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It’s 2075: A Glimpse into Life on the Moon

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Welcome to the year 2075, where humans have made remarkable strides in space exploration. In this article, we will take a journey to the Moon and explore what life looks like on our celestial neighbor. Through recent findings and advancements in technology, we will uncover the mysteries and possibilities that await us on the lunar surface.

Water on the Moon

The Return to the Moon

After more than 50 years since NASA’s last manned mission to the Moon, the Artemis missions have reignited our fascination with Earth’s satellite. These missions aim to establish a sustainable lunar presence and pave the way for future space exploration endeavors. But even before the crewed launch scheduled for November 2024, exciting developments are already underway.

Lunar Landings and Payloads

Private space companies are playing a crucial role in the return to the Moon. American space company Astrobotic, in collaboration with NASA, is set to deliver payloads to the lunar landscape using the Peregrine Lunar Lander. This mission, scheduled for January 25th, will carry instruments from NASA, governments, universities, and companies from seven different countries. The diverse range of payloads includes a Neutron Spectrometer System, which will search for signs of water-ice near the lunar surface, and a Linear Energy Transfer Spectrometer, collecting information about radioactivity. Additionally, a cryptocurrency company has funded a payload consisting of a single bitcoin loaded into a physical coin.

The Peregrine Lunar Lander

The Peregrine Lunar Lander, developed by Astrobotic, is a crucial component of the mission. After years of dedication and hard work, the spacecraft is ready for launch. It has successfully completed industry-standard acceptance testing, ensuring its best chance for mission success. Once launched, the lander will separate from the Vulcan Centaur and establish power and communications with the spacecraft to guide it to the Moon. The ultimate goal is a historic autonomous landing on the lunar surface.

Lunar Exploration Challenges

Exploring the Moon comes with its own set of challenges. The lunar night, which lasts for approximately 14 Earth days, poses a significant obstacle to the functioning of instruments and equipment. The extreme temperatures and lack of sunlight can impact the performance and durability of the payloads. Therefore, the mission aims to maximize the working time of the instruments during the 10-day lunar day, carefully planning and optimizing their operations.

Space Burial and Celestial Resting Place

In a unique twist, the Peregrine lander also carries the remains of loved ones through a partnership with a space burial firm called Celestis. This celestial resting place allows families to honor and commemorate their loved ones by launching their remains into space. The inclusion of this payload adds an emotional touch to the mission, reminding us of the profound impact space exploration has on humanity.

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The Oxygen Mystery

While our focus has primarily been on lunar missions, recent discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope have shed light on the early Universe. Oxygen, a vital component for life as we know it, was found to be abundant in galaxies within 500-700 million years following the Universe’s birth. This revelation challenges previous notions about the timeline of life’s essential elements.

Abundance of Oxygen

The James Webb Space Telescope, with its advanced capabilities, has allowed researchers to measure oxygen levels in 138 galaxies that existed within the first 2 billion years of the Universe. Surprisingly, most of these galaxies exhibited oxygen abundances comparable to contemporary galaxies. However, the real surprise came from the 7 earliest galaxies in the sample, which existed when the Universe was only 500-700 million years old. Six out of these seven galaxies had roughly half the predicted oxygen content.

Significance of Early Oxygen

The rapid increase in oxygen content in these early galaxies suggests that the essential elements for life were present much earlier in cosmic history than previously believed. The availability of oxygen, a key ingredient for life on Earth, raises intriguing questions about the potential for life to have emerged sooner than expected. This groundbreaking research opens up new avenues for understanding the origins and development of life in the Universe.

Implications for Planetary Formation

The discovery of abundant oxygen in the early Universe has significant implications for our understanding of planetary formation. It suggests that the necessary building blocks for life were not only present but accessible in the cosmic environment. This finding challenges the notion that life requires an extended period of time to develop and highlights the possibility of life emerging in unique scenarios.

Future Discoveries and Space Exploration

As we continue to explore the Moon and delve deeper into the mysteries of the Universe, these findings serve as a reminder of the vast potential for future discoveries. The James Webb Space Telescope and upcoming missions provide us with unprecedented opportunities to unlock the secrets of our cosmic origins and potentially uncover evidence of extraterrestrial life.


In the year 2075, our understanding of the Moon and the Universe has expanded exponentially. Lunar missions, such as the upcoming Peregrine mission, bring us closer to establishing a sustainable presence on the Moon. Simultaneously, discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope challenge our assumptions about the early Universe and the potential for life to have existed much earlier than previously thought. As we venture further into space, we are on the brink of remarkable breakthroughs that will shape our understanding of the cosmos and our place within it.


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