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Is Google Paying Billions to Samsung for Default Apps on Android Phones?

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In recent news, it has been revealed that Google has made a significant investment of $8 billion over four years to secure its position as the default search engine, voice assistant, and app store on Samsung’s mobile devices. The details of this deal emerged during the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Google, shedding light on the tactics employed by the tech giant to maintain its dominance in the Android ecosystem.

The Testimony Unveils the Deal

James Kolotouros, Google’s Vice President for Partnerships, testified during the trial, providing insights into the agreements made between Google and Android phone manufacturers. According to Kolotouros, Google has strategically shared app store revenue with these manufacturers, aiming to ensure that their devices come preinstalled with Google Play on the home screens. This move has been seen as a way to discourage the rise of third-party app stores that could potentially challenge Google’s Play Store’s operating profit.

The Significance of Samsung’s Contribution

The revelations from Kolotouros’ testimony highlight the significant role played by Samsung in contributing to Google Play’s revenue. It is estimated that Samsung devices account for approximately half or more of the revenue generated by Google Play. This reinforces the argument put forth by Epic Games that Google’s app marketplace violates antitrust laws by creating an environment that stifles competition.

Project Banyan: Google’s Effort to Protect Play Store

One of the key initiatives discussed during the trial was “Project Banyan,” an internal Google project aimed at fortifying the Google Play Store against Samsung’s Galaxy App Store. In 2019, Google proposed a deal to pay Samsung $200 million over four years to include the Galaxy Store within the Google Play store. This plan, however, did not materialize, and instead, three separate deals were signed in the following year, amounting to a staggering $8 billion over four years.

The Battle for Space on the Home Screen

Internal documents presented during the trial shed light on the negotiations and compromises between Google and Samsung. It was revealed that Google initially requested that the Google Play Store be exclusively available on the device’s home screen, but later retracted this request. The revised agreement allowed for both the Google Play Store and Samsung’s Galaxy Store to coexist on the home screen, saving Google nearly $1 billion over four years.

Google’s Defense: Healthy Competition

During the trial, Google’s executives emphasized that the agreements with Samsung and other Android manufacturers were not intended to stifle competition but rather to prevent users from transitioning to Apple’s iPhone. They argued that these deals were legitimate efforts to ensure healthy competition in the market.

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Google’s Payments to Apple: A Comparison

In addition to the deals with Samsung, Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified that the company pays Apple a significant amount, 36 percent of Safari search revenue, to have Google as the default search engine on Apple devices. When asked if the amount paid to Apple was higher than what was paid to Samsung, Pichai stated that comparing the two was like comparing apples and oranges.

The Impact on the Antitrust Case

These revelations from the ongoing trial between Epic Games and Google provide valuable insights into the tactics employed by the tech giant to maintain its dominance in the Android ecosystem. Epic Games alleges that Google’s deals with smartphone manufacturers are aimed at protecting the Play Store’s operating profit and preventing the spread of alternative app stores. The outcome of this case will likely have significant implications for the future of app distribution on Android devices.


The ongoing trial between Epic Games and Google has revealed the substantial investment made by Google to secure its position as the default search engine, voice assistant, and app store on Samsung’s mobile devices. The agreements made between Google and Android manufacturers, including Samsung, highlight the company’s efforts to maintain its dominance in the Android ecosystem. As the trial continues, the outcome will determine the future of app distribution and competition within the Android marketplace.


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