition to selling vehicles on Amazon, Hyundai will also integrate Amazon Web Services (AWS) as its preferred cloud provider. This collaboration will leverage the power of AWS to enhance Hyundai’s technological capabilities, ensuring a seamless and connected experience for customers.

Furthermore, starting in 2025, Hyundai vehicles will come equipped with Amazon’s voice assistant, Alexa. This integration will enable Hyundai owners to access Alexa’s features and functionalities, enhancing their driving experience and connectivity on the go.

The Impact on the Automotive Industry

Amazon’s entry into the car selling space has the potential to reshape the automotive industry. By providing a convenient and user-friendly platform for car buying, Amazon challenges the traditional dealership model. While the majority of customers still prefer the physical dealership experience, the rise of online car sales cannot be ignored. Amazon’s vast customer base and marketing power may attract a new wave of customers who seek convenience and a simplified buying process.

This move also puts pressure on other automakers to adapt and explore similar partnerships with e-commerce platforms. As Amazon paves the way for online vehicle sales, other brands may follow suit to remain competitive in the evolving automotive landscape.


The collaboration between Amazon and Hyundai to sell vehicles online marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. This partnership brings convenience, choice, and innovation to customers, allowing them to purchase their dream Hyundai vehicles directly from Amazon’s platform. With the role of dealerships preserved and an emphasis on customer-centricity, this venture aims to redefine the car buying experience. As Amazon continues to disrupt various industries, its entry into the automotive space signifies a new era in e-commerce and sets the stage for further digital transformation in the automotive industry.


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