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Lost City: The Enigmatic Underwater Wonder

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This article is a comprehensive exploration of the Lost City Hydrothermal Field, a unique and captivating ecosystem found deep beneath the ocean surface. Discover the awe-inspiring features, the diverse array of life, and the potential implications for our understanding of the origins of life itself.

The Lost City Hydrothermal Field, an extraordinary underwater marvel, has captivated scientists and researchers since its discovery in 2000. Located near an underwater mountain west of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, this enigmatic ecosystem is unlike anything previously encountered on Earth. With its towering spires, creamy carbonate walls, and columns that shimmer with a ghostly blue hue, the Lost City is a testament to the enduring force of life in the most extreme environments.

A remotely operated vehicle shines a light on the spires of the Lost City.

The Longest-Lived Venting Environment

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, the Lost City Hydrothermal Field thrives as the longest-lived venting environment known to mankind. For over 120,000 years, and potentially even longer, the upthrusting mantle in this part of the world has interacted with seawater, resulting in the release of hydrogen, methane, and other dissolved gases. This unique process has created a habitat that sustains an abundance of life, even in the absence of oxygen.

A Haven for Novel Microbial Communities

Within the cracks and crevices of the Lost City’s vents, hydrocarbons play a crucial role in nurturing novel microbial communities. These communities have adapted to thrive in this extreme environment, utilizing the hydrocarbons as a source of sustenance. Remarkably, these microbial communities flourish without the presence of oxygen, challenging our understanding of the limits of life on Earth.

An Abundance of Life

The Lost City Hydrothermal Field is home to a diverse array of organisms, from snails and crustaceans to larger animals such as crabs, shrimp, sea urchins, and eels. While larger creatures are relatively rare, their presence highlights the adaptability and resilience of life in this unique ecosystem. The chimneys of the Lost City spew gases as hot as 40 °C (104 °F), providing a hospitable environment for these remarkable organisms.

Implications for the Origins of Life

The Lost City’s hydrocarbons, which are the building blocks of life, raise intriguing questions about the origins of life not only on Earth but potentially on other celestial bodies as well. The hydrocarbons produced by the vents were not formed through the usual processes involving atmospheric carbon dioxide or sunlight. Instead, they originate from chemical reactions on the deep seafloor, suggesting the possibility of life arising in similar habitats beyond our planet.

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Life Beyond Earth

Microbiologist William Brazelton speculates that ecosystems like the Lost City could exist on moons such as Enceladus or Europa, as well as in the past on Mars. The absence of dependence on magma heat sets the Lost City apart from underwater volcanic vents known as black smokers, which have also been considered as potential habitats for the origins of life. The unique composition and longevity of the Lost City’s chimneys make it an intriguing analog for potential extraterrestrial habitats.

The Urgency for Protection

Size of hydrothermal chimneys in the Lost City Hydrothermal Field

While the Lost City Hydrothermal Field stands as a testament to the resilience of life in extreme environments, it is not immune to the threats posed by human activities. In 2018, Poland was granted mining rights in the deep sea surrounding the Lost City. Although the thermal field itself does not contain precious resources, the destruction of its surroundings could have unintended consequences. Scientists and conservationists are calling for the Lost City to be designated as a World Heritage site to ensure its protection.

Protecting a Natural Wonder

The unique and fragile nature of the Lost City demands immediate action to safeguard it from potential harm. Any plumes or discharges resulting from mining activities could irreversibly damage this remarkable habitat. Designating the Lost City as a World Heritage site would provide the necessary legal framework and international cooperation to preserve this underwater wonder for future generations.


The Lost City Hydrothermal Field stands as a testament to the endurance and adaptability of life in the most extreme environments. Its towering spires and unique composition have fascinated scientists and researchers, offering insights into the origins of life on Earth and the potential for life beyond our planet. As we navigate the challenges of protecting this delicate ecosystem, let us remember the value of preserving and understanding the wonders that exist within our own oceans.


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