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NASA+ Launches Free Streaming Service: Explore the Universe from Your Living Room

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Are you fascinated by the wonders of space? Do you dream of exploring distant galaxies and witnessing the groundbreaking missions of NASA? Well, get ready to embark on an exciting journey as NASA, the renowned space agency, is launching its first-ever on-demand streaming service called NASA+! This free streaming service will provide a treasure trove of captivating content, including live coverage, past mission videos, and original series, all accessible from the comfort of your own living room. In this article, we will delve into the details of NASA+ and explore the fascinating world of space exploration.

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NASA’s On-Demand Streaming Service, NASA+ (Official Trailer)

A New Era of Space Entertainment

NASA has always been at the forefront of scientific discoveries and space exploration. With NASA+, the agency aims to make its invaluable content more accessible to the masses. Whether you’re an avid space enthusiast, a science buff, or simply curious about the wonders of the universe, NASA+ offers something for everyone. From awe-inspiring live coverage of ongoing missions to captivating video series that delve into the agency’s past, present, and future endeavors, NASA+ promises to be a truly out-of-this-world streaming experience.

The Launch Date and Availability

Mark your calendars for Tuesday, November 8th, as NASA+ will officially take off and become available on most major platforms. You can access this exciting streaming service through the NASA App on iOS and Android devices, streaming media players such as Roku, Apple TV, and Fire TV, as well as on the web across desktop and mobile devices. This means you can enjoy NASA’s captivating content anytime, anywhere, on your TV, smartphone, computer, or tablet, all with no subscription requirements or ads. NASA+ truly puts space exploration at your fingertips!

A Glimpse into the Content

While specific details about the content of NASA+ are limited at the moment, the space agency has assured viewers that they can expect a wide range of family-friendly programming that will “embed them into NASA’s missions.” Live coverage of ongoing missions, original video series, and immersive experiences are just a taste of what NASA+ has in store for its viewers. The agency’s Emmy Award-winning live shows and new series launching exclusively on NASA+ will provide unprecedented insights into the world of space exploration.

Modernizing NASA’s Digital Presence

The launch of NASA+ is part of a broader effort by NASA to revamp its digital platforms and enhance the user experience. The agency is modernizing its main websites, including and, to provide a more connected and streamlined experience for visitors. By integrating navigation, optimizing publishing capabilities, and implementing a common search engine, NASA aims to make its vast wealth of information more accessible, discoverable, and secure.

Feedback and Continuous Improvement

NASA recognizes the importance of user feedback in shaping the future of its digital platforms. The agency is actively seeking input from visitors to its beta website, which is available for an early preview. This feedback-driven approach allows NASA to continually improve and enhance the user experience, ensuring that the new digital platforms serve as a consolidated and ever-expanding hub for information about the agency’s missions, research, and more.

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Exciting Developments in Space Exploration

As NASA prepares for the future, there are several exciting developments on the horizon. The agency recently embarked on a mission to an asteroid that could be worth an astounding $10,000 quadrillion! This ambitious endeavor showcases NASA’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration. Additionally, NASA is gearing up for its first manned lunar mission since 1972. The Artemis program aims to send astronauts back to the moon, with plans to have the first woman and the first person of color set foot on its surface. The upcoming crewed landing will be captured by a new camera, ensuring that viewers on NASA+ get an up-close and personal look at this historic event.

Stay Connected with NASA

To stay up to date with the latest news, missions, and discoveries from NASA, make sure to visit their flagship website. As NASA continues to expand its digital presence and connect additional agency websites and multimedia libraries, you can rely on their cohesive platforms to share the wonders of science, research, exploration, and innovation with the world.


With the launch of NASA+, the space agency is taking a giant leap forward in making its captivating content accessible to all. This free streaming service will provide an immersive experience that transports viewers into the heart of NASA’s missions and discoveries. From live coverage to original series, NASA+ promises to ignite a sense of wonder and inspire a new generation of space enthusiasts. So, get ready to embark on a cosmic journey and explore the vast wonders of the universe with NASA+.


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