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The Winners of the International Travel Photographer of the Year 2023

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The winners of the annual International Travel Photographer of the Year have just been announced, showcasing the extraordinary talent and captivating images captured by photographers from around the world. From stunning landscapes to intimate moments with wildlife, these photographs have the power to inspire, transport, and leave a lasting impression. In this article, we will explore the most striking images and the stories behind them.

Capturing the World’s Richness and Diversity

For the past 21 years, the International Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards have provided a platform for both amateur and professional photographers to showcase their skills and share their unique perspectives. This year, photographers from over 150 countries submitted more than 20,000 images, making it a truly global competition.

The winning photographs have been carefully selected by a panel of judges, and they represent the beauty, diversity, and richness of our world. These images take us on a visual journey, allowing us to experience different cultures, explore breathtaking landscapes, and witness the wonders of nature.

AndreJa Ravnak: Travel Photographer of the Year

One of the standout winners is AndreJa Ravnak, who has been awarded the prestigious title of Travel Photographer of the Year. Ravnak’s photographs capture the essence of different locations, showcasing their unique characteristics and atmosphere.

In one of his winning images, Ravnak transports us to a picturesque scene near Pienza, Italy. The rolling fields, shrouded in mist, create a mystical and serene ambiance. Ravnak explains, “Early in the spring, the first rains allow wheat to grow in the rolling fields. Due to the cold nights, the landscape is often shrouded in beautiful mists on clear mornings during this period.”

Continuing his exploration of landscapes, Ravnak’s photograph taken in South Moravia, near Kyov in the Czech Republic, offers an abstract and intriguing perspective. The newly planted orchard on the slope of a hill creates a mesmerizing pattern, transforming the scene into a work of art. Ravnak describes it as “an interesting pattern occurred while a new orchard was planted on the slope of the hill, making the scene very abstract.”

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Caden Shepard Choi: Young Travel Photographer of the Year

Another remarkable talent recognized in this year’s competition is Caden Shepard Choi, who has been awarded the title of Young Travel Photographer of the Year. At just 14 years old, Choi’s photographs demonstrate a keen eye for storytelling and a deep appreciation for the natural world.

One of Choi’s winning images captures a moment of harmony between humans and animals. In Chinle, Arizona, the sheep are herded back to their pen at the entrance of a canyon. The dust cloud formed by their hooves creates an ethereal atmosphere. Choi explains, “The sheep are initially reluctant to enter the mouth of the canyon, but when returning home, they show no resistance. After a long day steering sheep, the two herding dogs now playfully trail behind.”

Choi’s other winning photograph takes us to the shores of Jeju Island, South Korea, where we witness the bravery and grace of the Haenyeo, female divers who collect seafood for a living. Choi captures a Haenyeo plunging back into the ocean with perfect form, surrounded by the serene beauty of the sea and volcanic rock formations. The image evokes a sense of wonder and admiration for these resilient women and the environment they navigate.

Lilly Zhang: Young Travel Photographer (15-18 Age Group)

Lilly Zhang, at the age of 17, has been recognized as the Young Travel Photographer in the 15-18 age group. Zhang’s winning image showcases a dreamy scene at Marsh Creek State Park in Exton, Pennsylvania, USA. The misty lake surface serves as a backdrop for the coexistence of a fisherman and a duck. Zhang shares her inspiration, stating, “Gold mist is suspended on the still lake surface, and amid this dreamy scene is the coexistence of a fisherman and a duck. Seeing this unlikely duo at Marsh Creek State Park, I knew that I had to capture the scene in a photo.”

Matthew Armett and Arthur Cech: Runners-up in the Young Travel Photographer Category

Matthew Armett

Matthew Armett and Arthur Cech are both recognized as runners-up in the Young Travel Photographer category. Armett’s photograph, taken at Solomon’s Temple in Buxton, United Kingdom, showcases the perfect alignment of the moon with the temple’s silhouette. Armett explains the challenge and satisfaction of capturing this shot, stating, “The moon lined up with the silhouette of Solomon’s temple and one of my friends for scale. It was a challenge to get the line up just right, but it was all the more satisfying once I’d captured this shot with the setting moon.”

Arthur Cech

Cech’s photograph, taken at Ifrane National Park in Morocco, offers a glimpse into the lives of wild monkeys. The image captures the monkeys freely climbing on majestic Atlas cedars, surrounded by a tranquil forest. Cech expresses his fascination, stating, “These wild monkeys climb freely on the majestic Atlas cedars in the Moroccan Middle Atlas, and it’s just great to spend hours and hours watching them. I tried to capture the special atmosphere of the forest and the life of the monkeys: calm, peaceful, cozy, familiar.”

Zayan Durrani: Young Photographer of the Year (14 Years and Under)

At the age of 14, Zayan Durrani has been named Young Photographer of the Year in the 14 years and under category. Durrani’s winning photograph takes us to the Litli-Hrutur volcano in Iceland, where he witnessed the formation of new earth. Durrani and his father embarked on a challenging journey through rough terrain to reach the eruption site before it became dark. Durrani’s photograph, captured using a drone, showcases the fiery eruption and the breathtaking beauty of nature in its rawest form.

Armand Sarlangue: Landscape and Environment Portfolio Winner

Armand Sarlangue has been recognized as the winner in the Landscape and Environment portfolio category. Sarlangue’s portfolio takes us on a visual journey, capturing the stunning landscapes of Svinafellsjokull in Iceland. One of his standout images is a 360-degree panorama captured with a drone, showcasing the path of glacial waters from the Skaftafellsjokull glacier to the ocean in the background. Sarlangue’s photographs highlight the fragile beauty of these natural landscapes and the need to protect them.

Tim Bird: Landscape and Environment Portfolio Runner-up

Tim Bird’s portfolio earned him the title of runner-up in the Landscape and Environment category. Bird’s photographs showcase the enchanting beauty of Obama Onsen in Nagasaki prefecture, Japan. The hot springs, often surrounded by a steamy cloud, create a mystical ambiance. In one of his images, landscaped gardens near the springs are magically obscured by sudden snow flurries. Bird’s ability to capture fleeting moments in nature is evident in this delicate and evocative image.

Kasuaki Koseki: Landscape and Environment Portfolio Commended

Kasuaki Koseki’s portfolio has been commended in the Landscape and Environment category for his captivating photographs of Lake Shirakawa in Iide Town, Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Koseki’s images capture the changing colors and mist-shrouded landscape of the lake. He describes the scene, saying, “For a period from the end of winter to early summer, Lake Shirakawa is filled with water from melting snow, and a ‘submerged forest’ appears. The water in the lake changes color between light blue and light green, and mist, combined with the reflections which look like a submerged forest, create a fantastic landscape.”

Sam Turley: Nature, Wildlife, and Conservation Portfolio Runner-up

Sam Turley’s portfolio has earned him the title of runner-up in the Nature, Wildlife, and Conservation category. Turley’s photographs take us to the Wild is Life Sanctuary in Harare, Zimbabwe, where he captures the heartwarming friendship between Mateo, a caretaker, and Marimba, a rescued pangolin. Turley explains, “Every day, Mateo and Marimba the pangolin walk together in search of termites and ants. If Mateo can see that Marimba is struggling to dig through the hard soil, he will often help her out and provide her with an easy meal.” This remarkable relationship between the two showcases the bond and dedication in wildlife conservation.

Roie Galitz: Nature, Wildlife, and Conservation Portfolio Highly Commended

Roie Galitz’s portfolio has been highly commended in the Nature, Wildlife, and Conservation category. Galitz’s photographs capture the challenges and triumphs of four mammalian predators from four continents. One of his striking images depicts a young female lioness feeding on a dead female elephant in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Galitz explains the significance of this moment, stating, “This is a huge feast for the entire pride, that will provide them with nutritional intake while the surrounding environment of Tarangire National Park suffers from drought. For predators, each meal is a huge and risky battle.”

Athanasios Maloukos: People and Cultures Portfolio Winner

Athanasios Maloukos has been named the winner in the People and Cultures portfolio category. Maloukos’ portfolio takes us to Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, where he captures the shaman Aleksandr in an ice cave by the cliffs of Olgoi Island. The photograph portrays the spiritual connection between humans and nature, as ice caves are considered refuges for middle-world spirits. Maloukos’ image invites us into a world of ancient rituals and traditions.

Jack Lawson: Best Single Image in a People and Cultures Portfolio

Jack Lawson’s photograph has been recognized as the best single image in the People and Cultures portfolio category. Lawson captures a poignant moment on the beaches of Lagos, Nigeria, where four members of The Special Eagles, Nigeria’s national amputee football team, stand looking out into the ocean. This image symbolizes resilience, unity, and the power of sports to bring people together.

Celebrating Diverse Lives and Experiences

The International Travel Photographer of the Year awards celebrate the beauty and diversity of our world, showcasing the remarkable talent of photographers from around the globe. Through their images, these photographers allow us to explore different cultures, witness the wonders of nature, and appreciate the intricate details of our surroundings.

These winning photographs not only capture breathtaking scenes but also tell stories of human connection, wildlife conservation, and the challenges our planet faces. They inspire us to appreciate the beauty around us, to protect our natural environment, and to embrace the diverse lives and experiences that make our world so extraordinary.

As we reflect on these winning images, let us also remember the power of photography to inspire, captivate, and evoke emotions. Through the lens of a skilled photographer, the world comes alive, and we are reminded of the beauty that surrounds us, both near and far.


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