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Biden’s Call with Xi: Navigating Conflicts and Building Relations

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In a significant development for U.S.-China relations, President Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping recently had their first conversation since their face-to-face meeting in California back in November. The call, described as “candid and constructive,” focused on key issues such as Taiwan, artificial intelligence, and security. This conversation marked a commitment from both leaders to maintain regular dialogue and work towards stabilizing the relationship between the two nations.

Background and Importance of the Call

The call between President Biden and President Xi followed through on a pledge made in their November meeting to establish more frequent contact. Recognizing the importance of sustained interactions, both leaders aimed to prevent escalating tensions and foster cooperation between the world’s two largest economies and military powers. While in-person summits occur infrequently, regular engagement at all levels of government is crucial for avoiding conflicts and managing competition effectively.

Discussing Taiwan and Maintaining Stability

One of the key topics of discussion during the call was Taiwan. President Biden reaffirmed the United States’ longstanding “One China” policy and reiterated opposition to any coercive means to bring Taiwan under Beijing’s control. President Xi, on the other hand, emphasized that Taiwan remains the “first red line not to be crossed” and warned against any separatist activities or external support for the island.

Both leaders acknowledged the sensitivity of the Taiwan issue and the need to prioritize stability. President Biden emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, as well as upholding the rule of law and freedom of navigation in the South China Sea. These discussions set the stage for the upcoming inauguration of Lai Ching-te, Taiwan’s president-elect, and the ongoing commitment to safeguard Taiwan’s de facto independence.

Addressing Artificial Intelligence and Security Concerns

Artificial intelligence (AI) emerged as another significant topic during the call. President Biden and President Xi agreed to hold formal talks on the promises and risks associated with advanced AI. This commitment to dialogue reflects the global recognition of the need for safeguards and regulations around this emerging technology.

Concerns over security were also raised in the call. President Biden expressed worries about China’s support for Russia’s defense industry and its implications for European and transatlantic security. Additionally, he reiterated the United States’ enduring commitment to the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, emphasizing the importance of cooperation on global geopolitical issues.

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Countering Illegal Narcotics and Fentanyl

The conversation between Presidents Biden and Xi also focused on addressing illegal narcotics trafficking and the flow of precursor chemicals used to produce synthetic drugs. Both leaders pledged to take necessary actions to prevent the misuse of advanced U.S. technologies for undermining national security while maintaining trade and investment.

This commitment to combatting drug trafficking and preventing the export of precursor chemicals was initially made during their November summit. The ongoing efforts to restrict the flow of fentanyl and other dangerous substances highlight the importance of cooperation between the United States and China in combating the global drug trade.

High-Level Engagements and Future Diplomatic Efforts

The call between President Biden and President Xi sets the stage for a series of high-level engagements between the United States and China. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is scheduled to travel to China, followed by Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit in the coming weeks. These diplomatic efforts aim to deepen understanding, manage tensions, and foster a more constructive relationship between the two nations.

While competition remains a key feature of U.S.-China relations, both leaders recognize the value of intense diplomacy to prevent unintended conflicts. Regular communication and engagement at various levels of government will be instrumental in managing tensions, addressing misperceptions, and promoting stable relations between the two global powers.

Conclusion: Navigating Challenges and Building Relations

The recent call between President Biden and President Xi marked an important step towards stabilizing U.S.-China relations. Their candid and constructive conversation addressed key issues such as Taiwan, artificial intelligence, and security concerns. By committing to regular dialogue and engagement, both leaders are working towards preventing conflicts and fostering a more cooperative relationship between the two nations.

As high-level diplomatic engagements continue, there is hope for increased understanding, cooperation, and the effective management of tensions. The path forward involves addressing sensitive issues, such as Taiwan, while prioritizing stability and respecting each other’s concerns. By navigating challenges and building relations, the United States and China have an opportunity to shape the future of their bilateral relationship and contribute to global peace and prosperity.


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