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Surprising Ways the Surge in Cannabis Use is Affecting Children and Pets

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With the increasing legalization and availability of cannabis products, there has been a concerning rise in unintentional ingestion among children and pets. The accessibility of edibles and the potent effects of THC have contributed to a surge in poisonings and adverse reactions. This article explores the impact of cannabis use on vulnerable populations and the need for awareness and preventive measures.

The Rise of Cannabis Edibles and Children

As cannabis legalization spreads across North America, unintentional pediatric exposures to cannabis products have dramatically increased. In a study published in the journal Pediatrics, researchers examined severe reactions in children under the age of 6 who had consumed cannabis edibles. The findings revealed that the rise in incidents can be attributed to the proliferation of cannabis-infused edibles, such as baked goods, candies, and gummies.

It is essential to note that these incidents primarily occur at home, with 88% of children consuming the products in their own residence. The most common symptom observed was sedation or lethargy, affecting 88% of patients, while severe toxicity was present in 46% of cases. Although rare, some children experienced seizures, respiratory failure, and hemodynamic compromise. To mitigate these risks, the study suggests implementing legislation to limit THC content in each package or require individual packaging for each serving.

The Impact of Cannabis on Pets

Pets, especially dogs, are also vulnerable to the effects of cannabis ingestion. The increasing availability of edibles and the potent concentration of THC pose significant risks to pets. Veterinarians have reported a surge in cases of cannabis poisonings among dogs, cats, and even exotic animals like iguanas and ferrets. The symptoms observed in pets exposed to cannabis include disorientation, lethargy, uncoordinated movements, lowered heart rate, and urinary incontinence.

It is crucial to note that the severity of toxicity depends on the size of the pet and the amount consumed. While most pets recover with veterinary care, there have been reported cases of animal deaths after cannabis ingestion. However, it is challenging to determine whether cannabis alone caused these deaths or if other factors, such as underlying conditions or co-ingestion of toxic substances, played a role.

The Role of Cannabis Legalization

The legalization of cannabis in various states and countries has contributed to the rise in pet and child poisonings. The increased access to legal cannabis products has resulted in unintentional exposures and a higher likelihood of reporting these incidents. Veterinarians and poison control centers have observed a significant increase in cannabis-related cases following the legalization of marijuana.

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Furthermore, the casual disposal of marijuana cigarettes and the accessibility of edibles have contributed to the heightened risk for pets. Dogs, being opportunistic eaters, are more likely to ingest discarded joints or edibles that resemble food. The concentrated THC content in edibles can lead to dogs ingesting a large dose at once, resulting in severe adverse effects.

Protecting Children and Pets

To ensure the safety of children and pets, it is crucial for parents and pet owners to take preventative measures. Proper storage and disposal of cannabis products are essential to prevent unintentional ingestion. Keeping edibles in locked containers and out of reach of children and pets can significantly reduce the risk of exposure. Additionally, pet owners should be vigilant during walks and avoid areas where discarded joints or edibles may be present.

Education plays a vital role in preventing cannabis-related incidents. Both parents and pet owners should be aware of the potential risks and symptoms of cannabis ingestion. Recognizing the signs of poisoning, such as sedation, disorientation, and changes in behavior, can prompt immediate action and help mitigate the effects.

The Need for Further Research and Intervention

While the rise in cannabis-related poisonings among children and pets is concerning, ongoing research aims to address these issues. Researchers are studying the effects of cannabis on animals, particularly in rats, to understand the impact on the brain and develop potential counteracting drugs. These interventions could potentially save pets from the effects of cannabis toxicity and reduce the need for extensive monitoring and veterinary care.

In conclusion, the increasing use of cannabis, especially in the form of edibles, poses significant risks to children and pets. Unintentional ingestion can lead to severe reactions and, in rare cases, fatalities. It is crucial for parents and pet owners to take proactive measures, such as proper storage and vigilance during outdoor activities, to prevent unintentional exposures. Education and awareness play a vital role in mitigating the risks associated with cannabis use. By understanding the symptoms and taking swift action, we can ensure the well-being of our children and pets in a world where cannabis is becoming more prevalent.


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