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The Impact of the Ukraine War on Global Arms Manufacturers

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The world’s largest arms companies have experienced a significant decline in revenues, despite increased demand resulting from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. According to a study conducted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), the top 100 defense companies generated $597 billion in arms sales in 2022, a 3.5% decrease from the previous year (SIPRI). This drop in industry revenues has come at a time when the need for military services has risen dramatically due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and escalating geopolitical tensions worldwide.

Ukraine War

Challenges in Meeting Demand

While the conflict in Ukraine has driven up demand for weapons and military equipment, arms production has struggled to keep pace (SIPRI). The war has presented a double-edged sword for defense companies, as it has created a surge in demand while also disrupting supply chains, causing labor shortages, and driving up costs (SIPRI). Many arms companies have faced obstacles in adjusting their production for high-intensity warfare, leading to a decline in revenues (SIPRI).

Declining Revenues in the United States

The overall decline in arms industry revenues can primarily be attributed to the dwindling revenues of major arms companies in the United States, home to the so-called “Big Five” – Lockheed Martin, RTX, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and General Dynamics (SIPRI). Among these companies, only Northrop Grumman managed to avoid a negative change in arms revenue, with a 0% change (SIPRI). Boeing, on the other hand, suffered the largest losses, with revenues plummeting by 19% to $29.3 billion (SIPRI).

Rise of Chinese Companies

In contrast to the decline in revenues among US companies, Chinese defense companies saw small gains in their arms sales (SIPRI). The Chinese trio of NORINCO, AVIC, and CASC were the only defense companies in the top ten to report an increase in revenues, with AVIC’s figure being an estimate with a high degree of uncertainty (SIPRI). This indicates a shift in the global arms market, with Chinese manufacturers gaining ground.

Regional Variations in Arms Revenues

While the decline in arms industry revenues was observed globally, there were variations across different regions. The Middle East, in particular, experienced the largest percentage rise in arms revenue (SIPRI). All seven Middle East-headquartered companies in SIPRI’s “Top 100” recorded significant growth, with Turkey’s Baykar reporting the largest percentage increase of 94% (SIPRI). This indicates a growing demand for arms in the Middle East region, fueled by the outbreak of war in Palestine, Israel, and the wider Middle East.

Production Challenges and Job Hirings

To mitigate production issues caused by supply chain disruptions and labor shortages, defense companies have increased their job hirings (GlobalData). However, these efforts have had limited success in meeting the intensifying demand for arms (GlobalData). The gap between outstanding orders and completed contracts is expected to widen in the coming years due to the ongoing conflicts and geopolitical tensions (GlobalData).

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Future Outlook

Despite the decline in arms industry revenues in 2022, the ongoing demand from the Russia-Ukraine war and existing backorders are expected to result in a global revenue increase in the future (SIPRI). New contracts, particularly for ammunition, are expected to translate into higher revenues in 2023 and beyond (SIPRI). However, the full impact of these orders may only be reflected in company accounts in the next two to three years due to existing order backlogs and production capacity limitations (SIPRI).


The Ukraine war has had a significant impact on global arms manufacturers, with a decline in revenues despite increased demand. The challenges in adjusting production for high-intensity warfare, disruptions in supply chains, and labor shortages have contributed to these financial setbacks. While US companies experienced the largest decline in revenues, Chinese manufacturers saw small gains, signaling a shift in the global arms market. The future outlook suggests that the demand for arms will continue to rise, but the full impact on revenues may take some time to materialize. As geopolitical tensions persist, defense companies will need to adapt and overcome production challenges to meet the growing demand for military equipment.


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