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NASA’s Groundbreaking Achievement: Streaming a Cat Video From Deep Space

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NASA has once again pushed the boundaries of technology and achieved a groundbreaking milestone in space exploration. In a historic feat, NASA successfully streamed an ultra-high definition video of a cat named Taters from deep space. This remarkable achievement by NASA’s Deep Space Optical Communications (DSOC) experiment has paved the way for significant advancements in interplanetary communication and future deep space missions.

YouTube video
NASA’s first video sent by laser from deep space

The Deep Space Optical Communications Experiment

The DSOC experiment conducted by NASA and its Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) aims to enhance communications bandwidth in space. By utilizing laser communications instead of traditional radio frequencies, NASA is exploring the potential to transmit large amounts of data at faster rates over greater distances. This experiment is crucial for future missions, including human exploration beyond Earth’s orbit.

Beaming Taters From Deep Space

On December 11, the DSOC experiment made history by streaming an ultra-high definition video of Taters, an adorable orange tabby cat. The video was transmitted from a staggering distance of 19 million miles away, which is equivalent to approximately 80 times the distance between Earth and the Moon. Taters was captured on camera chasing a laser pointer while lounging on a blue couch.

The Significance of the Video Transmission

While the video of Taters may seem like a lighthearted demonstration, it holds immense importance in the realm of deep space exploration. NASA’s Deputy Administrator, Pam Melroy, emphasized that increasing bandwidth is essential for achieving future scientific and exploration goals. The successful transmission of the video showcases the potential for transforming interplanetary communication and sets the stage for future deep space missions.

The Technology Behind the Transmission

The video of Taters was streamed using a newly developed instrument known as a flight laser transceiver. This instrument utilized near-infrared laser light to transmit the video signal from NASA’s Psyche spacecraft, currently en route to the curious metal asteroid 16 Psyche. The signal was beamed to the Hale Telescope at the California Institute of Technology’s Palomar Observatory.

Faster Than Broadband Internet Connections

Despite being millions of miles away, the video of Taters reached Earth faster than most broadband internet connections. It took a mere 101 seconds for the signal to travel from deep space to the Palomar Observatory. The transmission speed was an impressive 267 megabits per second (Mbps), surpassing the average broadband speeds in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Future Implications for Interplanetary Communication

The successful transmission of the Taters video marks a significant step forward in interplanetary communication capabilities. NASA’s DSOC project aims to establish higher-data-rate communications capable of transmitting complex scientific information, high-definition imagery, and videos. This advancement is crucial for future missions, including the ambitious goal of sending humans to Mars.

From Test Data to a Memorable Video

Earth received a message sent from a deep space laser

The DSOC experiment primarily focuses on demonstrating the ability to transmit broadband video across vast distances. Typically, the experiment involves sending packets of randomly generated test data. However, to commemorate this monumental achievement, NASA collaborated with designers at JPL to create a fun video featuring Taters. This video captures the essence of the DSOC technology and its significance within the broader context of the Psyche mission.

A Stepping Stone to Mars and Beyond

NASA’s DSOC experiment is not only about streaming cute cat videos from deep space but also about laying the foundation for future space exploration. The successful transmission of the Taters video demonstrates the potential to establish constant contact with astronauts during future missions to destinations like Mars. The ability to transmit high-bandwidth data and maintain communication links is crucial for the success and safety of future deep space missions.

The Journey Ahead: Psyche’s Mission

The Psyche spacecraft, carrying the DSOC experiment, is currently en route to 16 Psyche, a metal asteroid located in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter. The spacecraft is expected to reach its destination in 2029, but before that, it will perform a flyby of Mars in 2026. During the Mars flyby, Psyche will capture images of the Red Planet, providing valuable insights into its geology and atmosphere.

Acknowledging Previous Pioneers

The transmission of the Taters video from deep space is not the first time a cat has made its mark in space exploration. Back in 1963, Félicette, a cat named after the cartoon character Felix the Cat, became the first feline to venture into space. The successful mission paved the way for further research on the effects of space travel on living organisms. Félicette’s contributions to space exploration were recently honored with a bronze statue at the International Space University in Strasbourg, France.

The Video NASAs Laser Communications Experiment Streamed From Deep Space


NASA’s achievement in streaming a cat video from deep space is not only a lighthearted and entertaining endeavor but also a significant step forward in interplanetary communication. The successful transmission of the Taters video demonstrates the potential for high-bandwidth data transmission, which is crucial for future deep space missions. As NASA continues to push the boundaries of technology, we can look forward to even more remarkable achievements that will shape the future of space exploration.


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